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Warzone offers you five different vehicles to choose from which are ATV, Tactical Rover, SUV, Cargo Truck and Helicopter. Each has their own pros and cons. They all serve one single purpose though, and that is to get from point A to point B. These vehicles come in clutch due to the sheer size of Verdansk. However, choosing your vehicle also depends on the situation you're in. In this guide we're going to tell you which vehicle is best suited for what. While they may be scattered all over Verdansk, the more you play the more you will get familiar with these vehicle locations and be able to remember them quickly.

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The ATV can sweep across any rough surface / terrain with ease, just like the name suggests! You can easily go off-road in this and cover large gaps by speeding over ramps, cutting through forests and alleyways.

The ATV is the smallest in size but the fastest of the land vehicles in Warzone. Due to its small size, it can move through a lot of tight corners easily. In turn, this can help you escape by flanking your enemies in dangerous situations.

The ATV doesn't offer much when it comes to protection, though, and leaves you vulnerable. It can house a maximum of two players, but note that a third player can also jump on top of it and be transported.

Tactical Rover

The Tactical Rover is an "upgraded" version of the ATV. It is slightly slower than the ATV but has room for the whole squad - you can fit a total of four players in it.

We imagine this vehicle will be a preferred vehicle with the release of Quads Mode in Season 3. It offers a slightly better protection than the ATV, but still not quite enough (due to its open design) making you susceptible to enemy fire.

You can still cover distances fairly fast and cut corners effectively with the Tactical Rover, but going off-road in an attempt to go through dense areas such as forests will be difficult due to its bigger size.


The SUV is a Tactical Rover but with better protection and even slower speed. The SUV doesn't handle tight corners or small alleyways well but this 4-seater can provide the whole squad effective protection against enemy fire.

It has windows that can be shot through, but as you can imagine, when an enemy tries to shoot at the windows of a moving vehicle then the chances of getting hit are low.

The SUV has a metallic body and decent hit points, so it takes a few more shots than the ATV or Tactical Rover. The windshield also has slightly wider area to shoot your enemies from, so you can take advantage of that if they drive towards you head on.

Thanks to the size of this vehicle it can also provide good cover for a brief period of time (until it is destroyed, of course). As long as you stick to the road-only routes in Warzone then you're pretty much good to go with the SUV.

The blue color of the SUV is a major downside however, as it makes the vehicle stand out a lot more than others that might are camouflaged.

Cargo Truck

Strongest of all the land vehicles, the Cargo Truck is a beast of a vehicle. It doesn't have any speed but it makes up for that with its defensive capabilities.

The Cargo Truck can hold two passengers up front, but its long cabin at the back can not only hold your team mates, but also other smaller vehicles such as the ATV and Tactical Rover.

The back can also be used as an effective cover thanks to a high damage rating of the truck. It can take a lot of shots before being destroyed.

Many players have been exploiting the Cargo Truck, and taking advantage of its health, to drive around and run enemy players over which can instantly kill or down them.


Coming to our final vehicle in Warzone, Helicopters are the only aerial vehicles out of the five available. Helicopters not only offer room for your whole squad but of course they can also help you cover long distances with speed.

There's pretty much no restriction on where you can go with the Helicopter as it can ascend above even the tallest of buildings. So using the Helicopter can definitely give you a higher ground and height advantage. There are some drawbacks though...

One of which is the fact that like any other vehicle in Warzone, Helicopters can be locked on to using missile launchers. Once locked on, you are bound to get hit by a missile. To compound matters, it is also easier to lock on to Helicopters since they are out in the open sky, whereas land vehicles can often still evade the missile by go through building alleyways, such as the ones available in Downtown.

The Helicopter alerts you if you are being targeted by an enemy player. Once you are locked on, you can quickly jump out of it and parachute to safety before the missile destroys you and your team mates.

Tips And Tricks

Switching Seats

When you are driving a vehicle you can switch seats in it, upon which you will be in the passenger seat and have access to your weapons, allowing you to shoot from the vehicle.

If you are riding solo then you can take advantage of this by gaining enough speed so that the vehicle keeps rolling forward. You can then switch to the passenger seat and take out an enemy player.

Vehicles Are Loud

When you are driving any vehicle it will make a lot of noise and alert any nearby players of your position. When an enemy player is in a vehicle and within 300-400 meters from you, then they appear on your mini-map as a red vehicle indicator showing you their exact location. The same is applicable to you.

If you plan on approaching a specific area without alerting the enemy player then it is best to just leave your vehicle and take a hike.

Evasive Maneuvers

When you are driving open concept design vehicles such as the ATV and Tactical Rover than make sure you drive in a "zig-zag" pattern to avoid getting shot at.

The speed and flexible maneuverability of these vehicles will allow you to easily avoid getting hit.

Reverse Driving The SUV

Here's something not a lot of people are aware of. The SUV reverses at the same pace and speed as it drives forward. Many players have now started to reverse into other players in order to avoid taking gunfire through the windshield, and to get maximum protection the SUV has to offer.

There's literally no way a player can shoot through the back of the SUV. On top of that, the SUV is just as easy to drive backwards as it is driving forward. This might get nerfed in the future but for now it is still possible!

Quick Escape

If you wish to escape an area or a squad when you are solo, then always opt for an ATV or a Tactical Rover as they are the fastest and can help you go off-road through bumpy roads.

C4 Is Your Savior

Vehicles are certainly OP when it comes to killing enemy players in Warzone and now many people have learnt to adapt and survive Cargo Truck attacks (in particular) on them. You can also avoid these by carrying C4 with you. Whenever you see a vehicle driving towards you, make sure you time your C4 throw accordingly. Then all you need to do is hit detonate.

Note that only one C4 is required to explode any vehicle in the game, with the exception of the Cargo Truck. One C4 will take away a little over half health of the Truck and it will take two C4s to completely destroy it. The rest of the explosives such as PILA missile launcher, grenades, proximity mines etc. are completely useless against the Truck.

Another effective counter for the overpowered Trucks is an RPG. One RPG shot will take away half health and two should destroy it. Sometimes if the shot does not completely land on the Truck then it might take three shots max.


You can also use the Helicopter as a "weapon". To do this, position your Helicopter in such a way that the blades touch enemy players... and will instantly kill them. You can time your Helicopter to crash into enemies, killing them on impact. Just make sure that you time it correctly and leave the Helicopter so that the trajectory of the crash is in alignment with the position of the enemy players.

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