Loop Hero: Necromancer's Guide To Summon Your Victory

I nearly gave up. Seriously, the insanity of what goes on in the loop world was starting to affect me. How many times can a hero take a beating until it is enough? Harvey Dent once said, "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

Necromancer is one of the most fun classes in the game. Nothing like having several bone shields protecting you and recycling them for more beating.

Close to giving up, or giving in to some not-so-honorable-tactics, I was extending my camping site when I built the Crypt, which describes its purpose as "Unlocks a new class: Necromancer". You know the best way to preserve your mental sanity and survive life's beatings? Putting someone else out to soak the beatings for you. In this case, several others. Not people, skeletons.

So, after venturing into my new craft, I come to share my teachings from the underworld of Loop Hero in this Necromancer's Guide to Summon Your Victory.

How To Unlock The Necromancer

Unlocking the Necromancer is similar to unlocking the Rogue. You need to build stuff to open up more stuff until you build the right stuff. Here's the shortest path to place the Crypt alongside your fellow campers.

First, build the Field Kitchen or Herbalist's Hut. It doesn't matter which one, because both take you to the Gymnasium. However, if you want to facilitate the release of the Rogue, choose the Field Kitchen. Then build the Gymnasium, one of the best buildings in the game because it allows classes to learn traits. Then the graveyard, since you are going to summon skeletons, you need a place to store them.

Finally, the Crypt will be available for you to build, and thus the undead lord class as well. If you want to optimize your time, do a lot of expedition gathering, always focusing on emptying the Treasury to collect the most resources in the least amount of time. Using a Warrior with a tank build is great for surviving the loop longer and consequently collecting more resources.

Necromancer Class Strengths And Weaknesses

Unlike Rogue and Warrior, Necromancers rely on their skeletons to overpower and defend against enemies. When the hero attack bar fills up, they summon a skeleton. Initially, the class can summon two, but depending on the item or traits, the number of skeletons increases. If the attack bar fills up while the maximum number of skeletons is in battle, the Necromancer will throw a puny punch at their opponents.

The Necromancer's biggest weakness is when they can't summon fast enough, or the summons are weak. If you are left alone on the battlefield, you will soak all the damage and since your defense is a joke, eventually they will be summoning you.

Necromancer Equipment

  • Grimoire
  • Two Rings
  • Amulet
  • Bonus equipment slot: Shield, when the Arsenal is placed.

Necromancer's Best Stats

When you build an army like this, you are pretty much done.

Attack Speed is like speed dialing your skelly-friends. With more attack speed, the faster they come. However, it does no good if the maximum number of skeletons is low, so it is essential to be able to summon at least four skeletons. Rings are a good choice to increase your friendship circle.

A Necromancer's power comes from increasing the number of skeletons in battle, their level, and the quality of the summoning. Stats you can find on equipment. The skeleton level increases their damage and HP. Summon quality changes the type of skeleton summoned. Friendly Skeleton is the most basic, just a bunch of bones with a sword. Skeleton Warriors are more fragile, but their attacks are faster more powerful. Skeleton Guards are your best friends because they have a high defense and the First Target ability that attracts enemies' attention.

The Necromancer has low defense and HP. The only way to become more resilient is with Magic HP or evasion, but it doesn't pay to focus on these stats. Magic HP is native to Amulets, so you will buff it either way. Evasion is a suboptimal stat. The ideal is equipment that enhances your skeletons, especially the quantity and quality. With a Skeleton Guard by your side, you don't need to worry about having defense, since your best friend will protect you to death.

When you exceed the limit of four skeletons on the front, you start summoning Skeleton Mages and Archers who support you in the rear with long-range attacks.

Best Cards For Necromancer

Similar to Warriors, Necromancers gets equipment by killing enemies. The stronger the enemy, the better odds at greater equipment. The class excels when fighting slower enemies as this gives you time to build an army. Fighting weak monsters helps you accumulate cards and equipment if you intend to recycle them with Bookery or Smith's Forge.

