Minecraft Potion Of Weakness Crafting Guide

Potions are an essential element in Minecraft and can be immensely useful. Various potions with all sorts of beneficial effects can help you out of tough situations, make normally inaccessible areas easier to get to, or they can be used in any sort of creative and unusual problem solving the game is famous for.

The best way to get potions is by crafting - or more specifically, brewing - them. One particular potion, the potion of weakness, has a recipe unlike all of the others, and we'll be taking a look at how to brew it in this guide.

Like other potions, this one also has a splash variant which means that when thrown, it will act as a sort of "grenade" by shattering and imparting its effect on creatures within the radius. The weakness effect causes all affected by it to deal less damage. If you drink the potion itself, you will cause lower amounts of damage, but the splash variant will accordingly reduce the damage caused by various NPCs caught in range.

What makes the Potion of Weakness stand out is that you don't need a Nether Wart, an essential ingredient in most potions, to brew it. The ingredients are relatively easy to acquire. As usual, you will need a brewing stand to craft this potion. Let's see how it's done.

Gather Ingredients

There are three ingredients you will need for this potion.

The simplest is a Glass Bottle of Water, which requires one Glass Bottle - among the easiest and earliest crafted items in the game - that you need to fill with water, which is common enough.

Next up is Blaze Powder, a common drop from Blazes, which are a fairly plentiful enemy type. They can be found in Nether Fortresses, located in any kind of Nether Biome.

Finally, you need a Fermented Spider Eye which can be crafted from the materials Spider Eye, Sugar and Brown Mushroom. Spider Eyes are a common drop from Spiders, Sugar can be gained from Sugarcane and Brown Mushrooms are found throughout the world.

Add the Ingredients to your Brewing Stand

Once you have everything you need, head over to your brewing stand and get crafting. Add the ingredients, and begin brewing by lighting the fire. Once the process is complete, the Glass Bottle of Water that went in will come out as a Potion of Weakness.

Now, to get the most out of this potion, you should take things a step further and modify it to be a Splash Potion of Weakness. This is done by adding Gunpowder to the mixture after initial brewing is complete.

The primary use for Splash Potion of Weakness is, in conjuncture with Golden Apples, the curing of Zombie Villagers which returns them to their simple Villager state.

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