New Die Maschine Spectral Reflections Easter Egg Guide (Unlock A New Calling Card)

New Spectral Reflections Guide Featured die maschine cod cold war zombies

This easter egg is for all the Zombies story enthusiasts. As you already know, Zombies in Black Ops Cold War has a brand new story revolving around the Dark Aether. We got a glimpse of the story taking place in Die Maschine through the spectral reflections we find during the main easter egg.

But, in addition to the five spectral reflections seen during the main easter egg, there are five more that you can view now. They have specific requirements that must be met for you to be able to see them. These new spectral reflections were not originally there, but were added a few weeks after the game's release.

The new spectral reflections give even more insight into the story of Zombies and the events that took place in Die Maschine. After seeing all the spectral reflections, including the main easter egg reflections, you would have seen a total of ten spectral reflections. In the end, you will get a calling card called 'Seeing Ghosts' as a reward for seeing all ten reflections.

This guide covers everything you need to know to catch all five extra spectral reflections. We've also covered all five spectral reflections in the video guide below. If you haven't already, then be sure to check out the main easter egg guide as well, to make sure you have watched the main/original spectral reflections as well.

Note that you do not need to activate these spectral reflections to complete the main easter egg. The main easter egg remains the same, and these spectral reflections are simply additional, and give more information about the overall story.

Video Guide

Spectral Reflections 1 & 2

To get Spectral Reflections 1 and 2 you must complete the main easter egg until you craft the Aetherscope. Once you've crafted the Aetherscope, a new anomaly (Dark Aether Portal) is generated in the Medical Bay. You must go through this portal to see these two additional spectral reflections.

Spectral Reflection 1

The first reflection can be seen in the living room of Nacht Der Untoten, next to the small room where you find the D.I.E. Machine Shockwave Wonder Weapon. If you notice, the wonder weapon is in the hands of a skeleton inside the room. This spectral reflection shows how that skeleton came there.

Spectral Reflection 2

The second spectral reflection can be seen inside the Particle Accelerator room next to the Arsenal (Armor Stand). It shows Dr. Vogul and Dr. Kurtz having a conversation where Dr. Kurtz shows his concern about containment failure (probably the Dark Aether containment).

Spectral Reflection 3

The third reflection can be seen only after you've acquired all four wonder weapon upgrades and used them to restore power to the hanging container in the Medical Bay. Once you've done that, you will see another portal in the Medical Bay exit leading towards the Particle Accelerator room.

This is the portal used to see the spectral reflection of two Russian soldiers in the medical Bay, to acquire the Dark Aether Wrench. However, you will not go to that anomaly. Instead, make your way to the crash site where the decontamination agent is. You will find the third spectral reflection here. This reflection shows how the decontamination agent ended up on top of the tree in the first place.

Spectral Reflections 4 & 5

The final two reflections can only be seen towards the end of the main easter egg when you get the final portal in the Nacht Der Untoten Living Room.

Spectral Reflection 4

Once in the Dark Aether, make your way to the pond area to find the fourth spectral reflection in front of the tunnel entrance. It shows the conversation between Orlov and his friend Medvedev before entering the facility to activate the Particle Accelerator.

Spectral Reflection 5

The fifth and final spectral anomaly can be found in the control room to the right of the trial computer by the AK-47 wall buy. It shows the conversation between Valentina and Dr. Peck. Valentina seems to be the same person transmitting the numbers through the radio that we activate in the Antenna easter egg.

The Reward

Once you've seen all ten (both the main easter egg and the extra five) spectral reflections, you will get a calling card called 'Seeing Ghosts' and 1,000 XP points as a reward.

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    1. Hi Rafael!

      The main easter egg does not have 3. it has 5 reflections. 3 of them are doctor Vogel's diary step reflections (Medical Bay, Control Room, and Particle Accelerator), and the rest of the 2 reflections are seen progressing through in the main easter egg. One is seen during the Dark Aether Wrench step in the Medical Bay to see the two Russian soldiers having a conversation, and the last one is inside Nacht Der Untoten's Omega Outpost just before entering the boss fight.

      Hope this helps!

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