Ranking 'ALL' the Soul Series Bosses from Easiest to Hardest

Don’t we all love a good boss battle? And what games are more notorious for wiping the floor with their players than the Souls series titles from our good friends at FromSoftware? Fortunately enough, not all bosses are going to remind you of your 4th-grade bully, and in this article, we’ll be looking at titles from the Souls series, Bloodborne and Sekiro, and figuring out which bosses are the most punishing and which of them make you feel like the bully. Buckle up, because it's a long ride.

160. Phalanx - Demon’s Souls

Phalanx's low HP and mobility aren’t the only things that make this fight easy; the boss can’t even attack you by itself. Just get rid of the Hoplites around it and it’s easy pickings. Use Turpentine and Firebombs to make things easier. By far the easiest boss that was ever made by From Software.

159. Dragon God - Demon’s Souls

Dragon God from Demon’s Souls
Dragon God from Demon’s Souls

One of the easier bosses due to the lack of real combat; just sneak your way to the ballistas and fire away. In the end, you’ll chip away at the remaining portions of its health by spamming attacks and dodging its fire breaths when necessary.

158. Folding Screen Monkeys - Sekiro

Folding Screen Monkeys is more of a frustrating puzzle stage rather than a proper boss battle. The monkeys’ patterns can be vexing to figure out at first, but once you do, it’s all about catching them in the right spot and victory is but a slash away.

157. Pinwheel - Dark Souls

While he does get more threatening if left alone, he’s still one of the easier bosses out there. His slow attacks will not mean much regardless of how many clones he summons as long as you stay on the offensive.

156. Bed of Chaos - Dark Souls

Another puzzle boss that you don’t actually fight. Destroy the orbs on each side to prompt the next sequence, then kill the Chaos Bug nestled in the centre. Just be careful where the floor caves in.

155. Blue Dragon - Demon’s Souls

This is definitely NOT the hardest fight, but it sure will annoy you to no end. During the first encounter, the Blue Dragon will continuously spew fire across the walkway. Unleash your ranged attacks at it from the safe spot so that the fires won’t reach you. The same methodology applies once it flies away and you encounter it for the second time. Just get under its head and fire away. However, if you're out of ranged attacks, then things get a bit complicated.

154. Vanguard - Demon’s Souls

As simple as it is gigantic, the Vanguard offers little variety in his move set. Ranged attacks should work nicely here, but even if you need to engage in close-quarters combat, its moves are so slow you shouldn’t be getting hit unless you want to be hit, for whatever reason.

153. Covetous Demon - Dark Souls 2

Covetous Demon from Dark Souls 2
Covetous Demon from Dark Souls 2

Not so much a boss as it is an oversized punching bag, you can dispose of this boss with ease just by sticking to its sides and backing away when it starts its long windup animation for the rolling attack.

152. Fool’s Idol - Demon’s Souls

Better known as Demon Souls’ rendition of Pinwheel, with the addition of traps, sturdier clones and obstacles in the map. Just keep attacking until you find the real copy, and don’t stop when you do.

151. Giant Lord - Dark Souls 2

Big and lumbering all the way, you can avoid all of this boss’ attacks by staying close to his feet and rolling whenever he tries to attack you.

150. Micolash, Host of the Nightmare - Bloodborne

Micolash, Host of the Nightmare from Bloodborne
Micolash, Host of the Nightmare from Bloodborne

He isn’t a tough boss on his own, but you will have to fight a ton of enemies in order to get to him. That said, you won’t likely get swarmed if you consistently wipe them out as you chase after Micolash. One-on-one, he can be easily staggered and his attacks have a small hitbox so you should be able to avoid them with minimal dodging. Just watch out for his AoE attack.

149. Leechmonger - Demon’s Souls

More grotesque than it is challenging, using fire attacks will make this fight easier than it already is, and there are several safe zones in the area for strategies that employ ranged attacks.

148. The Last Giant - Dark Souls 2

Low mobility, barely decent range and predictable attacks, this boss shouldn’t put up much of a challenge. Attacking his ankles is a good way to deal consistent damage on him. Just back away when you see him getting ready to stomp you.

147. Maneater Boar - Bloodborne

The Maneater Boar charges at you from the beginning so use that to your advantage, as it takes a significant amount of time to recover. It is possible to chain visceral attacks indefinitely with a fast enough weapon.

146. Moonlight Butterfly - Dark Souls

Moonlight Butterfly from Dark Souls
Moonlight Butterfly from Dark Souls

Manage your weight efficiently for this fight as it will require you to do a lot of dodging. Outside of that, this boss’ attacks are very one-dimensional. Use ranged attacks if you have them, and capitalize on the opening that’s given to you when it rests its head near the bridge.

145. Dark Sun Gwyndolin - Dark Souls

As interesting as the story behind Gwyndolin is, this fight sadly, is not. He launches up to three kinds of ranged attacks at you, all of which are easily avoidable. What’s frustrating is keeping up with him every time he teleports away once you get close. All in all, just avoid getting hit while closing the distance, attack him as much as you can, then rinse and repeat once he teleports away.

144. The Divine Dragon - Sekiro

Despite its massive stature, this boss ranks low on this list, primarily due to its heavily telegraphed and limited move set. Phase one consists of weak mobs that are easily cleared, and a few timely grapples and counters will help you make quick work of Phase 2.

143. Iron Golem - Dark Souls

This fight is fairly easy if you have a lightweight build; just stick between his legs and hit him from the back. Since his moves are well-telegraphed, all you really need to worry about is not getting stomped on. Ranged attacks will work nicely too.

142. Loran Silverbeast - Bloodborne

A slightly beefed-up version of the regular Silverbeast, the Loran Silverbeast carries all the same weaknesses as the former. It can be easily staggered and is extremely vulnerable to fire and visceral attacks.

141. Stray Demon - Dark Souls

While challenging for low-level players, this boss can be easily defeated once you get the hang of things. Sticking to his underbelly will prevent him from doing his sweep attack and the two remaining attacks he has in his arsenal are easily avoided by backing off at the right time.

140. Storm King - Demon’s Souls

Storm King from Demon’s Souls
Storm King from Demon’s Souls

The Storm King is vulnerable to ranged attacks, so use them if you can. Otherwise, go for the Storm Ruler and wait for the Storm Beasts to fly low enough to attack you, then hide behind cover or dodge-roll their stingers and counter with Storm Ruler. You can take the same approach with the Storm King.

139. Old Iron King - Dark Souls 2

His attacks are limited, slow and easy to read. However, the range of his fire attacks can be tricky to gauge so you want to take cover when it happens. If you're caught in the cross-fire, it's almost 'Game Over'. Go for his arms whenever he does a slam attack as his recovery time is longest after this.

138. Old Hero - Demon’s Souls

Since this boss is blind, he will swing his sword randomly based on the sounds he hears or in the direction in which he last received an attack. Use the Thief’s Ring to reduce his chance of detecting you. Alternatively, you can use magic or arrows to totally cheese this fight, although that doesn't sound quite honourable.

