Pokemon Sword And Shield Weakness Chart

Pokemon Sword and Shield hit the shelves in late 2019, along with the core Nintendo Switch Pokemon game, and took the gaming world by storm. It's been exactly what Pokemon fans wanted and needed, and has easily become the fastest-selling Switch game. The staple of the franchise, turn-based combat, is still present and here we've decided to help you out a bit by creating a weakness chart for each Pokemon type.

Battling is the key part of any Pokemon game

Understanding each type's weakness, and knowing which type your Pokemon is super effective against, can be a game-changer, literally. However, with so many types in the game and the number of possible combinations, it can be hard to keep track of it all. So, we've put together this Pokemon weakness chart to help you navigate your way around more quickly.

Pokemon Weakness Chart

In the table below, you'll find the base data that's useful on an ongoing basis, once you get through this guide and just need a quick reminder of which type has what weakness. Directly after it, you'll find a further explanation for each type.

Type Super Effective Against Weak Against
Bug Dark, Grass, Psychic Fire, Flying, Rock
Dark Ghost, Psychic Bug, Fairy, Fighting
Dragon Dragon Dragon, Fairy, Ice
Electric Flying, Water Ground
Fairy Dark, Dragon, Fighting Poison, Steel
Fighting Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel Fairy, Flying, Psychic
Fire Bug, Grass, Ice, Steel Ground, Rock, Water
Flying Bug, Fighting, Grass Electric, Ice, Rock
Ghost Ghost, Psychic Dark, Ghost
Grass Ground, Rock, Water Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
Ground Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel Grass, Ice, Water
Ice Dragon, Flying, Grass, Ground Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Normal N/A Fighting
Poison Fairy, Grass Ground, Psychic
Psychic Fighting, Poison Bug, Dark, Ghost
Rock Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, Water
Steel Fairy, Ice, Rock Fighting, Fire, Ground
Water Fire, Ground, Rock Electric, Grass
Bug types are among the easiest ones to beat

Bug types are a little peculiar in that their type matchups are often overlooked and easy to forget. However, remembering to go at them with a Fire, Flying, or a Rock type is a sure-fire way to come out on top. It's also worth remembering that they have the lowest base HP and the base stat total, and that they are a common enemy that shouldn't pose too much threat.

Dark type's weaknesses are Bug, Fairy, and Fighting type. As they were first introduced to balance out the Psychic type, they are immune to Psychic attacks, barring the use of the Miracle Eye move.

Dragon type oddly enough has a weakness against other Dragon type Pokemon, but also against Fairy and Ice types. Remember that these types are often either pseudo-legendary or Legendary and as such have the highest average HP and base stat total. As expected, Dragon types are quite rare.

Raichu has been a part of Pokemon games since the First Generation

Electric types are only vulnerable to Ground types. However, if they become airborne, they have no weaknesses. Regardless of that, since the Sixth Generation (Pokemon X and Y), Electric types are immune to paralysis. They are tied at the fourth spot with Dragon type as rarest Pokemon.

Fairy type is weak against Poison and Steel types, but it's also worth noting that it's immune against Dragon type attacks. They are also especially tricky because they have the highest average Special Defense, so be wary of that as well. This type is even rarer than both Electric and Dragon types, having only 59 Pokemon or roughly 6.5% of all Pokemon in the game.

Togepi is a tough opponent in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Fighting types are weak against Fairy, Flying, and Psychic types, but there are caveats regarding their second type. If a Fighting type Pokemon has the second type of Steel, that makes those weakness neutralized, but leaves them vulnerable against other Steel types. Likewise, if their second type is Dark, that means that their Psychic weakness is fully immunized.

Fire type Pokemon will find it tough up against Ground, Rock, and Water types, but most Fire types can learn Solar Beam which is a perfect counter to all those three weaknesses. There are some Fire types that can have a secondary type that would negate their Water type weakness, but as those are very rare, you shouldn't rely on that too much.

Flying types have a weakness against Electric, Ice, and Rock types. However, this type is also specific in that there are certain immunities against some moves like Rototiller, Toxic Spikes, and all entry hazards, except Stealth Rock. They also pose a different sort of battle because their average Speed is the highest of all Pokemon and of fully-evolved Pokemon.

Ghost type's biggest weaknesses are Dark types, but also Ghost types too, so be forewarned when battling a Ghost type with a Ghost type. They are also immune to Normal and Fighting types, making them the only type that has more than one immunity.

Grass types are weak against Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, and Poison types, which has them tied with the Rock types as having the most weaknesses. Besides that, their main characteristic is that they are immune to Leech Seed as well as to powder and spore moves.

Ground types have a weakness against Grass, Ice, and Water types. In addition to that, they are immune to Electric attacks, although they can still get paralyzed. Another important thing to remember about this type is that they can not be damaged by sandstorms.

Ice type's weaknesses are Fighting, Fire, Rock, and Steel types and besides the Normal type, they are the least resistant type. However, they are immune to freezing, damage from hail, and Sheer Cold. With there only being 51 Ice type Pokemon, they are the rarest type.

Normal type's only weakness is Fighting type Pokemon. As mentioned earlier, they have the fewest defensive weaknesses, but also no resistances and one immunity. Normal type Pokemon have on average the lowest Defense and Special Defense of all Pokemon, fully evolved included.

Poison types have a weakness against Ground and Psychic types. It's also worth keeping in mind that Poison types cannot be poisoned themselves, but the exception to that rule are Pokemon with the Corrosion ability. Another thing to pay attention to is that Poison types cannot miss when they use Toxic.

Psychic type's weaknesses are Bug, Dark, and Ghost types. If you played Pokemon in the 90s, you might remember that Steel/Psychic types were exempt from Psychic type's weaknesses, but those issues have since been balanced so keep that in mind if you're coming back to the franchise.

Rock types are weak against Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, and Water types. Another downside of Rock types is that double weakness among them is very common. They are immune to sandstorm damage, but their speed is also the lowest of all Pokemon and fully evolved Pokemon.

Steel type Pokemon have weaknesses against Fighting, Fire, and Ground types. However, they are the most resistant type by being resistant to Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ice, Normal, Psychic, Rock, and Steel types. They also can't be damaged by sandstorms or poisoned (except by enemies with Corrosion) and have the highest physical defense among all Pokemon, fully evolved or otherwise.

Water types are only weak against Electric and Grass types and Ice type Pokemon have a Freeze Dry move that is super effective against Water types. This type is the most common as there are 144 Water type Pokemon.

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