Chi of Guyun Quest Guide in Genshin Impact

The Chi of Guyun questline explores the story about a monster called Chi and its battle with Morax.

The Chi of Guyun quest is a side quest in Genshin Impact that can be lengthy and contains a lot of puzzles to solve. However, completing this quest gives you multiple rewards such as Primogems and a Liyue Shrine of Depth key. Below is a complete guide for completing the Chi of Guyun Quest and the answer to all the puzzles you need to solve throughout the quest.

You can begin the quest by talking to Yan'er or collecting any fragment.

Investigate the Ruins

You can find the first ruin near Wuwang Hill.

You can start this quest by talking to Yanér. She is currently in the ruins near Wuwang Hill. Yaner is investigating an old legend about a dragon-like creature from the past. However, there is currently a Ruin Guard inside the ruins, and cannot proceed. She asks you to investigate the ruin yourself. Go to the ruin and defeat the Ruin Guard. After defeating the Ruin Guard, you will see incomplete writing that says you need to search for a strange stone.

1st Statue


The first statue is near the Incomplete Writing Monument.

The first statue that you have to activate is just north of the Incomplete Writing. You will see that it is surrounded by orange crystals and indicated on the map above. All three statues that you need to activate are surrounded by orange crystals. After interacting with the first statue, you need to find the second statue.

2nd Statue

The second statue is guarded by enemies.

Just like the first statue, you need to look for orange crystals around the area. You can find the second statue on the east side of the ruins. You can also take a look at the map above to find its exact location. Interact with this statue to activate it. Enemies will also be surrounding the statue so be sure to defeat them first.

3rd Statue

Activating the third statue will spawn a Precious Chest with the Fragment inside.

The last statue can be found on the west side of the ruins. The exact location is indicated above, and after activating this statue, you must fight the enemies that spawn. After defeating the enemies, you will notice that a Precious chest has been unlocked in the area. Aside from Artifacts and Mora, the chest contains a Collected Fragment. Paimon will tell you to go to the Qingce Village and ask around for more information about the fragment.

Ask Qingce Village locals about the Fragments

You can ask around in Qingce about the fragment and they will direct you to Granny Ruoxin.

After going to Qingce Village, you can go ahead and ask any local about the fragment. They will redirect you to talk to Granny Ruoxin, who is the Community Leader of the Qingce Village. She will tell you of the battle between the Geo Archon and the Chi. However, she is not sure yet because the fragments are still incomplete. She will ask you to go find a high place because that is where the battle took place.

Search for the Fragments near the Geo Statues

After talking to Granny Ruoxin, you will need to search for the fragments near the Geo Statues. Each place will have a puzzle that you need to solve to get the remaining fragments.

Top of Qingce Village

The second fragment can be found on top of the mountain hill near Qingce Village.

Behind the Qingce Village, you will notice a huge mountain, climb to the very top, and you'll notice a place surrounded by statues and incomplete writing in the middle. The writing will give you clues on how you can solve the puzzle, but you can also follow the sequence shown in the photo above.

Activating the statues correctly will spawn a chest containing the 2nd fragment.

Facing the orange crystals, activate the leftmost statue first. Afterward, activate the statue next to it. Skip the next statue and activate the one in the middle. And lastly, activate the rightmost statue to complete the puzzle and get the Fragment.

Hill near Qingce Village

The third fragment is by the hill near the Qingce Village.

The second fragment that you need to collect is near the Qingce Village as shown in the map above. Like the last one, you will find the Incomplete Writing monument that gives you clues on completing the puzzle.

The Incomplete Writing monument will give you clues on the correct sequence of the puzzle.

Facing the Hilltop, not the gates, activate the Northern Statue first. Secondly, activate the Southeast Statue, then go back to the second one to activate the South-West statue. The fourth statue you have to activate is the North-east statue and lastly, activate the South-west statue to get the fragment.

Finding the Vault

You can enter the vault by using the opening near the waterfall.

After getting all the Fragments, go back to Granny Ruoxin and she will tell you the tale of Chi, a dragon-like creature who battled with Rex Lapis. She will tell you a location near ruins from the first part of the quest. Go to the ruins and try to find a way into the Vault.

Search the Vault

Use the three fragments you collected to open the Hidden Gate.

You can find the entrance to the vault beside the waterfall. You will notice a small opening that leads further into the cave. You will notice a gate that prevents you from going in. Investigating the Hidden Gate of Qingce will give you the option to select all three fragments. Once you use the three collected fragments, the gate will open.

You have to defeat 5 enemies and protect the Cache to complete the quest.

Go to the monument in the middle and activate it. Be prepared to fight 4 Ruin Guards and a Ruin Hunter. Avoid the falling rocks from the ceiling and use them to your advantage. You need to prevent the enemies from destroying the Qinqce Cache in the middle. After defeating the Ruin Enemies, Paimon will tell you to investigate the ruins and find the treasure.

Find the Treasure

Go further into the cave and you will see a luxurious chest surrounded by a small pond.

Follow the pathway and you will find a small pond with a treasure chest in the middle of it. Open the luxurious chest and go back to Granny Ruoxin. After telling her that you found nothing inside, you have officially finished the quest.


Report back to Granny Ruoxin about your finding in the Chi of Guyun.

Aside from the Precious Chests and Luxurious Chest, you will also get 60 Primogems and a Liyue Shrine Depths Key as a reward for completing the quest. You can use the Liyue Shrine Depths Key to unlock a Shrine which gives you 40 Primogems, giving you 100 Primogems in total.


You will unlock the achievement "Crouching Dragon, Hidden Chi" after finishing the quest.

The Chi of Guyun Quest is a lengthy questline that requires a lot of puzzle-solving. However, this guide can help you complete the quest and collect all the fragments required for the quest. Completing this quest will give you Primogems and a Liyue Shrine Depth Key as a reward. You will also find multiple Precious and Luxurious Chests that contain level-up materials, artifacts, and more.

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