InnerSloth confirms new Among Us map at Nintendo Direct

The upcoming Among Us update will introduce an outdoor, fungus-themed map, The Fungle, with new challenges and tasks.

A new Among Us map was definitely not on anyone's bingo card ahead of the Nintendo Direct showcase.

Among Us, the party game that took the world by storm in the middle of the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, continues to become a draw.

The party game, which found its roots in 2018, started out as a relatively unnoticed game, exploding in popularity two years following its initial release, thanks largely to the efforts of the internet. 

And now, fans are treated to a fresh update that takes the game's scenario from the confines of high-tech sci-fi vessels to a rather intriguing new locale - The Fungle.

Announced unexpectedly during a recent Nintendo Direct showcase, this latest addition to Among Us is set against the backdrop of a mysterious and deserted island. The term "Fungle" is a playful portmanteau of "fungus" and "jungle," a term that aptly describes the terrain where our beloved crewmates now find themselves marooned.

Unlike the pristine, sterile settings that players are accustomed to, The Fungle is alive and filled with mushrooms and a sense of unpredictability.

The trailer reveal for this new map, aired during the Nintendo Direct, offered viewers a narrative twist: the fan-favorite and now-iconic, armless astronauts crash-landing on this peculiar, fungus-infested island.

Among Us may switch engines as early as next year following the changes made by Unity to its policies.

The aftermath of this unforeseen landing paints a challenging picture, all under the eerie fungus-filled canopy of The Fungle. This is no ordinary Among Us map; for the first time, the entire game is set outdoors.

While the map's environment stands out, its features still echo the familiar mechanics that players have come to love. A massive set of binoculars, for instance, suggests a revamped version of the security cameras present in older maps. But, the vibrant color palette, teeming with lush greens and varying shades of mushrooms, makes the game feel both refreshing and disconcertingly different.

With the introduction of The Fungle, Among Us enthusiasts can look forward to a slew of new tasks, all tailored to the island's theme. From dicing vegetables to roasting marshmallows, each crew members will receive the complete island experience. But not everything is as serene as it appears. The island harbors its own deadly secrets, such as the formidable fungus traps that could very well play into the hands of lurking impostors.

Among Us is literally one of the biggest beneficiaries of the pandemic, going from a game that was almost shelved to one that will be supported at least until 2024.

The Fungle is set to be released next month, and although an exact date remains under wraps, the proximity suggests that players will soon be navigating this intriguing new map.

As always, the community's detectives will be on the lookout for hidden secrets, Easter eggs, and potential hints at the future game crossovers. 

Don't worry, because The Fungle will likely not be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch

Indeed, as Among Us currently has a presence on a plethora of platforms - Android, iOS, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and even the Xbox Game Pass - players across these platforms can eagerly await their turn to decipher the mysteries of The Fungle.

InnersSloth and Among Us are among those affected by Unity's latest changes. It's believed that the developers will migrate to a new video game engine starting next year.

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