Warzone 2 Ashika Island resurgence map announced

The incoming resurgence map for Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 will also be accessible to all the DMZ players on February 15.

The new season of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is coming in two weeks. The second season of the popular first-person battle royale promises some big changes based on player feedback and will include a brand new map.

Ashika Island aka “Isle of the Sea Lion” will be coming in Season 2.

The new map is called Ashika Island and will be added at the start of season 2. The smaller map was created for the returning Resurgence mode. For those who are not familiar, Resurgence is a spin-off of the standard battle royale that has respawns enabled.

Ashika Island is located somewhere in the Asia-Pacific region. The small island is home to the Ultranationalist Konni Group, which deals in the transportation of chemical and biological weapons. The island may have noxious weaponry from a BioLab facility in Al Mazrah. We suspect that the BioLab is Building 21 from the DMZ mode.

The points of interest found in Ashika Island include Ōganikku Farms, Town Center, Beach Club, Tsuki Castle, Port Ashika, Residential, and Shipwreck. Tsuki Castle looks to be the highest point on the map and is located at the center. The castle also has a stronghold in the middle containing a maze of hiding spots and access points.

The underground waterway will feature some great close-quarters combat opportunities.

Ashika Island is a multilevel map as it has a waterway running underneath the island. The underground passage gives players access to the Town Center, Water Treatment Facility, and Port Ashika. The waterway will offer a lot of close-quarters combat and ambush opportunities.

Aside from the Resurgence mode, Ashika Island will also be accessible for DMZ players. This will be the third playable map from DMZ after the introduction of Building 21 in the middle of the first season. We can assume that this smaller map will have around 30 players for DMZ.

Season 2 will feature some big changes for Warzone 2. Players will now start with a three-plate vest and the battle royale mode will not feature medium and large bags. The Gulag will also return to the 1v1 mode from the original Warzone.

The new content for season 2 includes new multiplayer maps, new game modes, and weapons. Ranked Play will also return for Warzone 2.

Season 2 for Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 will kick off on February 15.

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