137. The Witch of Hemwick - Bloodborne

The Witch of Hemwick from Bloodborne
The Witch of Hemwick from Bloodborne

Ignore all the Mad Ones that spawn and just search for the Witch. The Witch’s attacks are slow and she disappears soon after being attacked, but a faint red glow will indicate her general location, so you can chase after her. Try to deal some damage to the second Witch before killing the first, as they can revive each other if the fight isn’t ended soon enough.

136. Adjudicator - Demon’s Souls

The Adjudicator basically has two moves: a ranged attack with its tongue when you’re on higher ground, or a swing with its cleaver when you’re in melee range. Since the swing is super easy to dodge, we recommend fighting on the ground, hacking away at the sword pierced into its stomach, then wailing on the bird on its head once it staggers and falls.

135. Centipede Demon - Dark Souls

This is a boss fight where you’ll be more worried about the terrain than the boss itself. The whole boss fight is basically a 'floor is lava' game. But if you map out your steps, then you won't have such a tough time. Its simplistic move set offers little challenge, and you can avoid a whole lot of its attacks just by staying underneath it.

134. Tower Knight - Demon’s Souls

Dispose of the crossbowmen on the ledges first to avoid getting hit by arrows while you’re fighting the Tower Knight. When you fight him solo, just stick around his hind legs and keep hitting until he falls. His boot and back leap could hurt you in this instance but they’re some of his weakest attacks.

133. The One Reborn - Bloodborne

Deal with the mages on the upper levels first for an easier time managing this boss. The One Reborn itself is easy to stagger, and dealing damage to its limbs can deal tons of damage and cause it to collapse, after which it becomes very vulnerable to your attacks. It's also weak against Fire and Bolt attacks.

132. Ancient Wyvern - Dark Souls 3

Ancient Wyvern from Dark Souls 3
Ancient Wyvern from Dark Souls 3

While it might be dangerous to engage with the Ancient Wyvern in a real fight, the quickest way to deal with it is just to run straight past it and make your way up one of the broken ledges conveniently located right above its head. From there, you can launch a plunging attack, which will kill it instantly. Naturally, you’re free to fight it the conventional way for a better challenge. Although, if you prefer to opt for the latter strategy, this boss would be rated much higher on this list.

131. Deacons of the Deep - Dark Souls 3

Another “mob” boss, their attacks do very little damage even when you do get hit. However, the Curse can kill you if you leave them alone for too long. Just keep killing the one enemy that’s surrounded by the red mist, and don’t let up even at Phase 2.

130. Dirty Colossus - Demon’s Souls

You can avoid most of his attacks just by staying behind him. The only dirty trick up the Dirty Colossus sleeve is the flying swarm. But worry not, if you're caught amidst the flying swarm, just quickly burn them off using the surrounding torches before they deal too much damage.

129. Crossbreed Priscilla - Dark Souls

Crossbreed Priscilla from Dark Souls
Crossbreed Priscilla from Dark Souls

Crossbreed Priscilla is not an incredibly difficult fight overall, Priscilla’s moves can be avoided completely just by staying behind her. When she’s invisible, shield up while you watch the snow for footprints and attack moderately so as to not get caught in her scythe. Use the Bloodbite Ring to make this fight easier.

128. Yhorm the Giant - Dark Souls 3

As intimidating as it sounds, this boss is stupidly easy if you have Storm Ruler. Just maintain your distance and attack from afar. You can also have Siegward of Catarina assist you in this fight.

127. Seath the Scaleless - Dark Souls 3

As counterintuitive as this sounds, you’ll need to die at the hands of Seath in your first encounter in order to progress. When you gear up for round two, destroy the crystal right away as that is the source of Seath’s immortality. Its breath attacks are largely easy to avoid, but as the space is pretty tight, you will want to hug close to its stomach when it happens. If you plan on staying behind its back, then you're prone to tail smashes. Use Lightning-based Miracles for an easier fight.

126. Rom, the Vacuous Spider - Bloodborne

Rom, the Vacuous Spider from Bloodborne
Rom, the Vacuous Spider from Bloodborne

Keep your attacks focused on Rom’s flanks, as she takes more damage there than her head. Her attacks are pretty slow and generally easy to read. Watch out for the smaller spiders, as they can stun-lock you to death. Weapons with Bolt damage will benefit you greatly here, such as Tonitrus.

125. Asylum Demon - Dark Souls

This fight was meant to give beginners a feel for the 'real' game, but for more advanced players, it shouldn’t prove to be a challenge at all. Asylum Demon's moves are well-telegraphed and hardly accurate, and you may not even need to dodge if you attack it from the back throughout the fight.

124. The Rotten - Dark Souls 2

As a grotesque mass of corpses sewn together, he isn’t nearly as hard to beat as he is hard to look at. Given his wide swings and slow recovery, you can easily get a couple of hits in before backing off to safety. A lighter build is normally recommended for that reason, but it’s not a deal-breaker if you don’t have one.

123. Dragonrider - Dark Souls 2

His large stature may be intimidating at first, but Dragonrider isn’t the toughest boss by far. His back is always wide open for attacks, and his low mobility and predictable attack sequence doesn’t do him any favours in covering it. Just be careful not to get pushed off the ledge.

122. Ruin Sentinels - Dark Souls 2

Although there are essentially three bosses, you can pick them off one by one if you’re careful. As soon as the second and third Ruin Sentinels join in the fight, you will want to jump off the ledge to give yourself more space. Capitalize on their Overhead Smash attack for maximum damage, and using Blunt weapons and Magic will make this fight even easier.

121.The Skeleton Lords - Dark Souls 2

The Skeleton Lords from Dark Souls 2
The Skeleton Lords from Dark Souls 2

What they lack in strength, they make up in numbers. That’s essentially what this fight is about. Stay at a comfortable distance to avoid getting surrounded, and use Magic or Miracles to give yourself a bigger advantage. The Heavenly Thunder miracle, in particular, is especially useful if you can get the Lords to stand on one of the pools before they die.

120. The Duke’s Dear Freja - Dark Souls 2

For a spider, its slow animation and limited move set make this boss super easy to deal with. Just make sure not to leave its little spider minions unattended for too long, as they can deal big damage if they get you in the back. Alternatively, just bring a torch.

119. High Lord Wolnir - Dark Souls 3

Not nearly as formidable as he looks, this fight can be easily won by destroying all three of his glowing shackles. But be careful of his dark cloud attack, which can deal massive damage to you swiftly. He can also summon mobs but usually kills them himself, weird guy.

