Full Hogwarts Legacy map leaked ahead of launch

Hogwarts Legacy is a week away from releasing on current-gen consoles and the PC but leakers have already shared the full map online.

The hype for Hogwarts Legacy is at an all-time high and with that hype comes impatient fans and leakers who are eager to provide whatever extra information they can to fans.

Full Hogwarts Legacy Map Leaked Ahead Of Launch

We are just a week away from the global release of Hogwarts Legacy on February 10, and the game's developers, Avalanche Software, are sharing snippets of the game as we slowly approach release day. However, leakers have already showcased the game's map via Twitch, with both the clip and the leaker's Twitch account no longer available as of the time of writing.


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The leaked clip showcased three gigantic areas, each with its own map. It has the classic "fog of war" feature, meaning that unexplored areas are in "brown" dull color, while the explored areas are vibrant and green.

The map had 3D elements with buildings protruding from the map vertically, giving a much more immersive experience. Players can also find the collectibles for each area in the top far-right corner of the map. It lists all the collectibles for the area, so that you can keep track of them.

For instance, at Hogwarts, you can find 35 chests, 150 field pages, 10 demiguise statues, and one astronomy table - and that is only for Hogwarts! In addition to the different map areas there are also different wings within each area. For example, Hogwarts contains The Grand Staircase, The Bell Tower Wing, The Library Annex, The Great Hall, etc.

Despite some controversy, Hogwarts Legacy is shaping up to be one of the best-selling games of the year, topping the Steam charts before its launch.

Hogwarts Legacy is scheduled to release on February 10 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S but interested fans can check out the early access details to get ahead of the curve. The older-gen versions of Hogwarts Legacy and the Nintendo Switch ports are coming much later.

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