Capcom Using Life-Size Lady Dimitrescu to Promote Resident Evil Village

Just in case you've wondered how you'd look next to someone who's nine feet tall, Capcom's got you covered.
Just in case you've wondered how you'd look next to someone who's nine feet tall, Capcom's got you covered.

Resident Evil has spawned some of the most iconic video game villains known in and out of the gaming industry. The Nemesis, for example, was one of the biggest highlights of the original Resident Evil 3 title, as well as its remake.

Having said that, it certainly seems like Capcom is looking to use Resident Evil Village's villain to promote the game heavily, as we inch closer to the game's actual release date in May.

Who Is Lady Dimitrescu?

We've covered Lady Dimitrescu extensively in the past. However, in case you missed our previous posts, we'll give you a summary of who she is, or, at least, what we know of her so far.

Basically, Lady Dimitrescu is being positioned as one of the main antagonists set to appear in Resident Evil Village. She's a gargantuan lady that towers over some of Resident Evil's tallest villains as she is nine feet two inches tall. In comparison, the aforementioned Nemesis is only seven feet three inches tall, which means that the bazooka-wielding Tyrant variant gives up nearly two feet (if not more) to Lady Dimitrescu.

With that said, Lady Dimitrescu isn't your typical villain. Not only is she absurdly tall with razor-sharp claws, but she also has wicked good looks. This led to pretty much the entire internet fawning over her when she was first revealed way back in February 2021.

Capcom Putting Lady Dimitrescu to Work

At this point, Capcom knows full well just how much the internet loves Lady Dimitrescu. This is why it's understandable if they are to take full advantage of it.

One way they've done is putting life-size cutouts of Lady Dimitrescu in Hong Kong. Apparently, Capcom has started displaying the said cut-outs inside video game stores to help promote Resident Evil Village.

If you set aside the internet's obsession with Lady Dimitrescu, the life-size cut-outs help drive the point of just how tall the Resident Evil Village is. Even though Capcom had already showcased just how tall she'd look in real life as they had the hosts of the Japanese PlayStation Show last week stand next to a similar cut-out of Lady Dimitrescu, it's still different seeing it live in action even if it's only a cut-out.

As of the moment, it remains unknown if Capcom plans to use the cut-outs in other parts of the globe. However, we wouldn't put it past above them to try and do it. After all, they've seen just how effective of a marketing tool Lady Dimitrescu is. It'd be a huge waste not to take full advantage of it before the game releases in May.

With that said, we highly expect these cut-outs to become a sought-after collector's item in the coming years.

Resident Evil Village is currently slated to release on May 7. However, a second demo with content from the final game is expected to release within the next couple of weeks. Many speculate that Capcom will release the said demo during Resident Evil's 25th-anniversary showcase.

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