The Complete List Of The Sims 3 Cheats

The Complete List Of The Sims 3 Cheats

The Sims 3 is a complete experience and, in our humble opinion, some of its aspects and gameplay features are actually better than The Sims 4. That said, there is also no shame in cheating (especially in a single player game), so here is the complete list of The Sims 3 console cheat commands.

How To Enter Console Command In The Sims 3

While playing the game, press CTRL+SHIFT+C to bring up the commands console. Remember, some cheats need the testincheatsenabled set to true in order to edit your Sims.

The Complete List Of The Sims 3 Cheats
This is how it should appear on your screen

The Sims 3 Console Cheats & Effects

Console Command (Cheat) Effects
help Shows commands / cheats. Add [COMMAND / CHEATNAME] in order to display information about the cheat or command, for example, 'help kaching' without the quotes will show information about the cheat 'kaching'.
kaching Adds §1,000 to the active household.
rosebud Adds §1,000 to the active household.
motherlode Adds §50,000 to the active household.
familyfunds [Sims last name] [amount] Sets the amount you set to the family you provided. For example, you type 'familyfunds Xfire 10000' and then the Xfire family will have the set amount of §10,000. If Xfire family has §1,000 it will increase to §10,000 and, if Xfire family has §20,000, it will decrease to §10,000.
shazaam The Active Sim increases their lifetime happiness points by 2,500
modify traits Modify traits for the Active Sim
make happy Puts all household members in a perfect mood
make motives [static|dynamic] Set motives for household to static or dynamic
set age [number] Set age for the current Sim
ageuptonpc on Makes a toddler grow into a child and become NPC in the household.
forcetwins After clicking a pregnant Sim, put this command to force twin babies for her.
edit in cas Takes the Sim to Create-a-Sim
make me know everyone Makes the Sim know everyone in the neighborhood and the World Adventures neighborhoods.
make friends for me Selected Sim becomes friends with random other Sims.
resetsim [first name] [last name] Resets the named Sim with neutral motives, no moodlets, and teleports Sim back home where [x] is first and last name. Use this if you get stuck. This will also prevent death if the Sim dies and the Grim Reaper has yet to arrive.
freerealestate Buys lots for free.
buydebug  [on/off] Buy any item even those which are currently locked.
add to household Add selected Sim to household.
force service sim [name] Force the Sim to appear.
force visitor Any of the neighbors appear.
set career [career] [level] Assign the Active Sim to a certain career at a set level.
force opportunity Force opportunity to career's work.
force event Force a career event.
force all events Displays all events.
unlockoutfits [on|off] Unlocks outfits in Create a Sim mode. Must be activated prior to entering Create a Sim.
moveobjects [on|off] Move anything.
constrainfloorelevation [true|false] Force terrain adjustment regardless of any obstruction be it objects, Sims, or structures.
disablesnappingtoslotsonalt [on|off] Avoids object snapping by holding Alt.
fadeobjects [on|off] Toggles object snap when toggled.
snapobjectstoangle [true|false] If set to 'true', sets 45-degree angle snap.
snapobjectstogrid [true|false] If set to 'true', snap to grid for placed objects as true or false.
hideheadlineeffects [on|off] Hide all meters and effects.
slowmotionviz: [0-8] Slows motion, with 8 as the normal speed and 0 as the slowest.
fullscreen [on|off] Toggles windowed mode if set to off.
quit Quits game.
jokeplease Displays a random joke.
enablellamas [on|off] Enables llamas when set to on.

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