Temtem - All Types Strengths and Weaknesses

Temtem, the Spanish word for Pokémon, is an awesome creature-catching game that comes with a very familiar mechanic to previous creature-catching players, types. Each Temtem has a type and each type has a particular strength and weakness against other types. Today, we're gonna show you all the types, their advantages, and disadvantages, so you can have the upper hand in battles to become a Temtem Master and capture 'em all!

Temtem Types and their relationship, for good or bad

List of Temtem Types

Currently, there are 12 different types of Temtem. Each Temtem has at least one of them, but some can have two. Here is a complete list of all types of Temtem:

  • Crystal
  • Melee
  • Mental
  • Neutral
  • Earth
  • Electric
  • Fire
  • Nature
  • Toxic
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Digital

Crystal Type Temtem

We start the list with one of the new ones: Crystal type. This material is very present in the archipelago where the game takes place, so there are many Temtem that have it in their composition. It's also one of the types of the three initial Temtem.

Crystal techniques are very effective against Electric and Mental types, but are ineffective against Fire and Earth. The Crystal type is resistant to hits of the Electric, Mental, and Toxic type, being weak when receiving hits from Fire, Earth, and Melee.

Melee Type Temtem

The Melee type is the equivalent to the Fighter type in Pokémon. It's Temtem that uses Martial Arts moves to knock out opponents. One of the initials is a Melee Temtem.

Melee techniques are super effective against Earth and Crystal Temtem but are weak against Mental and Melee types. Temtem fighters are resistant to Melee techniques, they probably trained under the same sensei, but they are fragile against Mental and Digital blows.

Mental Type Temtem

The Temtem mental type is equivalent to the Pokémon's Psychic type. It is a type with strong Temtem, especially when genetics adds a secondary type. You can start the game with a Mental type Temtem.

Mental type moves are very effective against Neutral and Melee Temtem, but are not at all effective against Crystal type. Mental Temtem is resistant to the Neutral and Melee types and takes extra damage to Electric, Digital, and Crystal attacks.

Neutral Type Temtem

Neutral Temtem is pretty rare and equivalent to the Normal Pokémon type. They are creatures that do not have any well-defined type, apparently, they are like mutts.

Temtem Neutral doesn't excel over any other type, but it has one nemesis: Mental type skills cause double damage.

Earth Type Temtem

Here begin the types that Pokémon trainers know well. Earth type Temtem is very effective against Fire, Electric and Crystal, but are ineffective against Water, Nature, and Wind.

Earth type Temtems are resistant to Fire, Electric, Crystal, and Toxic techniques, but they crack when hit by Water, Nature, Wind, and Melee blows. Karate Chop on bricks!

Electric Type Temtem

There are few Temtem of the Electric type, so the options are scarce. Electric techniques are very effective against Water, Mental, Wind, and Digital, but they are bad against Nature, Electric, Earth, and Crystal Temtem.

Electric Temtem is resistant to Electric and Wind but will be shocked if they face opponents of the Earth and Crystal type.

Fire Type Temtem

Very popular in Pokémon, this type of Temtem can only be captured on the second island. Fire techniques are super effective against Nature and Crystal type but are ineffective against Fire, Water, and Earth.

You can't fight Fire with Fire, because they are resistant to this type, and also to Nature and Crystal techniques, but weak when hit by Water and Earth.

Nature Type Temtem

Temtem Nature is equivalent to Grass type Pokémon. They are creatures that use the power of leaves, plants, and other things related to nature. Isn't Earth and Water related to nature?

Nature techniques are quite effective against Water and Earth (oh, here they are), but ineffective against Fire, Nature, and Toxic. Nature Temtems are resistant to strikes from Water, Nature, Electric, and Earth, but are weak against Fire and Toxic.

Toxic Type Temtem

The Toxic type makes use of techniques that poison enemies. Temtem of this type tends to weaken opponents with this type of technique. Nasty.

Toxic strikes are very effective against Water and Nature but are ineffective against Earth, Digital, Crysta, and Toxic. They are resistant to Water, Nature, and Toxic, but they are very weak against Wind Temtem techniques.

Water Type Temtem

Water type Temtem are very popular and they are flooding the game as one of the majority. These creatures use water techniques to soak and cool their opponents. Water techniques are very effective against Fire, Earth, and Digital, but are ineffective against Water, Nature, and Toxic.

They are resistant to Fire, Water, and Earth, while it is weak when receiving techniques from Nature, Electric, and Toxic types.

Wind Type Temtem

Wind type creatures or monsters tend to be birds and other flying beings. In Temtem, this is no different. Some of the strongest Temtem in the game are Wind type.

Wind skills are very effective against Toxic, but they can't blow away Electric and Wind types. Wind is resistant to Earth and Wind but suffers a lot of damage when it receives Electric attacks.

Digital Type Temtem

The most unique type in Temtem: the Digital type is still a mystery to the players. This is because there is only one monster of this type (Oree) and it is not yet capturable. Only your rival, Max, has it as a starting Temtem.

Digital techniques are very effective against the Mental, Melee, and Digital types (how do they know if there is only one Digital Temtem? Did they make it bite itself?). The Digital type is resistant to Toxic techniques, while it is weak against Water, Electric, and Digital types.

Temtem Type Chart

Down below you will find a chart so you can quickly check out what type to use to bury your opponent's Temtem. The color Green (2x) means that the Temtem can cause or receive double damage. The power of the technique used is multiplied by two, making the blow more powerful. The color White (1x) means it's neutral, with no bonus damage caused or received. Red (0.5x or 1/2) means that the Temtem will do half the damage or suffer only half the damage taken.

If a Temtem has double types, both will be taken into account when dealing or receiving damage. If you have two types that are weak against a specific type, you will receive 4x damage. If you are strong against both types, you will receive only 0.25x (1/4) damage.

Temtem also has the STAB mechanic, which stands for Same Type Attack Bonus. If a technique shares the same type as the Temtem, it makes the technique do an additional 50% damage. For example, Glass Blade a Crystal technique that causes 32 damage will cause 48 if used by a Crystal Type Temtem.

Effectiveness Type Chart from Gamepedia, look for the 2x, that's where the gold is
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