118. Prowling Magus and The Congregation - Dark Souls 2

A pretty cheap boss fight overall, you can nip this fight in the bud by killing the Magus and the two Clerics before dealing with the rest of the Congregation, as the Clerics will periodically heal all the zombies in the room. While the Magus’ attacks are slow and easy to see, the Clerics’ lightning bolts are significantly faster, and you should watch out for those. Nevertheless, the use of wide-swinging weapons and AoE spells should benefit you greatly here.

117. Belfry Gargoyles - Dark Souls 2

They may come at you in greater numbers, but they are barely threatening with their slow attack sequences. Just don’t get surrounded and you’ll be fine.

116. Bell Gargoyles - Dark Souls

The best approach is to kill the first Gargoyle before the second. The latter mainly breathe fire at you, which is easy to avoid if your feet are agile enough and joins the fight with only 50% health. Lightning will make this fight go a lot faster.

114. Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa - Sekiro

Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa from Sekiro
Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa from Sekiro

While the reach of his spear may be intimidating for the uninitiated, his long windup animation makes it easy to parry his attacks. And with the Firecracker prosthetic tool, you can effortlessly stun him long enough to get a few good hits in.

113. Brainsucker - Bloodborne

Brainsucker, true to its name, can be staggered easily and is weak to Bolt and Fire-type damage. Approach carefully as it can’t be interrupted mid-cast during its snare attacks. Back away as soon as you see it coming.

112. Living Failures - Bloodborne

Living Failures from Bloodborne
Living Failures from Bloodborne

Living Failures are slow and have a limited move set. The position is key in order to safely deal damage without getting overwhelmed. Watch out for their group cast spell, as it rains down Arcane attacks, but also leaves them vulnerable.

111. Royal Rat Vanguard - Dark Souls 2

Aside from the horde of rats surrounding you, there is not much in the way of danger here. Quickly find and kill the boss hidden amongst the mobs while making sure you don’t get overwhelmed by the herd.

110. Demon Firesage - Dark Souls

A remodel of the Asylum Demon and Stray Demon, but with quicker and more powerful hits. You will want to fight at a faster tempo due to this, but try not to exhaust your stamina. Stick close to his body so that his swings go over you, and back away when you see him winding up for a body slam or an explosion.

109. Taurus Demon - Dark Souls

The tricky part of this fight is navigating yourself within the thin corridor. One of the tricks is to climb up to the battlement, wait for the Taurus Demon to approach, and jump off for a plunging attack. This can be repeated until the boss dies. You can also chip away at his health safely by staying behind him, although this might be difficult with the space you’re given.

108. Armour Spider - Demon’s Souls

Armour Spider from Demon’s Souls
Armour Spider from Demon’s Souls

As far as fire-breathing enemies go, Armor Spider isn’t a top contender. At melee range, you only need to be wary of its slam attack. Its only other attack at this range is its cross slash, which you can block with a shield. Back away to the start of the tunnel when you see it gearing up for its flamethrower attack, then rush straight back in once it ends.

107. Celestial Emissary - Bloodborne

The biggest hurdle here is identifying the boss, as it looks completely identical to the mob. The only way to identify the boss is to attack everyone till one of them transforms into the boss. As soon as you identify which is the boss among all the creatures, focus the offensive on it while simultaneously keeping the mob at bay with wide sweeping attacks. Stick close to it once it goes into its enlarged form to prevent it from doing its laser attack. Weak against Bolt and Fire damage.

106. Maiden Astraea - Demon’s Souls

This fight is more about positioning than combat mechanics. At the start, in order to get to the boss, you will want to hug the wall to your left and follow the path to eventually meet Garl Vinland, Astraea’s bodyguard and the only foe you need to beat in order to kill Astraea. The narrow space and Garl’s weapon will be a bad match for you, so try to lure him into an open area if possible. Garl can be easily backstabbed and it is one of the most common ways to cheese this fight.

105. Cursed Rotted Greatwood - Dark Souls 3

Cursed Rotted Greatwood from Dark Souls 3
Cursed Rotted Greatwood from Dark Souls 3

While there are mobs in this fight, you can generally leave them be as the boss itself will take care of them. Go for the flesh mounds that are around its back, ankles, thighs and stomach, as the other parts of its body won’t take damage. Be careful of the white arm that spawns in Phase 2, as it can grab you if you’re not paying attention.

104. Scorpioness Najka - Dark Souls 2

Her predictable move set will pose little challenge to more nimble players, and her one-two sting will leave her open long enough to get a few good hits in. Stick close to her body but avoid attacking from behind as that will prompt her to do a devastating Tail Smash.

103. Lady Butterfly - Sekiro

Lady Butterfly from Sekiro
Lady Butterfly from Sekiro

If you've played any Souls game, you know for a fact that a normal-sized human boss is WAY more dangerous than a giant monster. Projectiles, aerial attacks and illusions all spell a deadly combo. However, she’s not too much to handle as long as you keep the pressure on, and effective use of shurikens when she’s airborne will shave a good chunk of her Posture. Using Snap Seeds will also help you dispatch her illusions quickly.

102. Undead Giant - Bloodborne

His attacks are slow but have a wide AoE and do considerably high damage. Always try to get behind him and attack, but do so with caution, as he can do a spin attack rather quickly. He takes significant damage when the flesh mound on his body is destroyed. Also weak to Bolt and Fire.

101. Keeper of the Old Lords - Bloodborne

The Keeper moves relatively fast but staggers easily. It’s most easily parried with a gun when the boss attempts to do its running slash attack and can be permanently locked out of phase 2 if it gets interrupted during its animation.

100. Chaos Witch Quelaag - Dark Souls

Staying near the sides of the spider’s head will give you some room to attack. Her tells are very obvious so back away when you see her AoE attacks coming. Lightning-based Miracles will also work well here.

99. Maneater - Demon’s Souls

Maneater from Demon’s Souls
Maneater from Demon’s Souls

Kill the first Maneater quickly as the second one will only join the fight after a minute or so. You’ll be fighting on a narrow bridge, so always watch your footing. You can cut their tails off to prevent them from buffing themselves.

98. Darklurker - Dark Souls 2

Despite having a decent amount of spells up his sleeve, Darklurker isn’t too much of an obstacle. You can bait his slash attack by staying within melee range, and his ranged attacks, while somewhat erratic in where they could be coming from, travel slow enough for you to react in time.

97. Guardian Ape - Sekiro

He is most dangerous in Phase 2, where his screams can inflict the Terror status if you get too close. Make sure to keep your distance when the Danger prompt appears and charge in once the attack ends. You can also inflict heavy damage to his Posture using the Spear prosthetic tool after his Charged Overhead attack.

96. Ancient Dragon - Dark Souls 2

Despite its massive size, the Ancient Dragon sure doesn’t put up much of a fight. Its moves are heavily telegraphed, and you can get by with just baiting it into doing its front-facing flame breath then wailing on its front hind legs. Just make sure to run for the hills when it starts flying up because its flame breath will spread across a significantly wide area when it does. Not to mention, it could one-shot you when it lands.

