How To Recruit Curie In Fallout 4

Curie is first introduced in the Fallout franchise in Fallout 4. Her full name is Contagions Vulnerability Robotic Infirmary Engineer (CVRIE) which is then stylized into Curie.

Curie can be recruited after you completed the Vault 81 and Hole in the Wall side quests.

Curie is a combat medic, her perk grants automatic healing of 100 points, once a day, when you reach the 10% threshold. Every few days, Curie will prepare "Curie's healthpak" and give it to the player.

Curie’s Background Story

Curie was made to be the Guardian of Vault 81. Her primary objective is to preserve the findings of Vault 81’s scientists. Her other objective is to ensure that every single one of the Vault’s dwellers is aware of the importance of their mission.

After the Overseer’s sabotage of the Vault resulted in the scientists locking themselves in the research wing, Curie becomes their successor. The scientists completed their research until they all died with Curie being the sole survivor. Curie continued the work of the scientists.

Curie finished the research, able to concoct the broad-spectrum cure against any pathogen from mole rats. When the player finally arrives, she exploited the loophole in her programming and escape from the Vault.

How To Complete The Vault 81 And The Hole In The Wall Side Quests

Map to Vault 81

These quests will be completed organically since you are in the same area anyway. While Hole in the Wall is the quest that nets you Curie, you will also inevitably complete the Vault 81 quest.

Vault 81 is located on the western side of The Commonwealth, immediately west of the Chestnut Hillock Reservoir, a small lake with a skyline view of Boston.

Vault 81 is a unique self-sustaining mechanism as it allows bartering with outsiders. You can communicate with the dwellers of the Vault and they will allow you entry. In order to gain access, you must follow the Vault’s rules.

First, you must communicate with Overseer Mcnamara. He will require you to bring in three fusion cores. After bringing in the cores, you are now allowed to enter the Vault.

Second, you must speak to Doctor Forsythe and offer a blood sample at his request. You can find the clinic where he works in the lower levels beyond the atrium.

Finally, you can now access the Hole in the Wall side quest. After leaving Vault 81, immediately walk several paces beyond the cave entrance in order to trigger the event. Return to the Vault and speak to Doctor Forsythe once again.

You will be involved in a commotion during which you will need to help a sick child Vault dweller. In order to help this child, you must get the cure from a closed-off section of the Vault. After accepting the request follow Bobby DeLuca to the secret entrance to the old Vault area.

You need to kill some Mole Rats until you reach the waypoint. Find the robot (Curie) behind the glass and tell her she is relieved of her duties. She will open the door to her room and give you the cure. You can deliver the cure to Doctor Forsythe, but more importantly, you can now recruit Curie.

How To Recruit Curie

Now that you have access to Curie, you can recruit her. Increase your bond with her by bringing her along and carrying out activities that she likes. She likes you being kind. Always choose the options that lead to peaceful outcomes. She does not like selfishness, murdering of the innocents, and chem addiction. She also does not like you stealing from others.

Curie’s wish is to become human. In order for this to happen you need to travel to Goodneighbor and visit Doctor Amari at the Memory Den to trigger the Emergent Behavior quest.

There, Curie will undergo an operation and be transferred to a body. While the procedure is being carried out leave the area and carry out some unrelated quests. Then, once 24 hours has passed, Curie will be human and you can romance her if you wish.

You can now romance her
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