Pokemon GO definitive guide to Evolving Eevee

Want to evolve your Eevee in Pokémon GO but don’t want to leave it to random chance? Follow this definitive guide to get the exact evolution you want!

In every Pokémon game and animated series, Eevee is one of the most desired pocket monster due to its versatility (and being generally adorable), especially once you evolve it into its multiple advanced forms. Pokémon GO is no exception. But if you use just the standard evolution process, you might not get the exact evolved Eevee that you want.

All you need to know about Eevee evolutions in Pokémon GO! (Images: Nintendo and Niantic)

Not to worry! Follow this handy guide and evolve your Eevee to the specific evolution form you had in mind, from Flareon, Jolteon, or Vaporeon, to the Psychic Type Espeon to the Dark Type Umbreon, the Grass Type Leafeon and Ice Type Glaceon, to the newest Fairy Type Sylveon!

Evee evolution to Flareon, Jolteon, or Flareon in Pokémon GO

Using the standard evolution method in Pokémon GO, you can randomly get one of either Flareon, Jolteon, or Vaporeon. All you need is 25 Eevee Candy. These Eevee evolved forms are good for general purposes and countering their opposing Types.

Standard Eevee evolution needs only 25 Candy, which will randomly produce Vaporeon, Flareon, or Jolteon.

Note that these are the only three evolved Eevee a trainer can acquire from just the random method of evolution. Espeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, and Leafeon require more specific conditions.

Evee evolution to Espeon or Umbreon in Pokémon GO

To get the Psychic Type Espeon or the Dark Type Umbeon from your Eevee evolution, you need to follow a similar, but slightly different, process.

  • To evolve your Pokémon GO Eevee into Espeon, make it your Buddy. Walk at least 10 km and then conduct the evolution with 25 Candy during the Day time.
  • To evolve your Pokémon GO Eevee into Umbreon, make it your Buddy. Walk at least 10 km and then conduct the evolution with 25 Candy during the Night time.

Note that you also have to earn 2 Eevee candies with your Eevee as your Buddy as you accumulate the 10 km walk. Another thing to note is that because the Pokémon GO app uses the GPS local time, make sure it is accurate at the time of evolution. Failure to do so will make the Eevee evolution use the standard random selection.

Eevee Evolution to Glaceon and Leafeon in Pokémon GO

Beginning with the final wave of New Sinnoh Pokémon from the May 2019 update of Pokémon GO, trainers can acquire the Ice Type Glaceon and Grass Type Leafeon.

  • To evolve Eevee into Glaceon in Pokémon GO, perform the evolution while under a Glacial Lure.
  • To evolve Eevee into Leafeon in Pokémon GO, perform the evolution while under a Mossy Lure.

Eevee Evolution to Sylveon in Pokémon GO

The most recent Eevee evolution in Pokémon GO is Sylveon. Part of the Generation VI batch of Pokémon introduced, Sylveon is currently the most time-intensive evolved form of Eevee to produce. To do this, you need to carry out these steps:

  • Make your Eevee your Buddy.
  • Earn 70 Buddy Hearts while Eevee is your Buddy.
  • Use 25 Candy to evolve Eevee.

Note that you must have Eevee as your Buddy at the time of evolution, or it will default to the random result.

You need 70 Buddy Hearts to evolve Eeve to the Fairy Type Sylveon.

Eevee Pokémon GO Community Day

Of special note is evolving while the Eevee Community Day runs, as the 70 Buddy Hearts requirement for evolving a Sylveon may drop to just 7 Buddy Hearts for the duration of these event periods. In addition, Eevee evolved forms during the event will have special attacks as follows:

  • Flareon        =             Superpower
  • Jolteon        =             Zap Cannon
  • Vaporeon    =             Scald
  • Espeon       =             Shadow Ball
  • Umbreon   =             Psychic
  • Glaceon     =             Water Pulse
  • Leafeon     =             Bullet Seed
  • Sylveon     =             Psyshock

The standard Eevee caught or hatched from eggs during its Community Day will also know Last Resort.

Using the naming trick for Eevee Evolution in Pokémon GO

If you don’t want to roll the dice for the random evolution or the more tedious conditions to get the evolved Eevee you want, you can use the naming trick.

To do this, you have to rename the Eevee being evolved to a certain name of the specific advanced form. These names are as follows:

  • Flareon        =              Pyro
  • Jolteon        =              Sparky
  • Vaporeon    =              Rainer
  • Espeon        =              Tamao
  • Glaceon       =             Rea
  • Leafeon       =             Linnea
  • Sylveon       =             Kira

It is important to note that using the Eevee evolution naming trick CAN ONLY BE DONE ONCE for every Pokémon GO account for each evolved form. After using this method, you cannot produce another of the same form. For example, if you evolve a Glaceon by naming the Eevee Rea, you cannot do this again in the future.

Using the naming trick can get the exact Eevee evolution in Pokémon GO, but you can only use it ONCE per evolved form.

On the other hand, you can still use the other methods detailed prior repeatedly after using the naming trick to evolve your Pokémon GO Eevee.

Got all of that? Try it out and get the evolved Eeevee form you have been looking for! And keep your eye on this page for updates on new Pokémon GO Eevee evolutions.

To play Pokémon GO, download the app for free from Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS.

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