Atomic Heart developer has plans for a sequel

Atomic Heart was well received upon its release in February, although it is also the subject of much controversy.

During a recent interview with journalist and blogger Aleksey Makarenkov, Mundfish revealed it already has plans to do a sequel to Atomic Heart. More importantly, the developer also revealed that it's working on DLC for the game.

Atomic Heart is a first person role-playing game set in alternative Soviet Union.

For fans of the RPG title, Mundfish’s revelation will come as a welcome surprise. However, the developer didn't reveal more info on the sequel’s potential release date. Given that Atomic Heart took five years of development before it was ready for release, it isn't reasonable to expect the sequel to take them just as long. This would imply that Atomic Heart 2 won't arrive until 2026, at the earliest. It might even take longer since Mundfish is also working on a DLC for the first game.

In the meantime, the Cyprus-based studio has been releasing patches and updates to address the glitches that disrupt the gameplay and, as a result, improve the gaming experience.

Atomic Heart is an alternate history first-person action RPG title set in the Soviet Union. The game’s synopsis reads, "In Atomic Heart, you are Major P-3, who has to find out what forces are behind a utopian dream. Rebellious robots, giant machines and bloodthirsty mutants - all of them will become an obstacle on the way to the secret mission. What secrets are hidden in the bowels of Enterprise No. 3826? Remember one thing: you will have to pay for the truth with blood, because a utopian dream is not at all what it seems..."

Atomic Heart has been compared to the 2K Games title Bioshock.

Atomic Heart came out in February to much controversy. Although developer Mundfish tags itself as an international studio with headquarters in Cyprus, it maintains offices in the Russian cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. While this detail is benign, the developer’s investors, as well as its publisher, have links to Russian President Vladimir Putin – a fact that doesn’t go down well in many quarters.

The studio’s decision to launch the game on February 21, which roughly coincides with the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, raised eyebrows across the gaming industry as well. It got to a point where the Ukrainian government called for a worldwide ban on the title, although it never materialized.

Despite the controversies trailing it, Atomic Heart received positive reviews on its debut and sold well among audiences.

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