Cyberpunk 2077 The Heist - Saving Jackie Guide

Jackie has been featured prominently throughout Cyberpunk 2077's marketing, showing up in trailers and gameplay demos all the time. Surely, he's one of the game's main characters and V's most reliable companions, with us to the very end, right? Before we answer this question, note that there are major spoilers ahead.

Seriously, if you clicked here accidentally, look away now.

During the final prologue mission, The Heist, V and Jackie steal an Arasaka Biochip in a daring caper and make a last-second escape in the face of overwhelming odds - or so it seems. Jackie gets wounded during the mission, but it isn't until you're in the getaway car that it becomes apparent how bad he's actually doing.

There is, shockingly enough, no way you can possibly save Jackie following The Heist. His death is inevitable and a major plot point that drives part of the storyline later on. When you reach the safehouse Jackie has already passed on, and you can instruct Delamain to do one of three things. These will have noticeable consequences later on.

  • Nowhere. Wait for me here.
  • Take him home, to his family.
  • Take him to Vik Vektor’s clinic.
  • Just… give me a minute.

Selecting "Just... give me a minute" will loop around to forcing one of the other three decisions, and doesn't have any kind of impact on the game. However, the other choices can have some pretty unfortunate results.

Nowhere. Wait for me here.

This is possibly the worst choice of the three. Due to how the rest of the mission unfolds, V won't be returning to the car, and thus Jackie's body will be lost forever. You will still unlock the "Heroes" side mission, but it will be cut short. This is the only choice that doesn't lead to you getting the key to Jackie's motorcycle.

Take him home, to his family.

This is by far the best option in these tragic circumstances. This unlocks the full and proper "Heroes" side mission wherein V will attend Jackie's funeral. You will meet Mama Welles, who is glad she got to bury her son properly, and she will bestow the key of his motorcycle to you personally. The repercussions of Jackie's death will still be felt occasionally during the events of Act 1.

Take him to Vik Vektor’s clinic.

This choice locks out the "Heroes" side mission. Instead, at some point you will get a call from Mama Welles, who is deeply saddened by not being able to properly bury her son - as Arasaka thugs raided Vik's clinic and Jackie's body was nowhere to be found after - and you get a package with the key to his motorcycle.

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