NBA 2K20 MyCareer Codes

You can get a lot of free items by entering locker codes in NBA 2K20. The codes vary in rewards, and using these codes may not always guarantee a reward. Also, take note of the expiration date of each locker code to check if they still work. As per a recent update, there doesn't seem to be any new codes coming for NBA 2K20.

However, we will talk about active codes that you can still claim in NBA 2K20. These codes never expire, so you do not need to worry about their validity. This article will also talk about how you can use these codes to claim bonuses in the game. We will also discuss how to get additional locker codes for players who have NBA 2K21.

Active NBA 2K20 Locker Codes

The crowd in NBA 2K20.

These locker codes do not expire and are still working as of today if you enter them.


Player packs in NBA 2K20.


  • 3 Tokens
  • 1500 MT or League base pack


Tokens in NBA 2K20.


  • Up to 3 Tokens


The 2KTV headband reward.


  • 2KTV Headband


The Allstar Flash pack.
  • All-Star Flash
  • Heat Check Deluxe or League Deluxe pack


Pink Diamond Kobe reward.
  • Pink Diamond Kobe

How to Enter Locker Codes

Entering your locker code in the Extras section.

From the main menu, select "MyTeam." Scroll to the far right and select "Extras." You will see an option called "Locker Codes", go ahead and select it. Enter the codes you prefer, and make sure to include the dashes in the code. The code is not case sensitive, so that you can enter them in lower case letters.

You can also claim the codes using your mobile phone if you have the NBA 2K20 Mobile application installed. You will get the rewards when you go and load up MyTeam mode. Take note that the redeem option will only show up if there is an available code for you to redeem.

How to Claim Community hub Locker Codes

Answering the community hub poll.

Make sure you are on MyTeam mode in NBA 2K20. Go to Community Hub and then click on the poll on the right side. Make sure you select an answer to the poll so you can claim the community hub Locker Codes. There are times when you will encounter server errors due to heavy load on the server. To prevent server errors, enter the codes during less busy hours of the day.

Where Can I Get More Codes?

The Analysts in NBA 2K20.

Even though no new codes are coming for NBA 2K20, you can still watch out for locker codes on NBA 2K21. Locker codes typically expire after a week, so it is important to check out NBA 2K's social media frequently. You can check out their Twitter account for the latest codes and announcements using this link.


Golden State warriors vs. Houston Rockets.

Redeeming Locker Codes allows you to get bonus items and rewards. No new codes are coming for NBA 2K20. However, you can still redeem the codes that never expire listed above. Redeem the codes on the Locker Codes option located in the Extras menu. You can also redeem the codes using the NBA 2K20 mobile application.

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