'Resident Evil Village': Things You Need to Know

No matter how much you died in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Ethan Winters is back and he is more battle-hardened than ever. Resident Evil Village is a direct sequel to its predecessor and spares no effort to disturb Ethan, who lived happily and peacefully beside Mia after sharing lifelong traumas together.

What is Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village is the 8th installment in the canon series that introduced us to world-renowned characters such as Jill, Chris, Claire, and Leon. In their essence, the games were neck-chilling survival horrors that had way too many jumpscare moments for my heart to take. But midway through, the essence was fading and giving more room for action than for terror.

Tall Vampire Lady menacingly looking at you
Tall Vampire Lady menacingly looking at you

In Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, terror returned triumphantly and he seems to have settled in the Village as well.

The series gave us crawling zombies, lickers, zombies that could win an Olympic medal in athletics, plague-infested humans, zombies again and moldy-beings bred from a bacterium by a pesky family. All are biological weapons that have undergone some mutation. What will we have now, vampires?

Capcom: yes.

'resident Evil Village': Things You Need To Know
The village covered in mist and the hellish Castle Dimitrescu in the horizon

Plot and Characters in Resident Evil Village

Ethan Winters is our protagonist once more. The world's bravest systems engineer is living peacefully with his wife and newborn when suddenly his daughter is kidnapped and he needs to put on Liam Neeson's mantle and rescue her.

Lady Dimitrescu, aka Tall Vampire Lady. She is still shrouded in mystery, but after some phone calls to high-level executives, we dug u[ some information. Vampire Lady lives in Dimitrescu Castle, and her name is common among Romanians, where we believe the game takes place. Do you know what else we have in Romania? Transylvania. She talks to someone on the phone who she calls Mother Miranda and also has a brother named Heisenberg. We speculate that when she refers to her daughters, they are the three who warmly welcome Ethan to the castle.

Duke, the return of the merchant. Besides appearing in random places and in different situations, you can buy and sell supplies and upgrade your weapons. There's an option called The Duke's Purse that says "everything has a price", which we still don't know what it does, apart from promoting capitalism.

Chris Redfield, our favorite agent, is back again, but maybe not in the way we expected. Quickly glance at him and he seems to be holding a baby, possibly Ethan's daughter. We've been taught not to judge a book by its cover, but that cover is too suspicious.

'resident Evil Village': Things You Need To Know
Drop that baby, Chris! On second thought, please don't drop.

Resident Evil Village Gameplay and Mechanics

The game kept the first perspective camera. Shoot to kill, but now you can also defend and push the enemy away. The creators promise that each type of enemy will require a different type of strategy. The inventory is similar to Resident Evil 4, a grid where you can turn items to fit. There's a new crafting system where you can create First Aid, ammo and several weapons to choose how you will smite your enemies.

As stated before, you can buy and sell supplies from Duke, but you can also find a lot of items by destroying the environment. Slash away vases, urns, and cabinets to grab herbs, gunpowder, and more. The trailer also suggests that we will have side missions in the game, but I must warn you, dangerous ones, such as destroying children's wooden goats.

Puzzles! Expect to solve a lot of them if you want to proceed in the game and always look over your shoulder and around the corners, because if you have Mr. X's trauma, now we'll have three maniacs to chase us around the castle.

Resident Evil Village Release Date and Platforms

The game will be released May 07, 2021, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC. Capcom has now confirmed that it will also be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a free next-gen upgrade.

Additional Features in Resident Evil Village

A Resident Evil Village's demo is now available for free download exclusively on PS5. Called "Maiden", it's a separate small adventure and will not be featured in the final game. The demo shows what the atmosphere of the game is like and if you will need an extra pair of underwear. Later on, another demo will be released for all platforms.

Village will have a multiplayer game called Resident Evil Re: Verse, in which players control famous characters of the series, such as Leon, Claire, and Hank, in a deathmatch for four and six players. The game has a cartoonish design, similar to Borderlands. A beta test will be performed on PS4 and Xbox One on January 28th and the full game will be included if you buy Village.

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