The 1v1 Gulag is back for season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone 2

The Gulag mode receiving a complete makeover was one of the biggest changes Warzone 2 brought compared to its prequel.

Shortly after confirming that Season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 will be delayed by two weeks, the game's developers, Infinity Ward, have announced a change players are desperate for. The return of the 1v1 Gulag mode will surely sway some opinions, considering most of the mixed reception to the game was a result of the issues players faced in this game mode.

warzone gulag
Not having your chances of redeployment ruined by random teammate is great news

It’s unclear if the current 2v2 Gulag format is getting downsized or if the 1v1 mode will be added back as a separate queue. Either way, this means that Warzone 2 players won’t have to endure Al Mazarh's Gulag and its flawed format anymore. The additional threat of the minigun-wielding "Jailer" NPC opponent introduced a new dimension to gameplay, but this meant players faced issues after being teamed up with random teammates who AFK, troll, or don’t communicate, and undermined the competitive integrity of the game mode.

More clarification should follow in the next week’s developer blog they’ve promised to release, going over all of the changes scheduled with the Season 2 update. The update, which was initially set for February 1, has been postponed for another 2 weeks, enabling the developing team at Raven Software to deliver a more complete product.

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Apart from a new map, the massive update will introduce many new and old weapons, with rumors circulating we might see the return of the Ronin operator. Many new game modes are coming like the fan favorite Resurgence mode. In addition to this, competitive gamers will get the chance to prove themselves with ranked play, several multiplayer maps, and much more.

The update comes three months after Season 1 Reloaded kicked off in mid-December, introducing the reworked Shipment map, a new DMZ location, the new Chimera assault rifle, and loads of bugs. Infinity Ward’s slow response and addressing of these issues in the free-to-play shooter, has understandably soured the opinion of a large portion of the player base. The two-week delay certainly doesn’t help, but the return of the 1v1 Gulag should help make it worth the wait.

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