Genshin Impact reveals a new Dendro character Kirara for update 3.7

This is the first Inazuman character with a Dendro vision.

Genshin Impact continues to expand its lineup of playable characters, and with the recent introduction of the Dendro element, it's no surprise that the latest addition to the roster also wields this new power.

Genshin Impact recently unveiled the latest character, Kirara, an Inazuman character wielding a Dendro vision. She is the first character from Inazuma to command the new element introduced with the release of the Sumeru region. Kirara is a 4-star sword-wielding character.

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Kirara's character design features a blend of human and cat characteristics, complete with two tails, cat ears, and paws. She joins other hybrid characters in the game like Geo vision holder Gorou, Cryo vision holder Diona, and fellow Dendro user Tighnari.

Taking inspiration from the Nekomata, a Japanese mythical creature depicted as a two-tailed cat, Kirara's constellation is called Arcella, and her banner name is "Cat Upon the Eaves." As described in an official Genshin Impact Twitter post, Kirara serves as a "gold level courier of the Komaniya Express."

In recent months, Kirara has stirred up quite a buzz among the Genshin Impact leakers' community due to her unconfirmed element and rarity. According to several leaks, she was initially believed to be a Geo character named Momoko. Although many leakers eventually clarified the confusion, the revelation surprised fans who hadn't kept up with the leaks.

With Kirara's reveal occurring just a day before Genshin Impact's Update 3.6, it's anticipated that she'll join the roster in Update 3.7, scheduled for late May 2023.

For now, players can look forward to a major content update in Version 3.6, which includes a brand-new area to explore and the addition of two new characters: Bubu Pharmacy's 5-star Baizhu and Sumeru's renowned architect 4-star Kaveh, both Dendro vision holders. Fans have eagerly awaited Baizhu's arrival.

Character card of Kaveh (left) and Baizhu (right).

Update 3.6 will also feature highly anticipated returning characters like Dendro Archon Nahida, Nilou, and Ganyu, with Ganyu appearing in the second phase alongside Baizhu and Kaveh.

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