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Wordle today - hints and answer for September 27

Work out the answer to Wordle today with our hints, as well as the solution if you need it, for September 27, 2023.


Each day brings a new word to decipher and a new Wordle puzzle to conquer.
Each day brings a new word to decipher and a new Wordle puzzle to conquer.

Welcome to Wordle today, September 28, 2023 - Wordle #831. Today, we observe World Rabies Day, raising awareness about the impact of rabies and the importance of its prevention to save lives.

Battling your Wordle challenge with the dedication of health advocates, we're here to immunize your game with our daily dose of hints, clues, and, when the puzzle seems infectious — the antidote to today's enigma.

Whether you're a tenured wordsmith in the world of medical terms or a newcomer taking preliminary shots, let's dive into the Wordle research lab today!


Today's Wordle answer hints

  • The Wordle answer starts with the letter C and ends with the letter H.
  • The word contains two vowels and one repeated letter.
  • A good starting word for Wordle is "CRANE," which will give you two green letters.

Answer to the Wordle Today

Ready to unlock the answer for the Wordle today? Scroll down...

The Wordle answer for September 28 is:



Congratulations if you managed to guess the Wordle answer today! We hope these hints and tips helped you continue your Wordle streak. Check back tomorrow for a new set of hints and the next Wordle answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wordle #831 answer for today, September 28, 2023?

The Wordle answer is COACH.

When does a new Wordle puzzle appear?

The Wordle of the day changes automatically at midnight each day in your timezone.

What strategies can I use to choose the best starting word for Wordle?

You can start with vowel-heavy words, choose words that include the most common vowels and consonants, or use mathematically optimal starting words like SLATE, TRACE, and CRATE. Some players prefer a three-word starting strategy to narrow down the list of possible letters in the solution, such as RATIO-MENDS-LUCKY or SCALY-GUIDE-THORN.

What are the 3 best words to start with in Wordle?

We recommend these words: SLATE, TRACE and ADIEU. However, your second and third words will obviously be dictated by the results of the first!

How can I improve my chances of solving the Wordle?

Start with a strategic first word, focus on common consonants, use the process of elimination, take your time, don't forget about repeating letters, keep an eye on less popular letters, utilize clues from previous guesses, remember Wordle uses US spellings, and practice with other word games.

What is the official website for Wordle?

You can find the official Wordle on the New York Times website right here.

Does Wordle use US or UK spellings?

Wordle uses American English spelling. Non-US players should keep this in mind when trying to solve the puzzle.

Can words in Wordle puzzles contain the same letter more than once?

Yes, words in Wordle puzzles may contain the same letter more than once. When coming up with your guesses, consider the possibility of repeated letters.

How can playing other word games help me with Wordle?

Playing Wordle copycats or other word games can help improve your vocabulary and problem-solving skills, making it easier to identify potential solutions in Wordle.

How often does the Wordle puzzle change?

The Wordle puzzle changes once every day. A new puzzle is released at midnight in your local timezone.

How can I keep my Wordle streak going?

To keep your winning streak going, make sure to play the game every day!

What does the green and yellow color in Wordle mean?

In Wordle, the color green indicates that you have guessed a correct letter and it's in the right position. The color yellow means that you have guessed a letter correctly, but it's in the wrong position.

How many attempts do I get to solve the Wordle?

You get six attempts to solve the Wordle. Each attempt allows you to guess a five-letter word.

Can I play previous Wordles?

No, you cannot play previous Wordle puzzles. The game only allows you to play the puzzle of the day.

What should I do after my first guess in Wordle?

After your first guess, try a word containing completely different letters to narrow down possibilities quickly. This can help you identify the correct letters and their positions more efficiently.

How much time do I have to solve a Wordle puzzle?

You have the entire day (from midnight in your local timezone) to solve a Wordle puzzle. Spend a few minutes analyzing your options and strategizing your next moves after you've identified some correct letters.

What does "Wordle numbers" mean?

The New York Times developed a new numbers-based game called Digits. People refer to it as "like Wordle but for numbers."

Is the NYT Wordle puzzle today the same as the original Wordle?

Yes, the New York Times acquired Wordle in early 2022 and continues to release a new puzzle every day, just like the original Wordle. The gameplay remains the same, but now you can find the daily Wordle puzzle on the New York Times website.

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  1. I only just started playing Wordle. The game seemed boring af until I started trying it and now I am hooked lol

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