You Can Now Watch the World of Halo Video Series Online

While all eyes are on 343 Industries' next announcement as fans are hoping for a final release date for Halo Infinite, Episode 1 of the World of Halo video series has just dropped.

The World of Halo video series nice bonus that could help keep fans excited for the upcoming Halo Infinite release.

This all-new video series stars stop-motion action figures from the World of Halo action figure toy line by Jazwares. 343 Industries has only uploaded one episode so far. However, judging by the positive reception, it's highly likely that we'll see 343 Industries do more of it soon.

What Is The World of Halo Video Series?

The World of Halo video series is less of an actual video series and more of a marketing tool. It features "highly-detailed 4-inch figures" that the makers, Jazwares, have scaled so that the toys look exactly like the Halo characters in the game.

For those with Halo toy collections and aspiring collectors, the World of Halo video series is a godsend. So far, the first episode has treated audiences to a fight to the death and several iconic Halo enemies. The energy sword in all of its real-life, albeit action figure size, glory, has even been featured already.

How to Watch the World of Halo Video Series

343 Industries uploaded the first episode of the World of Halo stop-motion video series directly on the official Halo YouTube channel. We've linked the first episode 343 Industries has uploaded above for your convenience.

It is currently unknown when and if 343 Industries will upload the next episode of World of Halo.

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What's Next for Halo?

It'll be interesting to see how Halo Infinite will look now that 343 Industries has had a year to make improvements.

We understand your disappointment that this isn't more substantial news about Halo Infinite. If it's any consolation, 343 Industries has been mostly transparent. The studio has provided constant updates after the game was delayed from its original November 2020 release date following heavy criticism of its not-so-next-gen graphics.

Just recently, 343 Industries talked more about Halo Infinite, sharing new screenshots from the game. They also took this time to reveal that Halo Infinite will have cross-play and cross-progression across all available platforms. A few days later, 343 Industries dropped the news that they will be showing off Halo Infinite via a new gameplay trailer in summer 2021.

We're assuming that the gameplay reveal will happen at E3 2021. Microsoft is one of the companies confirmed to take part in the all-digital games showcase.

With that said, a final release date for Halo Infinite is still missing. However, if the words of a Halo Infinite motion capture and voice actor is to go by, a November 2021 launch window seems likely.

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