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Black Ops Cold War: Zombies' first map, Die Maschine, has not disappointed when when it comes to how much content it offers, including the main easter egg and side easter eggs.

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In this guide, we have covered each step required to complete the main easter egg on the Die Maschine map. This guide is optimized to ensure you complete your final boss fight at the earliest round possible. We managed to get to the final boss fight by round 17. You may be able to get into the fight even at 15-16, depending on your resources.

Below we have covered all the steps in order, and if you follow this guide exactly as given, you will be able to complete the full easter egg alone. If you do it with friends, then it will be even easier, of course. We also have a full video guide walking you through the whole easter egg.

To begin with you must have turned on the power and forged the Pack-A-Punch machine. If you haven't already, then do so. And if you're unsure how to turn on the power and build the Pack-A-Punch machine, then check our guide.

Video Walkthrough

Acquire Free D.I.E Machine Shockwave (Wonder Weapon)

Assuming you've already turned on the power, let's begin with the easter egg. First, you need to get your hands on the bread and butter of this easter egg, which is the new wonder weapon, D.I.E Machine. You can get it either from the mystery box or for free. We cannot rely on the mystery box, so let's get it for free.

Wait until the Megaton spawns and lure him to the back of Nacht. This is the pond area. You will see a tree right as you enter the pond area coming from the Jugger-Nog perk machine. This tree will have huge spores coming out of its bark.

Lure the Megaton towards this tree and wait for him to attack you using his super ability. Stand behind or near the tree and make sure that the poison or fungus from the Megaotn hits the spores. The spores will now turn purple. You're done here for now.

You can now kill the Megaton and it will split into two Megaton Blasters. Kill both of them and the second blaster will drop a keycard. It'll be easy to spot as it will be an ultra loot and glow yellow.

Pick up the key and make your way to the Weapons Lab in the Facility. In the Weapons Lab, you can use the Keycard on the Weapons Locker. After using the Keycard, a drawer will open up, revealing a D.I.E Remote Control. Pick it up and go to the Nacht living room near spawn.

There is a small room inside the living room next to the stairs. There is a wonder weapon inside this room. You can activate it as a trap when you stand on the right side of the room. There is a crack in the wall and you can use the D.I.E Remote Control to activate it.

Before activating, make sure you have a horde of around 30 zombies. Activate the D.I.E Machine Shockwave and it will start sucking in through the vent above the door of the small room. Ensure the zombies are passing through it, and their souls will get sucked into the D.I.E Machine Shockwave, then you can activate it again to discharge and blow open the door.

Go inside and you can pick up the base version of the D.I.E Wonder Weapon.

D.I.E Cryo-Emitter Upgrade (Ice Upgrade)

You can then pick up the wonder weapon and make your way to the roof of Nacht. Halfway through, you will see a wooden box at the edge of the blown off Nacht roof. Hit it with your wonder weapon, and it will fall near the tree where we lured the Megaton to hit earlier.

While you're here, also get the empty canister by sucking it towards yourself, using your wonder weapon. It will come flying towards you and then you can pick it up. If you're not able to suck the canister towards you, then shoot the wonder weapon once, and then you should be able to do it. It is the right mouse button on PC, LT on Xbox, and L2 on the Playstation.

Go near the tree where the Megaton hit earlier and you will see a broken wooden box near it along with an empty glass flask. Pick up the flask and go to the purple spores of the tree. You can interact with the spores and you will see the glass flask will be under the spores as it is dripping some liquid into it.

Wait for about a minute and the flask will be full of liquid nitrogen from the spores. The spores color will change to the originally dull black color.

Pick up the flask and make your way to the Medical Bay (Speed Cola Perk Machine Room). You will see an ammunition box placed by the entrance that leads to the particle accelerator room. Interact with the box and the chains on it will disappear. You have now unlocked the Ice Upgrade for your D.I.E wonder weapon.

D.I.E Nova 5 Upgrade (Poison Upgrade)

If you remember, we collected an empty canister from the roof of Nacht. Go to the Weapons Lab again and descend to the lower level. Go to the back-end wall and you will get a prompt to insert the canister into a cleaning unit. Insert the canister.

Wait for one of the plaguehounds to spawn and lure them near the cleaning unit. Once the hound is in the cleaning unit's general vicinity, kill it, and the gas from the hound will be sucked into the cleaning unit and in the canister.

You can now pick up the canister and go back outside to the plane crash site. There will be a chained ammunition box by the entrance to the room with a Stamin-Up perk machine. Interact with the box to place the canister on it and melee it to melt the vines around the box.

You have now unlocked the Poison Upgrade.

Crafting the Aetherscope

You won't be able to get the remaining two upgrades (Electric and Fire) until you've crafted the Aetherscope and completed the Diary Easter Egg. First, you must craft the Aetherscope. There is a tool made up of three Aethercope parts that can only be found in the Dark Aether.

At this point, look at your mini-map and locate a "Star" icon. This is the anomaly (or portal) that allows you to teleport to the Dark Aether.

Go through the portal, and now you have to look for the three Aetherscope parts that always spawn in the same location, but a different order. You can collect all three in one go. Ensure you make it to the locations before your time in the Dark Aether is finished.

The locations of these parts are as follows:

    • On top of the plane jet at the plane crash site

    • In the Pack-A-Punch room, on the middle platform in front of the workbench where the fast travel portal is

    • Under the staircase of Nacht at spawn next to the crafting table

Once you've collected all the parts, head to the workbench below the Pack-A-Punch machine, and assemble the parts to craft the Aetherscope.

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