95. Demon of Song - Dark Souls 2

Equip yourself with as much physical defence as you can, as the attacks of this boss are mostly heavy melee slashes. Its windup animation is long enough to tell you what’s coming, and you can exploit it fully with a hit-and-run tactic once it finishes.

94. Executioner’s Chariot - Dark Souls 2

Executioner’s Chariot from Dark Souls 2
Executioner’s Chariot from Dark Souls 2

Dispose of the Necromancers hiding in the corners quickly, as they can resurrect the Skeletons you kill. Run down the hall until you reach the gate switch, avoiding the chariot whenever it draws near. Once you bring the chariot down, you can kill it easily by staying at its sides and backing off when it rears its heads up for a slam.

93. Sif, the Great Wolf - Dark Souls

Roll forwards whenever Sif strikes and try to stay underneath its legs, as it mostly does sweeping attacks with the sword in its mouth. It’s rather nimble and does backstep sometimes, but it will find trouble in hitting you if you keep on its toes.

92. Merciless Watchers and Merciless Chieftain - Bloodborne

Their attacks come slow and are relatively easy to parry. Engage with the Watchers while keeping behind cover so you don’t get shot by the Chieftain. Oil Urns and Molotov Cocktails will make this fight more manageable in the beginning.

91. Forgotten Madman and Madman’s Escort - Bloodborne

Pin the Forgotten Madman back to a corner of the arena while keeping him trapped with rapid swings. He leaves a wide opening whenever he tries to transform his Ludwig’s Holy Blade, so take advantage of that. The Madman’s Escort should join when the Forgotten Madman is at approximately 30% health, but he has a much lower healthpool, and you should focus on killing the latter before anything else.

90. Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos - Bloodborne

Stick close to her chest as you deal damage, as this will prompt her to do her slam attack more often, opening up a window for more damage. The space between her tails is also a generally safe spot to attack from. Her head is a weak spot, and you can potentially hit her with a visceral attack if you shoot it with a Cannon.

89. Corrupted Monk - Sekiro

Corrupted Monk from Sekrio
Corrupted Monk from Sekrio

While she may be difficult to fight without Divine Confetti, she doesn’t have a high mechanical difficulty due to her telegraphed move set. Snap Seeds prove to be an effective countermeasure, and you can stunlock her permanently using Firecrackers.

88. Crystal Sage - Dark Souls 3

Outside of being wary against his White Dragon Breath, the general strategy is to rush this boss as soon as you see him. His spells will fly over you if you stick close to him, and he can be staggered so you’ll want to lay the attacks on him. In Phase 2, he will teleport around and summon clones, but they can be easily discerned by the colour of their magic and can be killed with a single hit.

87. Baneful Queen Mytha - Dark Souls 2

Although not exactly the toughest of bosses on her own, you will still want to stay clear of certain attacks like her grab or her head explosion, which has a pretty wide radius. Given that her tells are somewhat obvious, this shouldn’t be too difficult, and draining the poison before this fight will make your life easier.

86. Royal Rat Authority - Dark Souls 2

The boss itself may not be too difficult to handle, but its smaller mobs can be annoying. For that reason, you will want to kill off the four rats immediately as you enter the room. Once that’s done, you can focus on killing the boss, which isn’t hard if you just stay under it.

85. Guardian Dragon - Dark Souls 2

Guardian Dragon from Dark Souls 2
Guardian Dragon from Dark Souls 2

Like most giant bosses, a safe approach to this is to stay between the legs. When it flies up, that’s your cue to book it, as it usually does a wide fire-breath attack soon after. While it’s on the ground, bait it into doing its flamethrower attack, then charge in once you see its torso lifted up, as this gives you ample time to really punish it.

84. King Vendrick - Dark Souls 2

Get as many Giant Souls as you can to lower Vendrick’s defences. His attacks are limited and his windup is a little long, but the execution is fast. The safest approach is to stay near his left leg for most of the fight and be ready to dodge or block whenever he is at the end of his windup.

83. Capra Demon - Dark Souls

His attacks are fast but easy to read. That said, his dogs as well as the confined space you fight him in will make this a somewhat tricky fight. The best way is to lure him onto the stairs, which he will hopefully fall off of when he tries to hit you, then doing a plunge attack from above. Naturally, you will want to take care of the dogs first, as they can be dangerous if left alone.

82. Lost Sinner - Dark Souls 2

Her attacks are fairly quick and she jumps around a lot, but you should be able to get by if you time your rolls right. She doesn’t have a whole lot of moves and doesn’t get any buffs in the fight so overall it’s not too hard to beat her. Just remember to defeat the Belfry Gargoyles before facing her.

81. Pthumerian Elder - Bloodborne

Pthumerian Elder from Bloodborne
Pthumerian Elder from Bloodborne

His attacks tend to go over your head when you’re up close. Get as many hits as you can before he teleports away. His 3-hit combo and crossbow shot should give you an opening to get close, but the window is relatively tight, so take caution. Bring Fire-resistant armour as all his attacks deal Fire damage.

80. Beast-possessed Soul - Bloodborne

It has a long reach and attacks relatively fast, but its attacks don’t vary too much. If caught by the bite or grapple attack, the Beast-possessed Soul will go into a frenzied state. Vulnerable against serration.

79. Blood-starved Beast - Bloodborne

Look out for its 5-swipe combo, as it doesn’t stop even when it misses. This provides ample opportunity to strike. It carries the same weaknesses as Beast-type enemies and is susceptible to fire damage. Play defensively as it tends to move quickly, and carry several Antidotes with you.

78. Velstadt, the Royal Aegis - Dark Souls 2

He doesn’t have too many notable weaknesses, but his attacks are easy to read. Watch out for his one-handed swing, as he may occasionally follow it up with a backswing. Once his health is low enough, he takes reduced damage and begins using magic, which you can exploit due to its long cast time.

77. Iudex Gundyr - Dark Souls 3

Iudex Gundyr from Dark Souls 3
Iudex Gundyr from Dark Souls 3

As he is meant to give players an overall feel for the game’s mechanics, Iudex Gundyr isn’t terribly hard. His HP is relatively low and his attacks can be monotonous. What’s concerning is his ability to combo different moves and his wider range in Phase 2. Adopt a hit-and-run approach as you kite him by his sides. Use of fire is also strongly advised.

76. Ceaseless Discharge - Dark Souls

More frustrating than he is difficult, his attacks have a tendency to ignore terrain and hit you even when you’re behind cover. The general approach to this fight is to hide near the end of the cave and wait for his overhead slam, then attacking the tentacle as it stays on the ground.

75. True Corrupted Monk - Sekiro

At Phase 1 and 2, her Posture can be easily depleted just by staying on the offensive. Make sure to swing tree to tree and wait out the illusion attack during her Phase 2. Phase 3 introduces several Terror-inducing attacks to watch out for, and her Posture regeneration increases significantly. Use Snap Seeds and Firecrackers to create openings to attack.

