Loop Hero Cheats List

I promise not to tell anyone if you ever use any of the cheats taught here, if you promise not to tell who taught you, deal?

I know, I know. After dying hundred of times, you just want to taste victory, right? Be my guest.

The thing is, a roguelike game can - and will - be brutal. Although Loop Hero is in the roguelite category, that is, a roguelike with more lenient punishments, it is still incredibly challenging and will punish you if you push it too far. Knowing when to run back to safety is a practice many players learn early in Loop Hero if they want to accumulate resources as soon as possible.

Also, it may take some while to get used to the card-deck feature and the tile combining system. But when you get the hang of it, riches will come.

That said, I won't judge if you want to apply cheats to make your life easier in the loop while trying to restore its landscape and consequently, your memories. Of course, if you are a masochistic genius of the genre and want more difficulty, the cheats shown here can also make each expedition even harder. Also, take a look at our Warrior guide, it can help you in moments of strive.

Modifying Loop Hero is pretty easy thanks to Video Game Databank, a streamer on Twitch and YouTube. He discovered that if you modify a file in the game's Steam folder, you can change several gameplay attributes. You should look for the file called ‘variables.ini’ (default location should be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steamteamapps\common\Loop Hero). Keep in mind you will modify a crucial file of the game's system, so you better have a spare file in case everything breaks down and you want to return the game to its origins.

When you open the file and look carefully, you will notice that it is a list organized in categories along with some Russian words, describing every item. Next, you will see some of the lines you can modify and the result of these changes. I won't include all of them, but with the knowledge I'm about to share, you can become Loop Hero's only true god.


Pretty self-descriptive, changing this line changes the speed of the game. Not only of our protagonist's run speed in the loop but also battles and animations pace. The default value is 60. Using said value as a base helps us to know that if we put 120 the game will have double the speed, 180 the triple, and so on.

Although it seems VERY tempting to modify the speed of the game, even more so to intensify your resource gathering, I must warn you that it is a path of no return. When you revert to the default speed, the game will seem slower than a Pentium 4 trying to run Cyberpunk and this will jeopardize your gameplay. But if you want to change it, do so at your own risk.


It's pretty easy to modify your game, as it is to break it. Always keep a copy of the original file in safety.

This doesn't change the experience you start with, but rather the experience required to level up. With each level, the amount needed doubles, so if the default is 200, the next level requirement will be 400, then 800, and consecutively. If you change the starting value to 30, the next level will be 60, and you get the idea.

The only value that doesn't double with each level is 1. So if you put 1 in this variable, with each monster you kill you will level up and become the most talented hero in the whole game in the shortest time ever.


Every time you reach the camp, one round is counted and our character is slightly strengthened. If you want to turn into a behemoth after some loops, just increase these line values. Default values, in order, are 0.02, 0.03, 0.04, and 0.04. What happens if we multiply them by 100?


Works exactly like round_buff, but for enemies. If you want to cheap-shot them, just decrease their power scale rate. Default values are 0.095, 1.0, 1.05, and 1.1. Way over our character loop buff, one more reason why we should even out our expedition.

Lightning_dmg_base / Roots_dmg_base / Arrows_dmg_base

Also very self-descriptive, but not explanatory. It changes the lightning, roots, and arrows base damage. Another variable in the same category is the lightning/roots/arrows_dmg_round, which is the amount of extra damage they deal per round. The thing is, what exactly is lightning damage? Storm Temple damage? Roots damage most likely are from Hungry/Blood Grove. Are arrows damaged only from those annoying skeletons and goblins sharpshooters? While I can't be sure, you could just test it away by reducing its value to a minimum and flatting out the damage.


Have you aimed for an attack speed build on your Rogue, but felt it wasn't fast enough? Now you can turn your daggers into a Gatling gun! Increasing the values of this line will increase your attack speed. Your character will become so fast that even with low damage you will take out enemies before they spot death coming.


You knew we had a stamina mechanic? Your stamina bar is located under your attack bar and every time you do an action like evading, countering, or attacking, you deplete some of it. What this does is make you a triathlon athlete who can run, jump, attack, and make orange juice at the same time without getting tired.


We can also modify our hero traits - why do people call them perks? - Supplies is a great trait for gathering expeditions. At its ordinary value, you store 10% of your loot each time you pass by the campfire. On the file, the default value is 0.1. So if you increase it to 1.0, you will store 100% of your loot every loop, thus removing the entire risk in your roguelike journey.


The Buckler trait is a Warrior exclusive trait. It restores your HP on every successful counterattack. The default effect restores an amount equal to 1.5 times loop level healing, so if you increase it thousandfold and create a counter build, expect to be immortal.


This one may be related to Strong Aftertaste, which increases every class damage by 1.5 for every potion used. Multiply this by a lot and you will be gulping down all your potions right away. Even Witchers don't get that strong with their alchemy.


Old Scars, a Rogue trait, increases your Max HP by 1 for every trophy collected. Needless to say, but if you change the default value, there will be a lot of trophies being collected for quite some time.


Kill Heal is related to Nothing is Sacred, another Rogue trait. You get +3 HP after a kill, and if you think this is lacking because Rogue's natural 5% vampirism heals better at every hit, it's because the description is vague. You increase +3 Maximum HP per kill, which makes this a great trait if you fill the landscape with enemies. Or you don't need to fill it if you increase its value on the file.


The most self-descriptive ever. The Marauder trait lets you earn additional trophies fighting against 3 or more enemies. You can earn a lot of trophies if you lower this value, combining it with the Old Scars trait above, or make it harder to increase your loop challenge. This doesn't make sense, you could just pass up on this trait. And who cheats to make games harder?


Let's do one for Necromancer so we don't show any favoritism. This line concerns the Counterattack trait, whose effect dictates all skeletons should counterattack if the hero is directly attacked, but only works 15% of the time. If you increase the value to 100, skeletons will be pretty pissed at whoever attacks their master and will counter every time. By the way, Skel_protechit is such a cute name.

Although I'm not sure how much the value modifies the drop rate, we can compare the more recurrent drops default value with the rarer ones to get an idea.

Those were just some of the variables and examples of what you can alter. Most of them are pretty self-descriptive and others you can identify by their default value and comparing to traits effects. If you keep scrolling down the file, you will find lines in which you can modify all the enemies' values. You can also adjust the drop rate of cards and items. With this information in your hands, you can create your own fantasy and dreamy expedition. Just a reminder: once you go down that path, there's no more turning back, therefore choose wisely.

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