Loop Hero: Warrior Guide's to Stats and Traits

Loop Hero is a trending game and revolves around a very different and interesting concept. In the game, the Lich has taken the essence of the world and trapped it in a cycle of darkness and oblivion, causing cities, animals, and much of humanity to disappear. You must indirectly guide an amnesiac hero trapped in an endless cycle in a mix of RPG, roguelike, and deck-builder. The result is a unique strategic adventure full of possibilities, but with a high difficulty content.

The Warrior is the default class. Later on you unlock the Rogue and the Necromancer.

When you start the game, the Warrior class is unlocked by default. With this guide, you will get a smoother start through the dark world while uncovering the functions of each building, tiles, resource, and item combination.

Warrior Class Benefits

The starting class is as average as possible, with no overwhelming strengths nor weaknesses. However, it does have one powerful passive ability. With each second of battle, the Warrior gains +2.0% damage. This favors those who build tank builds, accumulating a lot of HP, Vampirism, and defense.

At the beginning of every expedition, you build your deck and pick a class.

Warrior Equipment

  • Weapon
  • Armor
  • Shield
  • Ring
  • Bonus equipment slot: Helmet, when the Arsenal is unlocked.

Keep Your Defense High

As I said, creating a Warrior tank is a good alternative for those who want to play safe and take advantage of the class passive. Since the Warrior does not have as high an evasion as the Rogue, and no minions to sacrifice into the fray as the Necromancer, it is better to protect yourself well. Potions help you survive when the situation gets tough and regeneration is a great alternative. Vampirism is good if your damage is high and fast, otherwise, the drained damage doesn't outweigh the damage taken.

Also, we need to take full advantage of the benefits of the tiles, especially mountains and rocks. Mountains give us extra HP and if combined in a 3x3 hex, they turn into a mountain peak, giving a huge bonus to HP. But keep in mind that a Goblin Camp appears for every 10 mountain or rock tiles, and if you create a mountain peak, a harpy will spawn every two days.

Right Traits for The Right Hero

First off, you need to build the Gymnasium at the camp to unlock perks. Then, after killing enough enemies on the loop, you will earn a trait. There are perks available to every class and some exclusive to Warrior. Choosing the right ones can make your expedition a breeze. Article of Protection is a must-have for bulkier builds. The trait gives you a shield equal to 65% of the Warrior's health after every loop. Dominant Mass also increases your damage by 20% of your defense value, great synergy with what we are aiming for. Other traits vary according to the items you get early on, but Skilled Armorer, which increases your armor by one after every loop, is a safe pick.

Murillo Zerbinatto
Murillo is a passionate lover of role-playing games, fantasy books and super powers' anime. Has just begun a career in game writing, hoping to one day co-write Final Fantasy XVII.
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