Cyberpunk 2077 I Fought The Law Choices Guide

As far as side missions go in Cyberpunk 2077, "I Fought The Law" seems like the one that is closest to being a main mission, considering its storyline impact, the sheer number of choices involved and how many other side missions are directly related to it. We'll give you an overview of the various decisions you'll be making, so expect major spoilers.

Reporting Your Findings

This mission mainly concerns the mysterious death of former Night City mayor Lucius Rhyne, and the investigation Elizabeth Peralez launched alongside her husband. During the course of the mission, you will enter a braindance looking for clues that may implicate Péter Horváth, a cyberpsycho. After finishing with the braindance, V reports to the couple - at this point you get three dialogue options, but they don't have much impact yet beyond minimally altering the next few sentences.

  • Too early to tell.
  • Think you might be onto something.
  • Pure coincidence, looks like.

Later on, you meet up with River Ward who might help you uncover more information about the case. Incidentally, River is also a romanceable character. After you meet up with him, you'll need to go to meet with the cyberpsycho's former boss and with your CI. These can be done in any order and which you pick first has no bearing on the story.

Confrontation with the Tyger Claws

After meeting with these contacts, you'll eventually encounter a small group of Tyger Claws gang members near River's car. This situation can be handled in one of three ways, one of which is tied to your life path.

  • Stay silent - this allows River to do the talking, and leads to a peaceful resolution. You get into the car with River.
  • Confront - this leads to a fight to the death with the gang members, and causes V to get temporarily separated from River.
  • Talk down - if V has the Street Kid life path, they can speak with the gang members and diffusing the situation, once again leading to a peaceful resolution and joining River in his car.
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Encourage or Warn River

Nearing the end of the mission, you talk to River to take stock of the fruits of your labor. River is hell bent on reopening the investigation, because clearly there is something shady in the background of it all. When he asks about your assessment of the suspect Weldon Holt, you have three responses. These don't affect the outcome but will give you some additional flavor text from River.

  • Sounds about right. - River will agree, and states that he intends to take the case to the Internal Affairs department.
  • Got no proof. - River will remind V about the tampered braindance.
  • Nah, wasn't like that. - This leads V to suggest there is even more going on in the background, and River will contemplate it.

After this, V will be able to either encourage River to pursue this investigation even further or to drop the case because it is too dangerous. River will go ahead with the investigation either way, but this roleplaying moment will be referenced in future side missions and may come up if you romance River.

Debrief the Peralez Couple

Finally, you go back to the pair who started it all - Elizabeth and Jefferson Peralez to get them up to speed on everything you've discovered with River. It all boils down to the final "whodunit" question, and V can give one of three responses.

  • Holt - This will excite Jefferson, because he suspected Holt all along, and the new puts the couple at ease.
  • No idea - Not the ideal answer, but the Peralezes still thank you for putting your life on the line to discover the truth.
  • Police - This shocks and worries the couple, who agree to increase their personal security lest they too become a target.
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