The Switch Up is just like the GameShark for the Nintendo Switch

The Switch Up is a third-party accessory that lets gamers cheat in games like Animal Crossing and Mario Kart.

Do you remember the GameShark? Its makers marketed the cheating device in the late 90s and early 2000s for the Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo consoles at the time. Since then, not a lot of products have really come out to replicate the kind of features that the GameShark possessed back then.

The Switch Up is the modern-day version of the GameShark.

However, this latest third-party cheating device is exclusive for the Nintendo Switch and allows gamers to accomplish unnatural things in games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Pokémon for the Nintendo Switch.

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Is the Switch Up an illegal accessory?

The Switch Up is literally a modern version of the GameShark. It comes in the form of a USB stick that you plug into your Switch dock and allows you to access a plethora of cheats and mods for Nintendo's portable console. It also lets you pair any wireless Bluetooth controller to the Switch, which is a nice bonus feature to have.

Just like the GameShark, the Switch Up comes with pre-installed cheats that make it easier for players to obtain secret and exclusive items. There's also a mod that makes every Pokémon that you encounter into a shiny. Other powerup cheats like infinite ammo, stamina, and in-game currency also exist as well.

We really don't recommend using the Switch Up in Fortnite.

What is interesting here is that Switch Up lets players cheat in Fortnite too, in ways that Epic would otherwise consider unethical if not downright against its terms of service and illegal.

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We don't support the use of the Switch Up by anyone, but if you absolutely must purchase one, then please only use it for its controller features and to cheat or mod in single player games. Cheating in multiplayer games just ruins it for everyone. You are also highly likely to get banned.

Here is a complete list of all the games that the Switch Up supports with its cheats and mods:

It's not a long list, so you can't exactly go all out and cheat your way through your entire Nintendo Switch game library. It's also unknown if Collective Minds plans to integrate more games with the Switch Up. It appears that the developers are not necessarily marketing it as a cheating tool but more of a gadget that lets Switch owners use unofficial controllers.

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