Everything You Need to Know Before Playing Gibraltar in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is the next evolution of Battle Royale, or at least that’s what EA says. While that particular claim is up to debate, Apex Legends is unarguably a power-packed action game and the best part about it is the fact that it’s free!

Today we’re looking at Gibraltar from Apex Legends, the original tank and one of the first 8 legends. He’s got perfect skillset for dealing a heavy blow while absorbing damage at the same time.

If you’re new to the game or haven’t played Gibraltar main yet, here’s everything you need to know in order to take Gibraltar to his full potential. It's essential to know his abilities so that you can leverage him to outperform your opponents.

Gibraltar’s Backstory

Gibby is the son of two S.A.R.A.S volunteers, which is nothing but a search and rescue association of Solus. Gibby wasn't a rescuer from the beginning. He came to understand the value of protecting others when he and his boyfriend took his parent’s motorcycle on a joyride but got stuck in a mudslide.

Although Gibby’s parents saved him and his boyfriend, they had to pay a price. As a matter of fact, Gibraltar’s father lost an arm while saving them. Gibby remembers the sacrifice his father made and now he devotes his life to saving others. Undoubtedly, this is also the reason behind his entrance to the Apex Games.

He is doing all of this not for money, fame, or glory, he is doing this because he wants to keep his friends alive. In a nutshell, we can say he wants to be the shield for needy ones.

What can Gibraltar do in Apex Legends?

Gibraltar's abilities are a perfect blend of defence and offence. Apart from his overkill ultimate, his passive and main ability props up a shield. Ideally, you’d have Gibraltar on the support position of your roster.

Passive Ability- Gun Shield

The Gun shield is a temporary yet strong mini shield that protects Gibraltar's upper body from 50 points of damage. There’s a nine-second cooldown for the shield to regenerate once it breaks.

To activate the shield, you need to zoom in with any weapon and a blue coloured shield will pop up around the weapon.

Perks of Gibby’s Passive Ability

  • You can leverage the gun-shield to infiltrate and scout enemy base with the assurance that you won’t die.
  • Your weapon’s offensive capabilities are not affected by the shield.
  • In a long-range dual, you can take your time to position your crosshair correctly as you're not vulnerable for the first bullet. This makes Gibby one of the greatest sniper agents in Apex Legends.

Drawbacks of Gibraltar’s Passive Ability

  • The gun shield makes a lot of noise and it gives up your position to the enemies. In that case, they can easily target you. However, that is something expected from the tank. You can’t expect to go ninja mode with Gibraltar!
  • The gun shield only protects your front torso. So the back and sides of your torso as well the entirety of your legs are still exposed.
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Gibraltar’s Dome Shield Ability

If you want to protect your teammates well, Gibraltar's shield is more than perfect. Just place the shield anywhere on the ground and it will create a blue translucent bubble. Anyone inside the bubble will be immune to any kind of attack that comes from outside for 15 seconds, just enough time to get a fallen teammate on his feet.

Perks of Gibraltar’s Dome Shield

  • You can also use this dome shield when you want to, heal, revive an ally or loot safely. Simply, the shield would protect you from damage.
  • You and your teammates can heal 25% faster inside this dome shield.
  • Gibby can also revive a teammate 1-second faster inside the dome.
  • The shield can also be used as a block and escape tool. You don’t necessarily need to enter the shield, just drop it in the floor like a wall and use the 15 seconds to escape down the narrow path.

Drawbacks of Gibraltar’s Dome Shield

  • The dome shield is susceptible to the Crypto agent. Make sure to check the enemy before putting the dome down.

Gibby’s Ultimate Ability - The AoE Airstrike

The ultimate power of Gibraltar is calling an airborne missile strike. To activate the ultimate ability, you need to throw a grenade down at the location you want to strike. The area will turn into a barren land with no one but you and your teammates standing without damage.

The best way to use the ultimate ability of Gibraltar is by creating distractions for opponents. Remember that Gibby's ultimate ability isn't for killing, it’s for damage. It gives 40 damage per hit. So use it well.

Perks of the Ultimate Ability

  • The airstrike is a phenomenal ability to weaken enemies in a closed area with few escape points.
  • The AoE Airstrike doesn’t damage you or your teammate, you can use it to save any of your isolated teammates.
  • You can also call in a strike to create a distraction, especially when you want to revive a teammate.

Drawbacks of the Ultimate Ability

The only disadvantage of the ultimate is its damage. Each missile just deals 40 points of damage, certainly not enough to kill an enemy.

Best Gibraltar Squad in Apex Legends

Protective Squad (Gibraltar, Lifeline, Bangalore)

The sustain squad is all about protecting and healing yourself while dealing damage at the same time. One may argue that all three of the characters here are just support characters, I say that there is just enough oomph to get you off the hook! And, staying alive is the first priority as a knocked out player can’t deal with any damage.

Lifeline’s abilities are all about healing, combine that with Gibraltar’s dome and you essentially have infinite lives on your hand. For the cooldown periods, Gibraltar’s airstrike is perfect to divert the attention. Combine that Bangalore’s own airstrike/smoke to infiltrate the enemy base while they’re under heavy attack.

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