Is Friday The 13th crossplay?

Despite being available across Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, the horror-based game is yet to receive updates for cross-play.

Released in May of 2017 for PC, and in October 2017 for Xbox and Playstation 4, Friday the 13th is a survival horror video game. The idea of the game was taken from the Hollywood blockbuster horror film series, Friday The 13th. The game is a multiplayer which can be played online in both public lobbies and private matchmaking.

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Friday The 13th is a seven-player game, with each player getting one character. Six players control Camp Crystal lake counselors and one controls Jason Voorhees. The game is a semi-open-world game that gives players plenty to discover and not get bored by doing what the game is telling them to do.

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Is Friday The 13th crossplay?

No, Friday The 13th does not have cross-play. The fact that a great game such as Friday The 13th doesn't have cross-play is disappointing if you want to play with your friends from different consoles. Friday The 13th can only be played together with players sharing the same platform, whether it is a Playstation, PC, Xbox, or a Nintendo Console.

platforms from Friday the 13th
Friday The 13th is available on PS4, Xbox, and PC via Steam.

Even though the developers of the game said that one of the main goals of Friday The 13th would be to have crossplay and cross-platform capabilities in general but there have been no updates since.

Is there a chance for Friday the 13th to be cross-platform?

Although everyone has been talking about it and even the developers of the game hyped it up at a point, due to the internal affairs and untold business of the developers, we never got an update on whether the game will have a cross-play.

All we can do, as a community, is sit and hope that someday an update drops from the heavens and cross-play is introduced to the game so that we can play with our friends on other gaming platforms.

Does Friday The 13th have cross-progression?

If we talk about one of the worst things about this game, it's the lack of cross-progression. Many players entering the professional realm of gaming switch over from their gaming consoles such as Playstation and Xbox to built gaming PCs.

When looking to play Friday The 13th players would have to face a loss of data, as the game is not linked to an account that can save your data and progression made within the game.


Friday The 13th is a great game but lacks crossplay and cross-progression, because of which it lacks behind its competitors. But to this day die-hard fans love themselves a good round even in public matchmaking lobbies without friends.

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