There is a Sea of Thieves crossover event with Borderlands until September 7

As part of the Borderlands event, you get to blow stuff up in Sea of Thieves for a chance to get yourself a new ship.

Not too long after Jack Sparrow crossed over into Rare's open-world pirate simulator, another popular franchise is set to collide with Sea of Thieves once again. However, unlike the Pirates of the Caribbean story expansion, the latest Sea of Thieves crossover event is with a franchise that's more out of this world.

From Jack Sparrow to Handsome Jack, Sea of Thieves is crossing over with Borderlands.

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Get ready to reap chaos in Sea of Thieves

The Making Mayhem event is literally all about what the name suggests.

In an event that's literally called Making Mayhem, Sea of Thieves players will have a chance to cause a ruckus out on the open waters. As part of the event, players will have to curry favour with the Bilge Rats by completing a series of activities that usually involve blowing stuff up.

The challenges are split into Minor and Major. Whereas the Minor Mayhem challenges involve nothing more than destroying Ghost Ships and detonating Gunpowder Skeletons, Major Mayhem challenges require you to open one of the Gold Hoarders' Treasure Vaults or complete a Tall Tale. The former will net you a "good" amount of Favour while the latter will give you a "huge" amount of Favour with the Bilge Rats.

The latest Sea of Thieves crossover event isn't really all too complicated and if you're an avid Sea of Thieves player, it shouldn't take you too long to earn enough Favour to unlock the rewards.

The Making Mayhem event is only available until September 7, which gives you a limited amount of time to earn yourself the entire Mayhem Ship Set. Not to mention, Rare split the entire set through seven tiers. So, unless you earn enough Favour, you won't have a chance to set sail with the Borderlands-themed ship.

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You'll have until September 7 to complete the entire Making Mayhem set.

Unlike Ubisoft's oft-delayed pirate simulator, Sea of Thieves has been out for years. We included it in our list of the best Xbox Series X games and Rare has only given players even more of a reason to play it since. On top of the core gameplay, Rare spices things up in Sea of Thieves by introducing crossover events.

Before Making Mayhem, players got a chance to nab themselves the Black Pearl as part of Sea of Thieves' aforementioned Pirates of the Caribbean crossover.

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