Tatara Tales in Genshin Impact Full Guide

Help Xavier purify the Tatarigami surrounding the Mikage Furnace using his new invention.

The Tatara Tales in Genshin Impact is a world quest that is separated into eight parts. You will need to do the quest in 8 separate days to finish the whole world quest. This extremely long series of quests require you to be at least Adventurer Rank 30. You will receive a total of 220 Primogems for finishing these quests.

Unlocking the Quest

Talk to Toranosuke to begin the quest.

Teleport to the Kujou Encampment Waypoint and head over to the NPC called Toranosuke. A cutscene will occur and you will overhear them talking about the Mikage Furnace. After the conversation, talk to both Miyuki and Toranosuke separately. After talking to both NPCs, you will need to look for Xavier. Teleport to the NorthWest Waypoint of the Tatarasuna Island.

Look for Xavier

Xavier is located near the northern Tatarasuna waypoint.

Xavier is on the lower platform near a house. Talk to Xavier and he will tell you to observe the Mikage Furnace in three different locations. Go to the three locations indicated on the map and you will see the rift preventing you from going in. Go back and talk to Xavier after observing the three locations.

Kamuijima Cannon

You can find the Kamujima Cannon in these three locations.

Xavier will mark the three locations of the Kamuijima Cannon on the map for you. Teleport to the Eastern Kannazuka waypoint and summon the Electroganum beside the Cannon. Operate the Cannon and aim at the rift to destroy it. Do the same for the two cannon locations which are located in the south-east Kannazuka Island and the Kujou Encampment central Island.

Report back to Xavier

You need to defeat the fatui enemies attacking Xavier in Tatarasuna.

Go back to the Xavier to report your findings and you will find Fatui enemies attacking you. Defeat them and Xavier will ask you to get a closer look at the Mikage Furnace. Bring a healer because you will be affected by the Balethunder status effect. Climb up the Mikage Furnace and take a photo of the strange device in the quest area. Go back and talk to Xavier to finish the quest.

Priority Investigation

You need to place three beacons all around the Mikage Furnace to collect data for Xavier.

You can begin this quest immediately after finishing part one. Go ahead and talk to Xavier again and he will tell you about his newly made beacons that will gather information about the Mikage Furnace. You will need to place the three beacons all around the Mikage furnace as indicated on the map. Summon the Electroganum as much as you can to avoid the effect of Balethunder. Report back to Xavier after placing all three beacons to finish the quest.

Purification Device

You can collect the 3 Crystal Marrow in the area below Xavier's location. 

You will have to wait for the server reset time to start this quest after the Priority Investigation. After a day has passed, go back to Xavier to begin the quest. He will talk about the emergency purifier and ask you to bring him three Crystal Marrow. You can get this item below the Mikage Furnace in the same area. Give the three Crystal Marrow to Xavier to finish the third part of the quest.

Data Collection

This quest requires you to collect the 3 beacons you initially placed in the Priority Investigation quest.

After a day has passed, you can begin this quest by talking to Xavier in Tatarasuna. He will ask you to retrieve the beacons you placed during the Priority Investigation quest. Go back to the three beacon locations to retrieve the items and get the data about the Mikage Furnace. Report back to Xavier to give him the three beacons and finish the quest.

Process is Everything

Xavier says that he will need more data about the Mikage Furnace before he can proceed.

After finishing the quest "Data Collection", wait for the server reset and go back to Xavier in Tatarasuna. Talk to him to begin the next quest called "Process is Everything". He will ask you to go back to the Mikage Furnace and collect more data for him. There will be two locations marked on the map for you to go to. The first location is below the Mikage Furnace in the same area where Xavier is located.

Taking photos of the Mikage Furnace

You need to take a photo of the Mikage Furnace at the two locations indicated above.

Go to the center platform and use your Camera. Angle the camera upward and take a photo of the storage device from below. You will need to adjust the camera until it says "Camera has been adjusted to the correct angle". The next area is on the east side of Tatarasuna. Go ahead and use your camera to take a photo of the furnace. Go back to Xavier after taking both photos to finish the quest.

Functional Test

Xavier asks you to collect 3 Onikabuto Beetles for this quest.

Talk to Xavier once the server resets. He will tell you about the Fatui meddling with his plans once again. He will ask you to retrieve Onikabuto Beetles to place on the furnace. Teleport to the Tatarasuna waypoint near Xavier and summon the Electroganum. Follow the path until you get to the upper side of the cliff and you will find Onikabuto Beetles on the trees. Collect three and present them to Xavier to complete the quest.

