How To Easily Acquire Tungsten Ingots In Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

In Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, Tungsten Ingots are used to upgrade gear in their final tiers. This certain type of Ingot levels weapons and armor from flawless to mythical rarity. By upgrading a weapon or an armor with Tungsten Ingots, the gear will have its upgrade slots increased, furthering the boosts to the gear's stats.

Where To Find Tungsten Ingots

Tungsten Ingots are the most difficult to find resource in the game. Obviously, this is because they make gears extra powerful!

Remember, unlike Nickel Ingots, Tungsten Ingots are not purchasable. Nickel Ingots will appear for sale in some merchants once you discover your first Nickel Ingots. Tungsten Ingots are only to be found, however, and will never be purchasable.

Tungsten Ingots can only be found in the higher-level areas of England like Hamptunscire, Snotinghamschire, Euvicsire, Lincolnscire, and Glowecestreshire. These areas are traversed when you are 160 or greater in power level. If you are just starting the game, or far from the suggested level, complete some quests first since you have no business looking for Tungsten Ingots until then.

If you are within the suggested power level, all you have to do is to head into the mentioned areas and scout out gold markers appearing on your compass. The locations are marked with an ingot icon.

Just follow the markers

Where To Trade For Tungsten Ingots

As mentioned, Tungsten Ingots will never be for sale. Fortunately though, you can trade for it.

You just have to unlock the Hunter's Hut at your settlement and then you can trade hunting resources for these precious ingots. Go to Wallace and Petra and interact with them. You will find out that you can trade sets of hunting resources for rewards, with Tungsten Ingots being the rewards.

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However, the requirements to be eligible to receive Tungsten Ingots as a reward can be tough. If hunting is part of your routine and you genuinely enjoy that part of the game, then satisfying the requirements might be easier. In our gameplay the following items were asked for in return for Tungsten Ingots: wolf fangs, animal guts, and viper eggs. Horde some of these items if you can until you are ready to trade them for Tungsten Ingots.

Also, when you are far in your playthrough, always make sure you visit the fishing hut at your base settlement. This fishing hut can be used for fishing (obviously!) and you can trade fish for Tungsten Ingots too.

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