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Nickelodeon's Avatar is headed to Minecraft as DLC

The new Avatar Legends DLC for Minecraft will bring the the world of The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra to the blocky world of Microsoft's best-selling title.

Avatar Minecraft Dlc
Avatar x Minecraft is a crossover that you probably never thought would happen but always wanted.

There might be no war in Ba Sing Se but there is Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra in Minecraft. Or, at least, there's going to be.

According to Minecraft's official Twitter account, the Avatar Legends DLC will introduce four skins to the best-selling video game based on Avatars past and present. Unfortunately, we don't know much else outside of the initial announcement. It's possible that the upcoming Minecraft marketplace content will just add the said skins, which are based on the Avatars Aang, Korra, Roku, and Kyoshi. However, previous DLC content added iconic locations aside from the characters. For example, Minecraft's Batman DLC featured places like Gotham City and Arkham Asylum. If we're lucky, the Avatar Legends DLC will include iconic places from the Avatar universe such as Republic City or the aforementioned Ba Sing Se.

In a game where players can literally build entire galaxies, adding DLCs like Avatar Legends adds to the enormous possibilities in Minecraft.

After skimming through what fans think of the upcoming Avatar DLC, it seems like most are excited to see benders coming to Minecraft. Magic already exists in the game as players can transform the NPC villages into witches. The Avatar Legends DLC could do the same thing by turning villagers into elemental benders. Hopefully, this goes peacefully, because we all know what happened the last time that the Fire Nation attacked.

It's been years since Avatar: The Legend of Korra ended but there are rumblings that a new animated show might be in the works. At the moment, Netflix is working on a live-action adaptation. The upcoming Avatar Legends DLC on December 6 should help provide some much-needed hype for the show.

Avatar Minecraft Dlc
An animated movie based on the life and times of Avatar Kyoshi is reportedly in the works.

Speaking of Minecraft, Mojang continues to expand the universe with spin-offs. After the launch of Minecraft: Dungeons two years ago, Mojang Studios will be releasing another in Minecraft: Legends by early next year.

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