74. Cleric Beast - Bloodborne

As it is relatively nimble, you want to constantly stay behind its back and attack it. Highly vulnerable to serration and Fire damage, and will be staggered for a short period once its limbs take enough damage. You can summon Father Gascoigne to make this fight easier.

73. Old Demon King - Dark Souls 3

Old Demon King from Dark Souls 3
Old Demon King from Dark Souls 3

Stay under his legs for an easier time handling this fight. His attacks are a little slow but have huge AoE. Fire-resistant armour should benefit you greatly here.

72. Gravelord Nito - Dark Souls

Nito’s basic attacks are relatively easy to handle, but the unrelenting horde of skeletons can make this a tough fight. Wait for his AoE attack to kill them all before rushing in to punish. Use the Shadow Set and the Bloodshield for some added resistance to his poison.

71. The Pursuer - Dark Souls 2

Use the ballistae in the area to drastically reduce the Pursuer’s health. To do this, lure it to one end of the arena, then slowly back towards the direction the ballista is facing. Most of this boss’ moves can be safely avoided by strafing right and dodging through them. Alternatively, use lightning-based weapons and spells to make this fight easier.

70. Sir Alonne - Dark Souls 2

His attacks have a long enough windup that you can see them coming, but his recovery and repositioning is fast, so don’t overextend your attacks. He tends to vary his standard slashing combo with stabs now and then, but it’s not too difficult to dodge. He is capable of parrying your attacks though, so play defensively.

69. Loran Darkbeast - Bloodborne

Loran Darkbeast from Bloodborne
Loran Darkbeast from Bloodborne

As it moves quickly and erratically, it’s generally better to fight this boss without a camera-lock. It’s weak against Fire damage, and can be stun-locked if its legs receive enough damage. Do note that each leg can only be stunned once, so spread out your damage in the beginning. It would also do well to bolster your defences with Bolt-resistant equipment.

68. Bloodletting Beast - Bloodborne

While it has a wide reach and is fairly quick, its patterns aren’t too difficult to learn. Highly vulnerable to serration and Fire damage, and can be easily staggered with attacks to the head.

67. Watchdog of the Old Lords - Bloodborne

Shatter both its knees to stagger it for big damage, but watch out for when it gets up, as it comes with an AoE attack. Its move set is pretty standard and relatively easy to avoid. Weak against serration.

66. Emma, The Gentle Blade - Sekiro

Emma, The Gentle Blade - Sekiro
Emma, The Gentle Blade - Sekiro

Another human-sized and normal looking boss, Emma will give you a tough time. The short windup and varied timing on her attacks will make her a relatively tough opponent. Fortunately, you can afford to be a little more aggressive in this fight, as she has only one Deathblow counter and a relatively low Posture. Just make sure you steer clear of her grappling attacks.

65. Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen - Bloodborne

Keep your ears open for the baby’s cries, as that usually precedes a form of snare, which leaves you open for attacks from the Queen herself. She can be interrupted mid-attack animation, so you should try to take a hit-and-run approach. The one attack you really need to watch out for is her wide AoE attack, as it’s very hard to escape its range in time and it deals massive damage.

64. Pthumerian Descendant - Bloodborne

He is extremely agile and attacks just as aggressively, but can be parried in succession whenever he tries to step in, opening up for visceral attacks. His sword-splitting animation leaves him open for a few seconds, which is enough to get a few hits in or even cancel it altogether with a charged attack to the back. Vulnerable against Arcane and Fire damage.

63. Father Gascoigne - Bloodborne

Father Gascoigne from Bloodborne
Father Gascoigne from Bloodborne

He can be staggered a limited number of times with the Tiny Music Box, and is weak against Fire damage, especially during his beast form. His attacks are relatively fast but well-telegraphed so approach with caution.

62. Aava, the King’s Pet - Dark Souls 2

Aava’s move set is similar to Lud and Zallen’s, so you can apply the same strategy here. Be careful of its swipes, as it sometimes does a follow-up with its other paw. Generally, you want to stick close to its sides, staying on guard against its 180-degree swipe as you attack.

61. Old Dragonslayer - Dark Souls 2

His attacks may be quick, but they don’t vary too much and are easy to dodge if you stay close to his left side. Naturally, lighter builds will find success much easier in this fight. All the better if you have ranged attacks in your arsenal.

60. Genichiro Ashina - Sekiro

Genichiro Ashina from Sekiro
Genichiro Ashina from Sekiro

He offers a fair challenge for new players, but once you understand the rhythm of his attacks, he’s not hard to beat. His Phase 3 adds the use of lightning attacks, but they are easy to time and easy to counter if you have the Lightning Reversal technique. Just don’t get too greedy.

59. Lud and Zallen, the King’s Pets - Dark Souls 2

You will want to take care of Lud first as Zallen doesn’t join the fight until much later. This helps you from getting overwhelmed. Their attacks are easy to read and mostly the same, except Zallen has a berserk mode he goes into when his health is low. Stay by their back legs and dodge whenever you see the attacks coming.

58. Smelter Demon - Dark Souls 2

Magic and fire-resistant items will help greatly in this fight. While it moves relatively fast for a boss that size, the Smelter Demon’s moves are fairly easy to read, and you should be able to get away from most of its moves by dodging to the left.

57. Looking Glass Knight - Dark Souls 2

His attacks are slow and have fairly obvious tells, but he has a healthy arsenal of moves to make up for it. Beware his lightning sweeping attack as it has a wide range. In general, you will want to stay on his right side and kill any of his summonses first to avoid getting swarmed.

56. Laurence, the First Vicar - Bloodborne

Laurence, the First Vicar - Bloodborne
Laurence, the First Vicar - Bloodborne

Equip Fire-resistant gear like the Charred Hunter set to make this fight easier. Laurence can be staggered with a pistol shot to the head, giving you an opening for a visceral attack. Overall, you want to approach this as how you would approach the Cleric Beast - stick to its back and fight defensively. Once it gets to Phase 3, you’ll want to move to the sides as it now leaves a lava trail behind it.

55. Shadow of Yharnam - Bloodborne

Use the obstacles in the area to guard against their ranged attacks. Overall, their attack patterns are not too complicated. Summoning an NPC to help will greatly ease the load. With the exception of one, the rest are weak against Bolt and Arcane damage.

54. Headless Ape - Sekiro

Similar to the earlier fight with the Guardian Ape, but with another monkey joining the fray this time around. Carefully dodge their attacks and use Firecrackers to quickly dispose of the Brown Ape whenever it lunges at you. Once it’s down, you can deal with the Headless Ape safely, and at this point, you should be more than familiar with his move set.

53. Flexile Sentry - Dark Souls 2

You’ll want to avoid taking too long with this fight as the arena will eventually fill with water, making your movements a lot slower. Take extra precaution with your dodges, as finding your way in front of the sword-wielding side will trigger a very quick slash attack. For that reason, you will want to engage this boss on just its spiked club-wielding side.

