Every Company Showing Up At E3 2021

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has been the most exciting, mainstay video games event every year since 1995 - well, almost every year. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak that still has much of the world locked down with social distancing measures, E3 skipped 2020, but is back in a fully digital format this year.

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Spanning June 12-15, we're looking forward to three days that are chock full of brand new game reveals, trailers and more - but which companies will be showing off the goods?

We've collected a full list of all the video game companies who will be presenting at E3 2021.

Which companies will attend E3?

  • Activision Publishing, Inc.
  • Amazon Game Studios
  • Bad Button Studio
  • BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.
  • Bethesda Softworks
  • Capcom USA, Inc.
  • Click Entertainment
  • DvG
  • Deep Silver, Inc.
  • Epic Games Inc.
  • Funcom
  • GTR Simulator
  • GungHo Online Entertainment America
  • Hyperkin, Inc.
  • Kalypso Media Group
  • KontrolFreek
  • Limited Run Games
  • LGA Enterprises
  • nDreams
  • Nintendo of America Inc.
  • PureArts
  • Oculus from Facebook
  • RDS Industries Inc.
  • Rebellion
  • SEGA
  • Square Enix, Inc.
  • Take-Two Interactive Software
  • Tastemakers
  • THQ Nordic
  • Ubisoft Entertainment SA
  • UnnamedVR by Paracosma
  • Warner Bros. Games
  • Xbox
  • XSEED Games
  • Xsolla

Note: we've listed parent companies and publishers as opposed to individual labels and development studios. This means that Take-Two Interactive Software means both 2K Games and Rockstar Games might be represented, though there is no guarantee of this.

Our Predictions

Peggle Announcement
Nothing as monumental as Peggle 2 I'm afraid.

Of course, a company being on the list of attendees doesn't guarantee that they'll actually be presenting anything, or revealing new products. Many companies use E3 as an opportunity to attract investors and business partners, give the press exclusive previews behind closed doors without any public announcements, scout for talent or have their professionals network with others in the business.

While we don't have any precise predictions as to what we expect to see, and predicting leaked stuff is cheating, let's talk about what we don't expect.

While Take-Two Interactive's presence makes it possible that Rockstar Games will announce something, their track record tell us this unlikely, and in the past Take-Two has sometimes been present only in a business capacity. 2K might be showing off some stuff.

Similarly, while Activision Blizzard is going to be present, we don't expect anything from the latter half - there's BlizzCon for that. More and more in recent years, bigger companies have split off to do their own thing, like Electronic Arts with EA Play. We suspect that some other companies who still maintain a presence at E3 will de-emphasize the show in preparation of similar independent splits.

As the first all-digital E3, viewers should definitely expect some teething problems to arise, since this is breaking new ground for the event - and hopefully the all-digital aspect will be one off, and by this time next year the whole pandemic would have cleared up. With vaccination rates increasing globally, there is a good chance of that.

To watch this first ever digital E3, tune into the livestreams of the event on various platforms between June 12 and 15 for all the new reveals - or just keep an eye on our feed, as we'll be covering all the breaking news as it happens.

Aron Gerencser
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