All Daedalian keys and House Tokens locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Look no further if you're wondering how to open the mysterious chest in your common room.

If you've been in and around your Hogwarts Legacy common room, you will have encountered a mysterious chest called the 'House Chest.' This chest requires 16 House Tokens to unlock, rewarding players with a unique cloak.

To get these tokens, you must find 16 Daedalian keys scattered throughout the Hogwarts castle. You find the keys and follow them to their locked cabinet.

You then play a small mini-game to unlock the cabinet. The mini-game is quite simple. All you need to do is 'slap' the key when it passes over the keyhole on the cabinet.

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It would be best to learn the Alohomora unlock spell to access some keys, as they are locked behind doors and not accessible otherwise. You can get the Alohomora spell by talking to Gladwin Moon in the Faculty Tower located in the South Wing. It is automatically given as part of The Caretaker's Lunar Lament main quest.

Daedalian Keys Quest

To begin collecting the keys, you must start the side quest associated with the Daedalian keys. The keys won't appear unless you start the side quest.

The quest can be started by speaking with Nellie Oggspire in the Transfiguration Courtyard of the Astronomy Wing.
Nellie Oggspire in the courtyard.

Once you've spoken to Nellie, she will direct you to your first Daedalian key, which will be marked on the map for you, and you can navigate to it using the on-screen navigation.

The keys are a bit difficult to spot at first, especially if you are running past them. You can use the Revelio spell to highlight them in blue to locate them easily. You can also listen for the fluttering wings sound when you're near them. They will also create a slight jingle sound.

Daedalian key highlighted in blue using the Revelio spell.

Once you've located the key, approach it, and it will fly away. Keep following the key, as it will always go to its designated locked cabinet nearby. If you find it difficult to follow the keys and get to the cabinet, we also have the locations of all the cabinets, along with the locations of the keys, below.

As mentioned before, once you reach the cabinet, you will find the key hovering next to it. Interact with it, and a mini-game will begin.

The key will constantly fly around the keyhole.

It will sometime pass on top of the keyhole. Whenever the key flies across the keyhole, quickly 'slap' it to insert it into it. On PC, it is the Space key on the keyboard. On PS5, it is the Square, and on Xbox, it is the X button on the controller.

Once you've 'slapped' the key correctly, it will be inserted into the keyhole, opening the cabinet.
Once the cabinet opens, it will reveal the House Token with a symbol of your designated house (Ravenclaw in this case).

Once you've picked up the first House Token as part of the side quest, return to Nellie in the Transfiguration Courtyard and speak with her. Now, you will be left to collect the remaining 15 Daedalian keys and House Tokens. They will not be marked, which is where this guide comes in.

Daedalian Key Locations

We've separated the Daedalian key locations by their wings and areas. This way, it'll be easier to keep track of the collected Daedalion keys and their locations.

Astronomy Wing

There are five Daedalian keys in the Astronomy Wing.

Astronomy Tower

This key is quite easy to locate as it will be indicated on the map as part of the quest initiation. As mentioned before, it will be marked since it is the first one. Fast travel to the Astronomy Tower floo flame.

Astronomy Tower floo flame location on the map.

Once you spawn in after fast traveling, go through the doorway to your right that will take you upstairs.

Stairs to the right.

When you reach the top, you will find the Daedalian key directly in front of you.

Watch out for the golden trails to keep track of the keys.

Once you get close enough, the keys are "activated," and they fly to their respective locked cabinets. This one will go inside the Astronomy classroom.

Entrance to the Astronomy classroom by the floo flame.

As soon as you enter, look to your right to find the locked cabinet with the Daedalian key hovering next to the keyhole.

Cabinet inside the classroom.

Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower

The next one is inside the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower. First, fast travel to the Transfiguration Courtyard floo flame in the Astronomy Wing.

Transfiguration Courtyard floo flame location on the map.

Turn around, and you will see a huge door that leads to the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower.

Door leading to the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower next to the floo flame.

When you enter, go up the stairs directly ahead of you.

Go up a floor and turn around.

You will find the Daedalian key flying next to a Rhino skeleton statue.

Daedalian key next to the statue.

Follow the key, and it will take you up another floor, where you will find the locked cabinet.

Locked cabinet on the floor above.

Transfiguration Classroom

First, fast travel to the Transfiguration Classroom floo flame in the Astronomy Wing.

Transfiguration Classroom floo flame location on the map.

From the fast travel point, turn around and you will find a large golden door that leads to the North Hall.

Large door leading to the North Hall.

Head inside and walk up a small set of stairs to find the Daedalian key directly in front of you.

Daedalian key directly in front of you as you walk through the door.

Follow the key upstairs, where the locked cabinet is.

Locked cabinet upstairs in the North Hall area.

Hogwarts Dungeon #1

From the same Transfiguration Classroom floo flame, go back through the golden door and this time go downstairs that lead to the Dungeons.

Stairs leading down to the Dungeons area.

You will find a small door at the end of the stairs. Go through it.

Door at the end of the stairs.

After going through the door, continue going downstairs. You will find the cabinet to your left as you pass through the door. Ignore it for now and continue going down, passing the horse statue.

Horse statue that you will come across as you go down.

You will find a sleeping Dragon statue to your left. The Daedalian key is hovering around the Dragon statue.

You will also find a Field Guide page in front of the Dragon statue.

Follow the Daedalian key back up where you came from. You will see the locked cabinet upstairs just after passing the horse statue.

It is the same cabinet we saw earlier.

Hogwarts Dungeon #2

Continue going downstairs and go past the sleeping Dragon statue.

Turn right from the Dragon statue and continue down the corridor.

At the end of the corridor, you will get a right turn. Turn right and you will see the next Daedalian key in the corridor.

Daedalian key as soon as you turn right at the first half of the corridor.

Continue following the Daedalian key ahead of you and it will enter a cellar / basement area with the locked cabinet.

Locked cabinet inside of a basement the end of the long cellar corridor.

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