How to Create Health Potions in Loop Hero

Surviving the loop in the Loop Hero is challenging. The longer you play and stay in the loop, the harder the enemies become. Surviving the loop is essential to facing chapter bosses and getting additional resources, with resources being needed to improve your camp. Dying in the loop means you lose the resources you collected.

However, gruelling as it is, you can survive the loop in Loop Hero if you prepare enough. One way of making your loop playthrough easier is by using and creating Health Potions which heal up your hero during the loop. This article will guide you on how you can use and utilize the health potions in Loop Hero.

How to Unlock Potions

You need to build the Herbalist's Hut to unlock health potions.

Before getting health potions, you must unlock the Herbalist Hut first. The Herbalist Hut is a camp structure that you need to build in your campsite in order to unlock the use of potions. Building the Herbalist Hut automatically gives you two potions at the start of every loop. The potions will recharge whenever your hero enters the cozy camp.

The refill of potions every loop will definitely make your loop more survivable. You can only get up to two potions every loop, but you can increase the amount of potions you can carry. Below are the materials you need to build and unlock the Herbalist's Hut.

  • 2 x Stable Wood
  • 3 x Preserved Rock
  • 4 x Food Supply

Creating and Upgrading Potions

You can carry up to 7 potions at a time.

Potions are created automatically before the start of every loop and refill whenever your hero goes through the cozy camp. However, you can increase the amount of potions you have every loop if you upgrade your Herbalist's Hut building. Below are the resources you need for each upgrade.

Level 2

  • 5 x Stable Wood
  • 6 x Preserved Rock
  • 11 x Food Supply
  • 2 x Orb of Expansion

Level 3

  • 10 x Stable Wood
  • 20 x Preserved Rock
  • 5 x Orb of Expansion
  • 1 x Orb of Evolution

Level 4

  • 20 x Stable Wood
  • 15 x Preserved Rock
  • 2 x Orb of Afterlife
  • 1 x Astral Orb

Level 5

  • 40 x Stable Wood
  • 4 x Preserved Rock
  • 8 x Orb of Expansion
  • 4 x Orb of Unity

You can carry up to 6 potions at a time if you upgrade your Herbalist's Hut to the max level. Additionally, you can unlock the Supply Depot and craft the furniture called "Alchemist Shelf". The Alchemist Shelf will increase your maximum potion capacity by 1.

Using Potions in the Loop

Potions will be used automatically if your hero's health becomes low in battle.

All battle and fights in Loop Hero are automatic. Like the battles, you cannot choose when to use the potions during battle. Instead, if your health goes below the indicated bar, your hero will automatically use a potion. Knowing this mechanic can help you plan more carefully about the structures in your loop. It is possible that your potions will be used very early on the loop so you can put tile cards that help you win battles near the end of the loop.


You can get an extra potion slot if you have the Alchemist Shelf.

Loop Hero can be challenging the longer you stay in the loop. However, bringing and crafting health potions can help you survive the loop for longer and earn more resources. You can unlock the use of health potions by building a Herbalist's Hut in your campsite. Upgrading the Herbalist's Hut will give you more potions and increase the amount of potions you can carry every expedition.

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