How to unlock Enkanomiya in Genshin Impact

Get access to the mysterious Enkanomiya region.

The Enkanomiya region is a region added in Genshin Impact with update 2.4. This region is filled with puzzles and mysteries for the player to solve.  Exploring the area can give you multiple primogems and items as rewards. You can also find a unique mechanism in this area called the Whitenight and Evernight, which we will explore in the guide below.

Pre-requisites for Enkanomiya

You need to complete the Moon-bathed Deep quest first before you can unlock Enkanomiya.

Before you can unlock Enkanomiya, you need to meet a specific set of requirements first.  You need to complete the Still Water's Flow quest first before you can unlock Enkanomiya. To unlock this quest, however, you need to be at least Adventure Rank 30. You also need to complete both the Archon Quest Chapter 2:Act 3 and the Moon-bathed Deep quest.

Once you are done with all these quests, talk to Tsuyuko to begin the Still Water's Flow quest.

Still Water’s Flow

Tsukuyo will appear near the Sangonomiya shrine once you are done with all the pre-requisites.

Tsuyuko will be in the middle of Watatsumi Island if you meet all the pre-requisites for the quest. After talking to Tsuyuko, go to the quest area near the altar and talk to her again. Tsuyuko will tell you that you need to find 2 more Key Sigils to remove the seal and open Enkanomiya.  You will see two markers on your map for the two sigils.

1st Sigil

Go into the cave that you encountered in the Moon-bathed deep quest to get the 1st sigil.

Go to the eastern sigil first by using the teleport waypoint on the southern part of Watatsumi Island. From the teleport waypoint, glide down the waterfall and you should see a small opening as seen in the image above. Enter this opening and defeat the Fatui members guarding the Key Sigil. Once you clear the enemies, get the Key sigil in the middle of the area.

2nd Sigil

The Sigil is right next to some Ruin enemies.

Go to the second sigil marker this time, to the north of Watatsumi Island. The Sigil is right next to the cliff, and you will find some Ruin machine enemies next to the sigil. However, you can simply get the sigil and run away from the enemies without clearing them.

Activating the Altars

Interact with the altar and use the Sigils to activate the altar.

After getting the two sigils, you need to activate the two altars marked on your map. Simply use the two key sigils to unlock the two altars marked on your map. You will get a cutscene every time you activate the altar. After activating the two altars, go back and talk to Tsuyuko near the Sangonomiya shrine. After the cutscene, you need to jump into the water and it will transport you to Enkanomiya.

Follow the quest marker to unlock the first teleport waypoint in Enkanomiya. This will complete the quest and unlock the new Enkanomiya region. After you complete the quest, you will unlock the "Entrance to Tokoyo" questline.

Whitenight and Evernight

There are multiple Enkanomiya mechanisms in the area that you can use to switch between Whitenight and Evernight.

The Whitenight and Evernight mechanism is a new mechanic introduced in the Enkanomiya region. As you explore the map of Enkamiya, you will find Enkanomiya mechanisms like the one in the image above. Interacting with these mechanisms allows you to change between Whitenight and Evernight. All of these mechanisms are connected to the Dainichi Mikoshi tower.

Switching to Whitenight or Evernight is essential because some puzzles can only be solved during a specific state. Some mechanisms may appear destroyed during one state but will appear interactable when you enter another state. Before you can use the Enkanomiya Mechanisms, you will need to complete the "Entrance to Tokoyo" questline first.


You will get 30 Primogems for completing the whole questline.

Once you find both key sigils and activate both altars, you will unlock the entrance to Enkanomiya and get access to multiple new side quests and puzzles. Completing the Still Water's Flow quest will give you a total of 200 Adventurer's EXP, 20,000 Mora, 30 Primogems, and two Hero's Wit.


Once you complete the Still Water's Flow quest, you will gain access to Enkanomiya.

The new Enkanomiya region is filled with new puzzles and a new mechanic called Whitenight and Evernight. To get access to this area, however, you need to complete the Still Water's flow questline first. This quest requires you to find the 2 remaining Key Sigils and use them to activate the 2 altars, releasing the seal and unlocking the entrance to Enkanomiya.

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