52. Throne Watcher and Throne Defender - Dark Souls 2

Two bosses in one fight, the Watcher boasts higher agility at the cost of lower defence, and the Defender the exact opposite. Prioritize dealing with the Watcher first, as it's much easier to dodge the Defender’s moves. You will also want to chip away at both their health bars simultaneously if possible, as the surviving opponent will revive its friend if you can’t finish the whole fight soon enough.

51. Halflight, Spear of the Church - Dark Souls 3

Halflight, Spear of the Church from Dark Souls 3
Halflight, Spear of the Church from Dark Souls 3

While it is a more decent team fight than some of the other entries on this list, it’s not insanely difficult. The Guardians are highly agile, tougher than your average mob, and can cast healing spells, so you will want to focus them down before shifting your attention to Halflight. He has a pretty good arsenal of moves, but nothing you can’t avoid if you’re careful.

50. Dragonslayer Armour - Dark Souls 3

As a majority of his moves have a long windup, you can generally avoid them by rolling and staying behind him. In Phase 2, there will be projectiles coming in from the sky, but you can dodge those by just keeping on your toes. Do be careful of his shield, and take extra caution when you’re next to the railings, as he can knock you over the edge.

49. Aldrich, Devourer of Gods - Dark Souls 3

While this is one of the more lore-intensive fights, it sadly falls short of being one of the most difficult. Aldrich can be easily staggered via attacks on his tail, which isn’t hard to do because it’s sort of like his blind spot. Make sure to stick close to him whenever he resurfaces and back away when he starts winding up for his big swing. Also, stay on your feet to avoid his homing missiles.

48. Gaping Dragon - Dark Souls

Its acid is capable of corroding equipment, so back away when you see it winding up for this move, as it has a significantly wide range and moves quickly. Other than that, you should do fine just by sticking to its side. Baiting it into a charge attack will also put its head within reach and leave it stunned for a few seconds.

47. Abyss Watchers - Dark Souls 3

Abyss Watchers from Dark Souls 3
Abyss Watchers from Dark Souls 3

The Abyss Watchers have very high mobility but staggers easily. You should try to deal as much damage as you can to the boss before a second Abyss Watcher spawns. Once it does, you may want to play more defensively to avoid being overwhelmed. Alternatively, you can wait for a third to spawn, as it will target the boss as the first priority, but it can still attack you if you get too close.

46. Cerah the Old Explorer, Ancient Soldier Varg and The Afflicted Graverobber - Dark Souls 2

Had you imagined yourself on the other side of a boss battle in an MMORPG this is probably what it would feel like. This fight tests your capability to prioritize more than anything else. Graverobber moves the fastest of the three, so you will want to take him out first. But be careful of Varg, as his attacks hit the hardest. And don’t let Cerah’s arrows catch you off guard. All in all, stay on the move while slowly focusing them down one at a time.

45. Nashandra - Dark Souls 2

Items like the Ring of Restoration and Lifegems should benefit you greatly in this fight. You can choose to destroy the orbs around Nashandra to reduce the effects of the curse, but in our opinion, it’s not that big of a deal. Nashandra’s attacks are easy to read, and she takes quite a bit of time to recover when she uses her laser attack, which should give you plenty of opportunities to strike.

44. Burnt Ivory King - Dark Souls 2

Burnt Ivory King from Dark Souls 2
Burnt Ivory King from Dark Souls 2

Get all four Loyce Knights to help you in this fight, especially when dealing with the Charren Loyce Knights in the beginning. The boss himself has a pretty standard move set and has visible tells. Contrary to what you may think, the range of his sword stays the same in Phase 2; it just does more damage and gives him some new attacks.

43. Four Kings - Dark Souls

The fight can be disorienting at first due to the complete darkness. Nonetheless, you will want to defeat each King as quickly as you can, as the next one will spawn every minute or so, and can quickly overwhelm you with numbers. Attacks are pretty standard but they tend to have a wide range, so time your rolls carefully and position your character well.

42. Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon - Dark Souls 2

Compared to the Ancient Dragon, Sinh is much quicker and more prone to be airborne. While you can dodge most of its moves with some effort, the Gyrm Greatshield does wonders in blocking. Poison-resistant gear will also benefit you in this fight.

41. Old Monk - Demon’s Souls

For the sake of this guide, we’ll be assuming you’re fighting the NPC version of this boss. Overall, you want to play defensively, keeping your distance while dealing short chips of damage to the boss. He heals when left idle for too long so you want to avoid that. He also has Homing Soul Arrows to watch out for, which increase in number as his HP decreases.

40. Dragonslayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough - Dark Souls

For an easier fight, kill Ornstein first, as he’s the more agile of the two. Smough’s attacks may have a larger hitbox, but are slow and much easier to dodge. This holds true even for his second form. You should also use the pillars in the room for cover against Ornstein’s lightning bolts and Smough’s charges. Both opponents are vulnerable to fire.

39. Martyr Logarius - Bloodborne

Martyr Logarius from Bloodborne
Martyr Logarius from Bloodborne

Stick close to him as you attack, but don’t overextend. Back away after 2-3 hits to avoid getting caught in his exploding skull attack, which is relatively fast. You can stagger him easily with guns in Phase 2 as he tries to do a melee attack. Try to backstab him during his self-buff, as otherwise he will be immune to any form of stuns or staggers once it’s applied.

38. Mergo’s Wet Nurse - Bloodborne

Watch out for her flurry attack; she’ll keep swinging her blades regardless if you’re caught but her back will often be defenceless. Do note that if you move in, you will still get hit a couple of times. As soon as she creates the fog, kills the clone, as it dies with one hit. Weak against Bolt and poison attacks.

37. Isshin Ashina (Shura Route) - Sekiro

His Phase 2 adds a couple of moves to his arsenal, as well as the use of fire. Stay at a distance when you see his fire attacks coming as they have a wide range and can be fatal if you’re not careful. Overall, you want to play it safe and exploit the long windup in his Vertical Slice attack.

36. Oceiros, the Consumed King - Dark Souls 3

Despite being possibly one of the creepier fights on this list, the mechanical difficulty for this fight is pretty standard. In Phase 1, just stay under him and attack whenever his attacks finish, backing away whenever he does the slam or his AoE mist attack. This gets more difficult in Phase 2, when he starts moving around a lot more, but nonetheless, it’s more about repetition than anything else.

35. Sanctuary Guardian - Dark Souls

Lightning and water is never a good mix, especially when it’s used against you. Time your rolls carefully against its lightning attacks, and avoid getting hit by its tail, as it will poison you. Other than that, it’s recommended that you equip yourself with a more lightweight build.

