Metal Gear Twitter Account Hints at New Announcement Soon

"We have visitors coming next week"

The Metal Gear Twitter account has had an awful lot of activity in recent weeks, in particular, frequently interacting with a certain Tom Olsen.
The Metal Gear Twitter account has had an awful lot of activity in recent weeks, in particular, frequently interacting with a certain Tom Olsen.

This is part of the exact words used by the official Metal Gear Twitter account that suddenly went active today.

Naturally, the tweet sent millions of Metal Gear fans around the globe to speculate on what this could all mean. After all, the Metal Gear franchise is known for dropping subtle hints and clues like these, even though its creator, Hideo Kojima, is long gone.

Is a New Metal Gear Solid Game in the Works?

The concerned tweet comes from Metal Gear's official Twitter account as it replied to a certain Tom Olsen. The individual posted an image of the Computer Room found in the 2001 title, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Library, with the bird cage for Emma Emmerich's pet parrot also featured prominently in the forefront of the uploaded photo.

What's even weirder about all of this is the Tom Olsen Twitter account isn't that old. It only became active and started tweeting these past few weeks. To add even more fuel to the speculation fire, the concerned account describes itself as a "Maintenance Technician at the Big Shell". It's also following only the New York Mets, Konami, Hideo Kojima, as well as the Metal Gear accounts on Twitter.

So far, all of the posts of the Tom Olsen account are of key locations from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. One post, in particular, is hinting at a big reveal on April 30, which is supposed to be his birthday.

Coincidentally, Tom Olsen and the recent activity of the official Metal Gear account on Twitter comes just as rumors of a Metal Gear Solid Collection are gaining traction. The rumored bundle would reportedly contain remasters of the first four Metal Gear Solid games. It's said to release on the PlayStation 5 later this year.

In addition to this, a hidden Hideo Kojima game is reportedly in the works under the title, Abandoned, with a relatively unknown Netherland-based video game studio, Blue Box Game Studios, at the helm. Plus, in case you missed it, Konami is making video games again.

The iconic Japanese video game developer and publisher's first video game in a while, GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon, will release on the Nintendo Steam and PC via Steam in April 2022. The game will also have a run as an Early Access title on Steam in May.

With that said, nothing is officially confirmed as of the moment. We can take all the tweets however we want. Konami could very well just be messing with us and so we recommend readers take this report as a mere rumor, albeit one with relatively strong foundations.

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