Cyberpunk 2077 "Dream On" Side Job - Jefferson Peralez Choice Guide

If you've already played through the side job I Fought The Law in Cyberpunk 2077, you're familiar with the Peralez couple and their involvement with an investigation into the death of Night City's former mayor. The story isn't over yet, and V will need to assist Jefferson Peralez once more. Here's how your choices in Dream On pan out.

Getting the Dream On side job

To acquire this side job, you need to have completed I Fought The Law, wherein V teams up with River Ward to investigate the mysterious death of Lucius Rhine, former mayor of Night City, at the behest of Elizabeth and Jefferson Peralez.

The investigation reveals that there was foul play involved, which paints a target on the Peralezes due to their instigation of V's detective work. At the end of that mission, V reports their findings and the couple agree to be more careful thereon out.

After waiting 48 in-game hours, Jefferson Peralez will contact V - what they feared has happened. There was a break-in at their Charter Hill apartment, and Jefferson once again asks for V's help.

Investigate the Apartment

When V arrives, Elizabeth Peralez offers them a tour during which they use their scanner to uncover evidence. After a bit of detective work, V will discover a secret room with surveillance equipment and a bunch of wires. You can trace these wires all the way up to the roof where V will scan for the transmission source, discovering it to the west.

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You can let Elizabeth know what you found, and at this point the different dialogue options all lead to the same outcome, so just pick whichever suits your take on V the most.

Chase the Van

When V arrives to the signal location, you'll need to chase a surveillance van. Since this chase sequence is rather difficult, in no small part due to bugs, we suggest saving right before it begins. Being an action sequence there aren't any choices to be made here - that comes in at the very end of the side job!

Report to Jefferson

V will eventually discover that the Maelstrom gang has been using various wireless signals to affect the brains and cyberware of the Peralezes in their own home, essentially slowly and steadily brainwashing them. First you'll meet with Elizabeth after dealing with Maelstrom, after which you will return to Jefferson.

In this final conversation, V has two options when reporting the results of the investigation:

  • You're being brainwashed - V tells Jefferson everything they learned regarding the Maelstrom operation.
  • Don't have much to add - V keeps the brainwashing a secret.

This is primarily a roleplaying choice, as it doesn't affect the rewards you get for completing the job, and since this is where it ends it can't exactly affect the job itself further.

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