34. Champion’s Gravetender and Gravetender Greatwolf - Dark Souls 3

Champion’s Gravetender and Gravetender Greatwolf from Dark Souls 3
Champion’s Gravetender and Gravetender Greatwolf from Dark Souls 3

Be wary of the Greatwolf as it is highly agile and can launch devastating combos. Fortunately for you, it doesn’t show up until the Champion’s Gravetender is at half health, so you should focus on killing the latter first, which is fairly easy to do. You should also take note of the obstacles in this fight as they will provide you with much-needed cover whenever the Greatwolf tries to charge you.

33. Elana, the Squalid Queen - Dark Souls 2

Magic, summons and teleportation may seem a bit much, but trust us, it’s not. You can hit Elana quite a few times in the beginning, as the actual fight doesn’t start until she summons her halberd. Once she starts summoning other mobs, you need to be a little more careful. Deal with the mobs first while simultaneously staying on guard against her teleports, as she will appear right next to you and immediately launch an attack. That said, her moves are easy to read, and you should have no problem dealing with her as long as you stay on your toes.

32. Champion Gundyr - Dark Souls 3

His move set is largely the same as Iudex Gundyr, with a few new attacks and combos. Be moderately aggressive as he can retaliate quickly with punches and kicks, and in Phase 2, he becomes even faster. Weak against Frostbite, Lightning damage, Bleed and Strike damage.

31. Moon Presence - Bloodborne

Stay in mid-range as you bait out its 3-hit combo. Its movements are slightly erratic but you should be able to get by with proper timing on your dodges. Be wary whenever it tries to do its AoE attack, as it can reduce you to 1 HP regardless of your equipment and resistances. The recovery for this is the longest of all its attacks so it’s a good time for healing or attacking.

30. Abhorrent Beast - Bloodborne

Abhorrent Beast from Bloodborne
Abhorrent Beast from Bloodborne

The Abhorrent Beast is extremely fast and aggressive and doesn’t have an easy-to-learn move set. The general strategy to this fight is to just stick to its sides and hit it a couple of times as it recovers from its attack animation. Its head and arms can be severed with enough damage. Take Molotov Cocktails for an extra edge.

29. Vicar Amelia - Bloodborne

Stay on her throughout the fight and sneak in hits as you dodge her attacks. Avoid going behind her as it becomes difficult to observe her tells. She is vulnerable to attacks while she heals and can be staggered if her legs take sufficient damage, opening up for a potential visceral attack. She’s also weak against Fire.

28. Great Shinobi Owl - Sekiro

Great Shinobi Owl from Sekiro
Great Shinobi Owl from Sekiro

His smoke bombs, anti-healing orbs, and poison will make this a difficult fight. As he regenerates Posture quickly, the best tactic is to employ a hit-and-run approach using Firecrackers to stagger him and the Whirlwind technique to whittle away at his health.

27. Isshin, the Sword Saint - Sekiro

His branching combos and delayed attacks make him a hard opponent to beat. A defensive strategy that employs the use of Lightning Reversal and Mikiri Counters will make this fight much easier, but don’t overextend your attacks.

26. Vordt of the Boreal Valley - Dark Souls 3

His Phase 1 is relatively easy to deal with; just stay under him and keep up the offensive. In Phase 2, you will want to move around a bit more, as he becomes more mobile and has several new smaller, but quicker attacks.

25. Demon in Pain, Demon from Below and Demon Prince - Dark Souls 3

Try to engage with the glowing Demon first, as the toxic fumes from the other Demon will be relatively easy to dodge. Phase 1 will require you to be quick on your feet while focusing on one of the Demons until you can get a critical strike in. Depending on the last Demon you kill, the Demon Prince will have two different phases. A general rule of thumb is to stick close to it to bait it into doing short-range moves, but overall the Demon Prince possesses a similar move set to Phase 1, just slightly modified.

24. Penetrator - Demon’s Souls

Penetrator from Demon’s Souls
Penetrator from Demon’s Souls

He has a wide range and somewhat erratic timing with his hits, but they’re not too hard to get used to. Rolling is key here, as his attacks will do damage even when you block. Make sure to avoid his piercing attack, as it could kill you in one hit. You will see it coming when his sword starts to glow.

23. Gwyn, Lord of Cinders - Dark Souls

Gwyn doesn’t have a whole lot of moves, but he can vary his combos in a variety of ways and execute them relatively quickly, which makes him a dangerous foe. Use the obstacles around you to create space while hitting Gwyn once or twice before immediately backing into a safe distance to avoid getting countered.

22. Darkbeast Paarl - Bloodborne

Equip something with high Bolt resistance, like the Henryk’s Hunter set. Take a slow but safe approach to this fight, as it is fairly aggressive. You can break each of its legs to knock it down, and its head can be shattered for a generous stagger window. Highly vulnerable to Arcane and Fire damage.

21. Dancer of the Boreal Valley - Dark Souls 3

Much like her namesake, defeating the Dancer will require you to be just as nimble on your feet. She has a variety of different attacks that have a wide range and they often can be erratic. You will want to stay a safe distance and bait her into doing her big attacks, or you will likely get caught in her crosshairs.

20. Ludwig, the Accursed, the Holy Blade - Bloodborne

In Phase 1, try to stay under him as some of his attacks tend to go over your head, and hitting his sides hard enough will leave him staggered for a while. His laser attack is one of his deadliest but leaves him vulnerable to defend against your attacks. While he does get a whole new move set in Phase 2, it becomes arguably easier to read due to his long windup.

19. Lorian, Elder Prince and Lothric, Younger Prince - Dark Souls 3

Lorian, Elder Prince and Lothric, Younger Prince from Dark Souls 3
Lorian, Elder Prince and Lothric, Younger Prince from Dark Souls 3

Lorian’s attacks are hard enough to deal with, given that he can occasionally teleport away mid-combo, but Lothric adds another dimension to the fight, forcing you to be wary of spells coming your way whilst dodging Lorian’s quick slashes at the same time. Expert dodging is the name of the game here, and both your opponents will be weak to lightning attacks.

18. Demon of Hatred - Sekiro

This super late-game boss will test you on everything you’ve learned through his use of projectile attacks, quick dashes and wide-area sweeps. Using Malcontent will help you stagger him up to three times, and Suzaku’s Lotus Umbrella will make his fire-based attacks much easier to handle, giving you prime openings to strike at the same time.

17. Manus, Father of the Abyss - Dark Souls

Aside from the poorly lit arena, Manus is an extremely agile foe, and has a devastating combo that will lock you in if you get caught. Kite him carefully while hitting him once or twice before backing off, and if you see him roaring, back away because that’s the start of his combo sequence.

16. Orphan of Kos - Bloodborne

Orphan of Kos from Bloodborne
Orphan of Kos from Bloodborne

He is fairly aggressive, but you should be able to dodge most of his attacks if you stick to his left side. He can also be staggered, which will interrupt his attack sequences. Fighting near the water will give you ample time to avoid his lightning screech attack. It originates from Kos’ corpse so remember to stay away from it during Phase 2.