Forest/Thickets is a must-have card for the Necromancer. As said, the more Attack Speed, the more skeletons. To optimize your stats, even more, avoid placing Forests since they only give +1% and Thickets give double. Furthermore, every ten Forests/Thickets a "Village?" comes up with Wooden Warriors, but unlike the Rogue, the Necromancer is the arch-enemy of this creature. Since Wooden-boy doesn't attack, only counters, in many fights you will come out unscathed since your summons will absorb all counters. That is, as long as you don't have a low level of max skeletons, otherwise you'll be throwing your fragile feeble punches and getting a powerful counter in your face.

Rivers are a no-brainer. It will boost the Forest attack speed bonus, so moisten them away to improve your fast summoning.

Try to let the river flow through the forests, as the blood of your enemies will flow through the loop.

Desert/Oasis is good because the HP reduction effect doesn't work on skeletons or the Magic HP of your equipment. However, putting them in your deck means you will draw fewer Forests, so it varies according to your build.

Suburbs are great to increase the experience gained and acquire more traits, which are instrumental for Necromancers. Remember that you can create a combo by placing them in a cross shape and create a Town, amplifying your experience gain.

The Arsenal unlocks the Shield on your equipment tab and increases your chance of dropping plus Max Skeletons stats. It is an option for those who want to play safe because every shield increases defense natively.

Battle Fields are good because the chests can give you good items and even if it is a Mimic, by the time it appears, you have already armored yourself with some invocations. Ghosts aren't a problem either, but avoid overlapping the area of effect of two Battle Fields so Blood Clots don't spawn.

Blood Grove can be placed next to forests and will eventually create Flesh Golems, which can give you powerful equipment and is an easy enemy to defeat with a crowd.

Situational Cards

Spider's Cocoon and Grove are easy targets, but usually, they give low-quality loot. It pays to bring them if you have a Bookery or Smith's Forge in the expedition, that way you recycle the cards/equipment you don't want and have a second chance at getting something better. However, those last two builds are pretty endgame, so until you unlock them, opt for slow and low-numbered enemies.

Ancestral Crypt is a great alternative to Arsenal because you gain HP with each enemy defeated and have one more resurrection. But remember, only enemies with souls count toward the HP buff, so you have to consider changing your entire deck since most of the enemies mentioned above are soulless.

Finally, I know I sound like a parrot on repeat, but you can take any cards you fancy. The ones suggested here are the ones most likely to give you a good loop, but nothing is guaranteed given the roguelike essence of the game. But many other cards can complement your expedition and bring you satisfactory results. Like victory, for example.

Best Traits For Necromancer

Always take traits that empower your skeletons. They will do all the hard work of keeping you alive.
  • Field Practice - +.25 to skeleton level for every loop from when you get the trait. It's incredible if you pick it early on! You can drag the loop without placing cards or equipping powerful items just to keep boosting your skeleton level. Not endlessly, but effortlessly.
  • Unseen Care - Permanent +0.5 Magic HP for every summoned skeleton. Anything that says permanent is good. Since you will be summoning a lot, expect a lot of Magic HP.
  • Art of Control - +1 maximum number of skeleton summons. More skeletons, more firepower.
  • Edge of Impossible - 20% chance to summon an extra skeleton on the last summon for your max amount. The max amount is related to Max Skeletons in your current stats. So if you have three Max Skeletons, you have a 20% chance to summon four out of three possible. Neat in case you're unlucky with the equipment drops.
  • Laying Down One’s Life - Spread damage to your health evenly across your skeletons. If you are not summoning enough Guards, this can help soak the damage and give you another shot in the equipment casino.
  • Residual Heat - Receive three times the current loop in HP every time a skeleton summon dies. Same as the above.
  • Horde - Three strengthened skeletons start each loop with you. Very situational. Although the skeletons-on-steroids can last an entire loop, it certainly helps you against a boss.
Murillo Zerbinatto
Murillo is a passionate lover of role-playing games, fantasy books and super powers' anime. Has just begun a career in game writing, hoping to one day co-write Final Fantasy XVII.
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