343 Industries Drops New Halo Infinite Details

Seemingly out of nowhere, 343 Industries just dropped new Halo Infinite details ahead of the game's expected 2021 release. Much of the new information regarding the upcoming AAA shooter revolves around the multiplayer component of the game. In particular, about how Halo Infinite will have cross-play and cross-progression across the Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, as well as the PC.

With the recent details from 343 Industries, Halo Infinite is shaping up to be as good as advertised.

What's New for Halo Infinite?

In case you missed it, Halo Infinite's multiplayer will be completely free-to-play.

Halo Infinite is the highly anticipated "spiritual reboot" of the Xbox-exclusive Halo franchise. This means that even newer players will be able to get in on the action without having to acquaint themselves with everything that has happened prior.

To better cater to the tastes of today's gamers, Halo Infinite will reportedly have an open-world environment. Halo Infinite will also have more movement options such as a new grappling hook for the protagonist, Master Chief, and many more.

With that said, fans are eagerly awaiting more news about Halo Infinite as its expected Autumn 2021 release date draws closer.

Xbox Game Studios Head Matt Booty recently talked about Halo Infinite in an official blog post on Xbox Wire. In particular, Booty mentioned that multiplayer customization and progress will translate across multiple platforms in Halo Infinite. This is great news. After all, Halo Infinite's multiplayer component will be free-to-play. This effort is also in line with the recent updates to Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The anthology received cross-platform multiplayer support following its launch on the Xbox Series X.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from Booty's latest statement though is how 343 Industries and Microsoft want to make the PC community happy with Halo Infinite. Booty talks about adding numerous popular features for PC gamers. This includes the likes of ultrawide and super ultrawide screen monitor support with triple keybinds, graphics options, and more.

This also echoes Halo Infinite Producer Jeff Guy's statement that Halo Infinite will be a "Halo built for PC players, by PC players".

Unfortunately, a release date was not mentioned by either Jeff Guy or Matt Booty. Neither was a new trailer released. However, it's nice to see 343 Industries and Microsoft's dedication towards making a AAA competitive shooter like Halo Infinite play as best as possible on the PC platform.

When Is Halo Infinite Going to Release?

Halo Infinite is a game that's been years in the making. It was originally planned to launch alongside the Xbox Series X and Series S back in November 2020. However, negative reactions from players who had a chance to try out the game's preview forced 343 Industries to reconsider. As a result, they decided to push the game's release date back so they can polish the gameplay. Later, in December 2020, Microsoft announced that Halo Infinite would launch in fall 2021.

With that said, a fall 2021 release date seems highly likely at this point. Not only has Microsoft confirmed it, but other sources such as a certain Halo Infinite actor seem to believe that it will release in November 2021. In addition to this, previous Halo titles also launched in November. This includes Halo Infinite's original November 2020 launch date.

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