Quantum Break actor supports fan requests for a sequel

Shawn Ashmore, a cast member from 2016's action game Quantum Break produced by Microsoft, is keen for a possible sequel.

Remedy Entertainment has its hands full at the moment while working on Alan Wake 2 and also shifting focus to the launch of Control 2. But that doesn't stop Shawn Ashmore from joining an ever-increasing camp of people who think Remedy should do a follow-up on their 2016 IP.

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Fans and Jack want to see another Quantum Break installment

Before Sea of Thieves was released in 2018, Quantum Break was the best-selling game created by Xbox Studios' (who were going as Microsoft Studios at the time). With cutting-edge graphics and a special mechanic that allowed you to experience them in three separate states, the game was a smashing hit.

Shawn Ashmore, the actor who played the role of hero Jack Joyce with the ability to manipulate time and these states, is looking forward to a reunion project.

He recently took to Twitter to coincide with a fan clamoring to bring back Quantum Break. The creative director at Remedy Entertainment also chipped in, acknowledging Shawn Ashmore’s desire to run it back for another successful project. In fact, Ashmore liked how his character could control time so much, he agreed to star as Jack in the in-game TV series that played in between the game's episodes.

Those extended cutscenes told the story of the game's antagonist, Paul Serene who was played by Aidan Gillen and managed to develop his story in just five episodes, offered a glimpse of how he prevented the "end of time" in an apocalyptic event.

While Sam Lake is busy with the development of Alan Wake 2, a sequel to Quantum Break down the line doesn't seem out of the question. It took 11 years for Alan Wake 2 to be announced and Remedy Entertainment surely has a lot of projects in its pipeline. It has been a while since they have released a game of similar magnitude and if they can muster up a team to work on this game, everyone would win. Control and Alan Wake Remastered might have filled in the meantime, but there needs to be a new installment that will rock the gaming world the way Quantum Break did.

Quantum Break can be played on PC and Xbox One, but you could also fire it up on Xbox Series X/S as well by using backward compatibility. With hits like the Max Payne franchise it’s clear that Remedy Entertainment knows how to create fan favorites. With Alan Wake 2 in the works and two more Control games, codenamed Condor and Heron, planned for the near future, it's unclear how they can fit a Quantum Break sequel into that schedule. Heron is still in the concept phase according to a report from last October, while Condor will be a cooperative PvE game of some sort.

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