15. Old King Allant - Demon’s Souls

Old King Allant moves quickly and is resistant to magic and fire, but he can be staggered. His moves are not too difficult to read, and you should be able to avoid most of them with proper timing. Rolling to the sides is a good idea as the shockwaves from his attacks travel in a linear direction from where he swung his sword. Equip an Eternal Warrior’s Ring to give your stamina a bit of buffer.

14. Darkeater Midir - Dark Souls 3

As far as dragons go, Midir is one of the more agile enemies in the series, which also makes him one of the most difficult. Despite his large size, his hitboxes tend to be out of reach for melee players, and those that are within poking distance don’t stay stationary for too long. The camera won’t do you any favors here either if you’re constantly locked on to him. A general rule of thumb is to always stay in front of Midir in order to prevent him from using any of his fire breath moves, which are as devastating as they are far-reaching.

13. Knight Artorias the Abysswalker - Dark Souls

Although it’s risky, the best chance to attack Artorias is when he’s charging up for his AoE attack, as it leaves him vulnerable and can be staggered if you hit him enough times before he finishes charging. His combos are standard but his move set transitions very fluidly between attacks so try not to overextend and only hit him when you know it’s safe.

12. Soul of Cinder - Dark Souls 3

Soul of Cinder from Dark Souls 3
Soul of Cinder from Dark Souls 3

An amalgamation of all past Lords of Cinder, the Soul of Cinder will employ different weapons and move sets throughout the first phase of the fight. Albeit so, his Phase 1 move sets should be fairly manageable once you get the hang of them. The window for heals and dodges will be tight so play it safe. In Phase 2, he reverts back to his original move set, but with additional Lightning miracles and becomes more aggressive. Stay at a medium distance while landing one to two hits maximum between his attacks, as they are incredibly fast, and their slightly delayed timing during Phase 2 can throw you off. Watch out for his combo move in Phase 2, as you can get locked in and it could be potentially fatal.

11. Owl (Father) - Sekiro

This version of Owl is arguably more agile than the one encountered atop Ashina Castle, and also has a dangerous fire attack that homes in on you. Make sure to sidestep his attacks and land a couple of hits before backing off, and use the obstacles to your advantage when faced with his fiery owl attack. You will also want to avoid using stab attacks unless you are sure they won’t be countered.

10. Slave Knight Gael - Dark Souls 3

Hands-down one of the better-designed characters in the game in terms of both lore and technical difficulty. Gael’s attacks are insanely fast and he darts around the field like a madman. It can be hard to get the timing right as his attacks can be sequenced in several ways, with delayed animations in between to throw you off. Phases 2 and 3 also give his attack increased range and envelops his attacks with an eerie red aura that damages you with a delayed tempo, so be extra careful when you dodge. The good news is, Gael can be staggered, which will interrupt whatever attack he was reading. Overall, his thrust attacks are the easiest to exploit but don’t get greedy.

9. Flamelurker - Demon’s Souls

Flamelurker from Demon’s Souls
Flamelurker from Demon’s Souls

Fire-resistant equipment will save your life here; the Flamelurker’s attacks are quick and unrelenting. Stay in front of him and adopt a hit-and-run strategy to avoid getting caught in a bad combo. Magic will also work well for you in this fight.

8. Black Dragon Kalameet - Dark Souls

Its breath attacks tend to go from left to right, so you will want to stay on its right side for most of the fight. Be careful when it lifts its torso up, as you will be hit with a debuff if you get caught in this attack. However, this is also one of the best opportunities to try and chop off its tail. Its swipe attacks are easy to see coming, and is the most commonly used attack if you fight in close range.

7. Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower - Bloodborne

While she’s relatively agile and has a wide variety of attacks, she can be cheesed through parry baiting and staggering using several different weapons. Stick to her right side to avoid most of her attacks.

6. Sister Friede and Father Ariandel - Dark Souls 3

Be wary when Sister Friede goes invisible. In Phase 1, you’ll hear a sound telling you where she is. Attack her as soon as she reappears, as she will try to deal a devastating critical strike to you if left unattended. In Phase 3, her ice waves will be a good indicator of the direction she’s going. If you’re not confident, you can use this as a guide to where her dark-flame attack will be coming from next and avoid it. This is one of her most damaging moves and it comes in a wide range. Father Ariandel is relatively easy to take care of. Just keep your distance and attack safely, making sure to stop Sister Friede whenever she tries to heal him. You may also bring Slave Knight Gael along to help.

5. Fume Knight - Dark Souls 2

Fume Knight from Dark Souls 2
Fume Knight from Dark Souls 2

You can avoid his Phase 2 by keeping his greatsword glowing throughout the fight. This is achieved by drinking Estus Flasks near him. His moves have very little tells and can be sequenced in a variety of ways, but it’s not impossible if you pay attention to the way his weapons move. Dodging is a more practical way of defeating him, since his attacks can break stamina gauges and deal chip damage if you try to block them.

4. Nameless King - Dark Souls 3

Nameless King from Dark Souls 3
Nameless King from Dark Souls 3

Play defensively in the first phase, as locking on to the wyvern usually means the King is out of frame, which can be dangerous. The best time to attack the wyvern is when it lowers its head for a sweeping fire breath attack, but back away whenever it flies up. When the King fights solo, he launches attacks in quick succession, so stay on your toes as they can be somewhat erratic. The Carthus Bloodring should provide some good assistance in dodging the King’s moves here, but generally, you want to keep yourself light and quick.

3. Amygdala - Bloodborne

Amygdala from Bloodborne
Amygdala from Bloodborne

Its weak spots tend to be floating and hard to reach, but the Amygdala is relatively easier to kill compared to other bosses given its low HP. It will take increased damage from its head and front limbs compared to the other places on its body. Vulnerable against Fire, Bolt and Arcane damage.

2. Pontiff Sulyvahn - Dark Souls 3

Pontiff Sulyvahn from Dark Souls 3
Pontiff Sulyvahn from Dark Souls 3

Move like a butterfly, hit like a truck - Pontiff Sulyvahn is highly aggressive and super agile across the battlefield. Almost all his attacks have wide arcs, near-impeccable tracking, and low recovery times. And he gets a clone in Phase 2. Buff your stamina reserves with items like the Cloranthy Ring to give yourself some buffer to take evasive manoeuvres, and staying on his back will provide some room for punishment, but don’t get too greedy as he turns quickly.

1. Gehrman, the First Hunter - Bloodborne

Gehrman is an aggressive and agile foe with a diverse move set. Approach this fight with caution as he can still be parried when he does his charge move on his scythe. Do be warned that he can parry you as well even when you’re not taking any action. The key to winning is patience, and Gehrman will give you several opportunities to strike as long as you don’t overextend.

Gehrman, the First Hunter from Bloodborne
Gehrman, the First Hunter from Bloodborne
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