Final Preparations

The wooden plank is located on top of the wooden box by the bridge.

The Final Preparations quest is the 7th part of this questline and is the last part you need to do before you can unlock the Last Act. Go and talk to Xavier in Tatarasuna and he will ask you to fix the broken paths to the Mikage Furnace. Collect the Planks on top of the wooden boxes that you can find at the east. After collecting the wooden planks, you have to investigate and repair three broken paths.

Repairing the Broken Paths

There are three broken paths that you need to repair using the wooden plank you collected earlier.

The first path you have to repair is north of the Tatarasuna, near the area where you collected the Wooden planks. The next broken path is west of Tatarasuna and they are right next to each other. After repairing all three broken paths, you can go back to Xavier and interact with him to complete the quest.

The Last Act

The Last Act is the final part of the Tatara Tales quest.

After finishing the Final Preparations, you need to wait for the server reset to begin the last part of the quest. Talk to Xavier to begin the quest. He will accompany you and you have to climb the Mikage Furnace and examine the Purification Device. After arriving at the area, Xavier will tell you that three components are missing from the device and you have to find them to proceed.

Finding the Missing Components

You need to find the 3 missing components near the device in Tatarasuna.

The first missing component can be found near the Electro tree in the quest area. From the tree, head up and follow the wooden pathway until you see something shining on the ground. Pick this up for the second missing component. The third and last missing component is located directly south of this area, beside the wooden carts containing Iron chunks. Give the missing components to Xavier so he can repair the device.

Go Further into the Mikage Furnace

Xavier asks you to go deeper into the Mikage Furnace, east of the Tatarasuna region.

Xavier will ask you to go deeper into the Mikage Furnace for the final check on the purification device. Teleport to the eastern waypoint of Tatarasuna and go to the quest area. Fatui enemies will appear and you have to defeat them before you can proceed. Once defeated you need to go to the bottom of the Mikage Furnace and activate the purification device.

Activate the Purification Device

Protect the Purification device from being destroyed by the Fatui members.

After activating the purification device, Fatui enemies will appear once again. You have to defeat six Fatui enemies and prevent them from destroying the device. Once you defeat the enemies, a cutscene will appear and you have to talk to Xavier. Teleport to the southern waypoint and head to the top of the Mikage Furnace to get a  good view of the device.

Report Back to Toranosuke

Toranosuke will thank you for restoring the Mikage Furnace to normal.

After talking to Xavier, you need to go back to Toranosuke in Kujou Encampment. Teleport to the Kujou Encampment waypoint and talk to Toranosuke to finish the quest. You will get the achievement called "Tatara Tales" once you complete the quest. Completing this questline will also unlock the Tatarasanu Barrier,  allowing you to explore the Mikage Furnace area.


You will get an achievement called "Tatara Tales" after completing the World Quest.

Tatara Tales will give you a total of 1700 Adventurer Rank EXP, 225,000 Mora, 220 Primogems, 7 Hero's Wit, 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore, and a Blueprint for the Square Yumemiru Stool Furniture. Here is the breakdown of the rewards you will receive for finishing each part of the quest:

  • Unlocking the Quest: 400 Adventurer's EXP, 50 Primogems, 4 Hero's Wit, 4 Mystic Enhancement Ore, and 40,000 Mora.
  • Priority Investigation: 150 Adventurer's EXP, 20 Primogems, and 25,000 Mora.
  • Purification Device: 150 Adventurer's EXP, 20 Primogems, and 25,000 Mora.
  • Data Collection: 150 Adventurer's EXP, 20 Primogems, and 25,000 Mora.
  • The Process is Everything: 150 Adventurer's EXP, 20 Primogems, and 25,000 Mora.
  • Functional Test:150 Adventurer's EXP, 20 Primogems, and 25,000 Mora.
  • Final Preparations: 200 Adventurer's EXP, 30 Primogems, and 30,000 Mora.
  • The Last Act: 350 Adventurer's EXP, 40 Primogems, 3 Hero's Wit, 6 Mystic Enhancement Ore,  1 Square Yumemiru Stool, and 30,000 Mora.


Xavier is an inventor originally from Fontaine.

The Tatara Tales quest is a long series of quests that are divided into multiple days. You will need to wait for the server reset before you can complete the next parts of the quest. However, completing the Tatara Tales quest will unlock the Mikage Furnace and allow you to explore the areas in Tatarasuna without being affected by the Balethunder. You can also unlock the Arsenal in the Tatarasuna which contains the blueprint for the Katsuragikiri Nagamasa weapon.

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