New Anti-Cheat Measures Implemented In Call Of Duty: Warzone

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Call of Duty: Warzone has been suffering from a serious cheating crisis in recent weeks. The problem has been making the game more or less unplayable for many, and even wrecking a hotly anticipated event hosted by popular streamers.

Finally, Infinity Ward is stepping up with new anti-cheat measures.

The new measures are going live this week with additional features being added soon. Not only is security being tightened, but players are also going to receive more feedback for the sake of transparency. Hopefully, the effects will quickly become apparent in-game as well.

Players will now be informed if accounts they report with the in-game report function are actually banned, letting you know how much of an effective impact you make on game safety, which will help motivate players to report cheaters. You'll certainly be more likely to put more effort into it when you know it isn't for nothing.

Beyond this, IW have developed some "additional dedicated security updates". There isn't any clarification on what these are, but we assume the cheat detection algorithms got an upgrade to make sure cheaters can't just fly under the radar.

Another new change is one that we very much support - matchmaking will now pool suspected cheaters and unbanned cheaters into the same matches, forcing them to fight against each other while leaving legit players to enjoy the game in peace.

Activision is also dedicating more resources to those departments which are most directly linked to this situation, including backend tech teams, studio teams and enforcement teams. With the additional resources, the developers will be more than capable of tackling the cheating issue and developing additional methods to combat violations.

Considering how many players were affected by these cheating issues, it was about time for an official response. Many players continue to advocate for the option to disable crossplay, as it has been blamed as one of the primary causes of the problem. We'll see if Activision's position on the feature changes in the future.

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  1. I am a PC player of this game,its taken me awhile to get my full rank and tier all the way up.Then a console player at low level"with aim assist" comes and gets my kill.Surely this can not be fair.And saying all that,i still play and take it as a joke,also last update had so many problems.not getting upgrades after doing missions,xp not being allocated,operator missions not being allocated aswell….well thanx for the game....stop cheating ppl !!!!

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