The Best Lady Dimitrescu Cosplays from Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village is right around the corner and fans can't wait to get their hands on the game. Leading up to the launch, we've had a good look at some of the major locations and characters appearing in the highly anticipated sequel.

The Best Lady Dimitrescu Cosplays From Resident Evil Village

If there's one character that stood out of all, it's Lady Dimitrescu, dubbed by fans as 'the tall vampire lady.' She's posed as a powerful villain that's meant to shiver your keens in fear when you see her. However, instead of being scared of the 9-foot vampire lady, fans have been strangely titillated by her aura.

A few dedicated fans and veteran cosplayers have managed to stitch up their own versions of Lady Dimitrescu, despite the only brief look we had at the character. Today, we're looking at the best Lady Dimitrescu from the upcoming Resident Evil Village.

1. Ekaterina Lisina

The Best Lady Dimitrescu Cosplays From Resident Evil Village

If you want a near-identical cosplay of the tall vampire lady, then you need a tall cosplayer! Ekaterina Lisina, a 205 cm tall supermodel, is thus the perfect person to cosplay Lady Dimitrescu. She didn't just create a photoset of her cosplay, oh no, but a full cinematic video akin to the trailer of Resident Evil Village, which takes her cosplay game to the next level.

2. rgtcandy

The Best Lady Dimitrescu Cosplays From Resident Evil Village

Next up, we've got rgtcandy's cosplay that looks like a one-on-one replica of the vampire lady. In fact, her cosplay seems so perfect that it looks like a CGI at first glance, you'll have to take a closer look at the background to realise it is in fact all real!

3. Kalinka Fox

[SELF]❤Full Lady Dimitrescu cosplay set you'll get on my patr30n only in March❤ from KalinkaFox

Veteran cosplayer Kalinka Fox's take on Lady Dimitrescu.

4. Danielle DeNicola

The Best Lady Dimitrescu Cosplays From Resident Evil Village

Danielle DeNicola adds a hint of props in the form of "nail sword", "sharp nail", "knife nails"? IDK what the nails are called, but the custom manicure sure has added to the realism of the cosplay.

5. Helly Valentine

My Lady Dimitrescu cosplay! Model - Helly Valentine from residentevil

Model Helly Valentine's tall vampire lady cosplay adds the flare of props while keeping up the creepy and rustic brick background akin to the game.

6. Zali-sama

My Lady Dimitrescu cosplay! from residentevil

7. Alanah Pearce

Even veteran gaming journalist Alanah Pearce gave a shot at being 9 foot tall.

8. XJonetsu 

Finished my full Lady Dimitrescu cosplay! from residentevil

To end it all off, we have XJonetsu's cosplay, which is the most highly awarded Lady Dimitrescu cosplays on the Resident Evil subreddit. It's not only an accurate recreation of the character but the background and editing as well!

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