How to Unlock Akimbo in Call of Duty:Black Ops Cold War

What better way to show off your guns than unlocking the Akimbo weapon perk in Call of Duty:Black Ops Cold War? Just like other Call of Duty games, unlocking the Akimbo perk makes the pistols in the game more powerful. However, unlike in Modern Warfare, there are not many requirements on unlocking the Akimbo perk in Black Ops Cold War. This article will discuss how you can unlock the weapon perk for your pistols and some additional tips on the best attachments for your dual-wielding Magnum.

What is Akimbo?

Using the Dual Wield weapon attachment.

The Akimbo is a stock weapon attachment that allows you to carry two weapons, one in each hand (i.e. dual wield). The attachment gives you a higher fire rate at the cost of accuracy. When you equip the attachments, you cannot aim down sight, making you lose accuracy. However, adding this attachment to weapons like Magnum makes them one of the most powerful secondaries in the game. The pistol becomes a monster in close-range fights too.

How to Unlock the Akimbo attachment

The Tiny Comrade included in the Tracer Pack: Violet Anime.

To unlock the Akimbo attachment, you will need to reach level 35 for your preferred weapon. However, note that the attachment only works for pistols, so no, you cannot use them on DMR. Once you get the gun to level 35, go to the Attachments tab and select Stock. In the Stock tab, you need to find the Dual Wield attachment, and you can equip it to your pistol. The weapon attachment decreases your accuracy drastically, so we recommend that you add accuracy attachments to your pistol as well.

Leveling up a pistol can take a lot of patience and grind. If you do not want to grind for the Akimbo attachment, you can buy the Tiny Comrade in the Tracer pack: Violet Anime. The pack contains a Diamatti pistol equipped with an Akimbo weapon attachment. The pack also contains a blueprint for the AK-74u and the RPD. Of course, the pack includes special bullet VFX whenever you fire your weapons.

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The Best Magnum Loadout

Adding the Dual Wield attachment on the Magnum.

A great secondary weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is the Magnum. With the correct attachments, you can make your Magnum one of the most powerful secondaries in the game. Below is a popular loadout you can use on your Magnum:

  • Use the Infantry Compensator for your Muzzle
  • Use the 7.22" Task Force for the Barrel.
  • Add the SWAT 5mW Laser Sight for the Body.
  • Use the Salvo 12 RND Fast Mag for the Magazine.
  • Add the Dual Wield attachment for the Stock.

Take note that this loadout requires your Magnum to be at the max level. The loadout requires a lot of grinding and leveling up, but if you complete all the attachments, you will have the most powerful Magnum loadout in the game. The Magnum can shoot medium to long-range targets and even allows for a faster reload time. The dual-wield loadout can decrease your accuracy for a bit, but a bit of practice can solve that problem. Remember that this is just a secondary weapon, so you would still have your favorite primary weapon in your hands to take your enemies out.


Using the max level Magnum with Dual Wield attachment.

Previous Call of Duty games allows you to unlock the Akimbo weapon perk, which allows you to Dual Wield weapons. And unlike in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, unlocking the Dual Wield weapon attachment in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold war is easy. All you need to do to unlock the weapon attachment is to get your preferred pistol to level 35. You can easily equip the attachments in the "Stock" tab. The Dual Wield attachment is one of the requirements for creating the best Magnum Loadout in the game.

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