Bunkoku Enigma Quest Walkthrough in Genshin Impact

Solve the mystery of the Stone Slates for Yabe.

The Bunkoku Enigma quest is one of the world quests you can complete in Genshin Impact. The quest focuses on Yabe and his recent findings on the Stone Slates. You will need to look for the missing Stone Slates and solve multiple puzzles to complete the world quest. This guide will show you how you can solve all the Bunkoku Enigma puzzles and where you can find the missing Stone Slates.

How to Start the Quest

Yabe will tell you about a mystery that he wants to solve.

Before you can start the quest, you need to complete the first part of the Three Realms Gateway Offering first. Afterward, you need to talk to Yabe, who is a Sangonomiya Samurai, and is on the central platform. He will give you a damaged stone slate. Go to the quest area and drop down the cliff, you should see an opening through the wall.

Go inside the room and pull the lever. Now climb back up and you will see a small gap on the wall. Go inside and Paimon will tell you that you need to look for more Stone Slates. Go back to Yabe and he will mark the stone slates on your map.

1st Stone Slate Location

The 1st Stone Slate is on the western islet on the map.

Go to the northwestern island teleport waypoint first and you will see floating platforms in the area. Glide down and you should see some Electro pillars. To the south of the Electro pillars, you will see a gap that will lead to a room. Go inside and you will see the first damaged stone plate on your right, leaning next to the stone pillar.

Use your Elemental Sight to highlight the Stone Slates in the area.

Head north into the room and go to the left wall. You should see the next damaged stone slate near the scrolls on the ground. Now climb up the stairs and you should see another Stone slate on the ground to the right, underneath the rubble.

2nd Stone Slate Location

You can find a total of 2 Stone Slates in this underground area.

Now go to the southern island next. You can go to the quest area by dropping down to the underground opening. The first Stone Slate is inside the rectangular structure on your left. You can also find another stone slate on a similar rectangular structure on your right, giving you a total of 2 Strone Slates in the area for you to collect.

3rd Stone Slate Location

Melt the Frozen Mirrors using a Pyro character.

Lastly, go to the western island for the last Slate location and do replenish your energy along the way, if you can. When you get to the quest area, you will see a mirror puzzle that you have to solve. Grab a Pyro character like Amber and Melt all the mirrors except for the eastern mirror. Rotate the western Mirror twice and activate the mechanism to get an exquisite chest.

Rotate the western mirror once then freeze the southern mirror with Diona after the light passes through it.

Now take a Cryo character like Diona and Freeze all the mirrors except for the southern mirror. Rotate the western mirror once. Activate the Mechanism and then freeze the southern mirror after the light passes through it. Solving this puzzle will give you a Precious Chest and will open up the underground entrance.

Underground Mirror Puzzle

Freeze all the mirrors in the area then rotate the east and western mirror once.

Drop down to the underground area and you will find another mirror puzzle. Start by freezing all the mirrors using a Cryo character. Once you are done freezing all the mirrors, rotate both the eastern and western mirrors once. Activate the mechanism to get a Precious chest and open up another area leading further to the underground.

Go down the stairs and replenish your energy if needed. Use your Bokuso Box on the chest to open it. You will find a stone slate behind the treasure chest. The last Stone slate will be on your left, next to the wall.

Insert the Stone Slates

Start on the western side of the puzzle first, then head to the southern part of the Stone Slates.

Now go back to the central platform to insert all the Stone Slates in place. You need to move the stone slates to form a pattern. Move the western slate up, then move the southwestern slate up as well. Move the southern slate to the southwest, then move the southeastern slate to the south.

You would know if you did the puzzle correctly if there is a missing stone slate at the center of the pattern.

Move the eastern slate to the southeast, then move the central plate to the east. Activate the mechanism on your right to complete the puzzle. Jump down to the room and talk to Koyanagi. You will find an extra Stone Slate leaning on the wall to your right.

Close the passage

Koyanagi will reveal the truth about the treasure in the room.

Get the Stone Slate and use the portal to get back up. Deactivate the Phantasm to close up the passage and insert the last Stone Slate. Activate the mechanism again so it opens up to another room. Defeat the Mysterious Samurai in the room to get a Luxurious Chest. Pull the lever next to the gate to open it and talk to Koyanagi again. Report back to Yabe to complete the world quest.


You will need to defeat a Mysterious Samurai and report back to Yabe to complete the quest.

The Bunkoku Enigma is a World Quest you can start in the Three Realms Gateway Offering. To solve the mystery of the Stone Slates, you need to complete a series of Stone Slate and mirror puzzles. You will also need to defeat a Mysterious Samurai at the end of the quest. Completing the quest will give you a total of 30,000 Mora, 40 Primogems, three Hero's Wit, and 40 Light Realm Sigil.

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