The White Lotus Season 2 will premiere next month on HBO

It looks like we won't have to wait for too long to check in to The White Lotus once again.

It's time to turn that pencil reservation into a reality. HBO just dropped the release date for The White Lotus Season 2.

The White Lotus Season Premiere Next Month Hbo
The White Lotus Season 2 will look to replicate the same magic that made the first season so popular.

Everybody's favorite vacation destination will premiere on HBO on October 30, as revealed in a video that also offers a glimpse of the incoming theme song, as we swap locales for a more Renaissance and Baroque taste.

As confirmed earlier this year, Stifler's mom Jennifer Coolidge will return as Tanya McQuoid-Hunt this season. However, she's got a couple of fresh faces traveling with her this time. The first one is Greg, her husband, who will be portrayed by Jon Gries. We're also going to meet her assistant, Haley Lu Richardson's Portia.

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Other new cast members for Season 2 are Aubrey Plaza and Will Sharpe, who'll play married couple, Harper and Ethan Spiller, respectively. Meanwhile, another couple, Cameron (Theo James) and Daphne (Meghann Fahy), are joining as well. Finally, we've got the new staff and locals such as Sabrina Impacciatore's Valentina, Beatrice Grannò's Mia, and Simona Tabasco's Lucia.

The White Lotus Season Premiere Next Month Hbo
We're definitely excited to see Aubrey Plaza in The White Lotus.

We're curious to see if The White Lotus Season 2 will enjoy as much critical success and love from audiences as the first season. The first season of The White Lotus pulled in 10 Emmy Awards after it premiered right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and people could dream of taking some time off. Now that most people can go freely to wherever they want, The White Lotus will need to bring its A-game.

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