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DOOM: The Classics Collection to Release on Switch and PS4

The upcoming DOOM: The Classics Collection is a physical compilation of the first three DOOM games with extras for those who are interested.

Just in case you missed it, the first three games of the DOOM franchise are getting a compilation that's set to release on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Titled DOOM: The Classics Collection, the physical release will include the first three DOOM titles. Namely, the 1993 classic first-person shooter title, DOOM, as well as its sequels, DOOM II and DOOM 3.

Limited Run Games Announces the DOOM The Classics Collection

DOOM The Classics Collection will start accepting pre-orders on April 2 and will run for a total of four weeks. Those who are interested can get themselves a copy of the Standard Edition for $29.99. Meanwhile, a Special Edition will be made available for $79.99, with the Collector's Edition selling for a whopping price of $129.99.

The Special Edition will come with a lot of extra content. This includes a keycard replica, a DOOM disk flash drive, as well as a SteelBook, and more. On the other hand, the Collector's Edition will come with a DOOM shadow box with "lights and sound inside a premium, windowed CE box". This is on top of everything else that other editions already come with.

For those who are not familiar with Limited Run Games, the company specializes in publishing and selling officially-licensed physical releases. Often, their work revolves around previously released digital-only titles. They pride themselves on making physical copies of games. Understandably, their company philosophy is "physical is forever."

All items are made to order. This means that it'll take at least a couple of months for customers to receive their orders after the pre-order window closes.

With that said, DOOM fans will definitely love getting access to the physical version of the DOOM: The Classics Collection.

It is worth taking note that all these games are already available digitally on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, as well as the Xbox ecosystem via the Xbox Game Pass as part of the ZeniMax Media acquisition.

Speaking of the ZeniMax Media acquisition, now that Microsoft effectively owns Bethesda, the status of future DOOM games outside of the Xbox is uncertain. It is possible that Microsoft will choose to make future DOOM games exclusive to the Xbox Series Series S/X and/or Xbox One. Because of this, it'll be a good idea to snatch yourself a physical copy of a compilation of the first three DOOM games while it's currently available.

DOOM: The Classics Collection is a joint collaboration between Bethesda and Limited Run Games.



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