All 20 Intel Locations on Low Profile Spec Ops Mission - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Here's how you can find all 20 Intel locations during the Low Profile Spec Ops mission.

The Call of Duty franchise has a staple story-telling method, told either via radios or pieces of Intel scattered throughout different maps in the game. These help build the Call of Duty world and add depth to the story.

We've also seen these pieces of Intel in numerous previous games, such as Black Ops III, Advance Warfare, Black Ops IV, Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2, Warzone, Modern Warfare (2019), and now Modern Warfare II (2022).

The Intel in Modern Warfare 2 is scattered in different parts of different levels or maps in the game. They can come in different forms, such as radios, documents, pieces of torn paper, articles, videos, and photos. We've also seen the Intel in the vast open world of Black Ops Cold War Outbreak Zombies. Intel in Cold War Zombies was the main medium of story-telling.

The Intel has returned in Modern Warfare II, and we expect it to be added as we progress through the game's life cycle. Over 50 Intel spread across three different Spec Ops missions: Low Profile, Denied Area, and Defender: Mt. Zaya.

In this article, we've shared all 20 possible spawn locations for Intel found in Low Profile.


Intel 1

The first Intel is on top of a building across the road from the building containing the radioactive object at site A.

There's a ladder behind the building that takes you to the rooftop. You will find the Intel in the form of a wooden crate resting next to the water tank system.

Intel 2

You can find the next couple of Intel, including Intel 2, in the main building at site A.

Go through the door in the picture above, and you will see two rooms at the end of the corridor. Go inside the room to the left, and you will find the Intel on the table in the middle of the room.

Intel 3

After picking the second Intel, leave the room and go to the room to your left (initially the right room, which you didn't enter at the end of the corridor).

The Intel is to your right in the corner by the window, resting on a stack of locked metal boxes.

Intel 4

The fourth Intel is also in the same building but upstairs. Go upstairs and into the room to the right at the end of the corridor. It is labeled as the 'Break Room.'

The Intel is on the table inside the room.

Intel 5

The Intel is on the roof of a building, indicated by the custom marker in the image below. You can get there by doing a bit of parkour starting from the player position shown on the map. Follow the path indicated by the red path to get to the rooftop.

Go to your right (from the player starting position shown on the map above), and you will find a ladder to go up to the rooftop.

Go to the next building using the pair of laid-out ladders connecting the two rooftops.

You will find the Intel at the base of the water tank in the southwestern corner of the rooftop.

Intel 6

The Intel is on the ground resting by the wall in the northern section of the region.

Intel 7

The Intel is on the table on the ground floor of the main building at site B.

Head inside through the main door, and the table with the Intel will be directly in front of you.

Intel 8

The eight Intel is on the rooftop of the same main building at site B. Go around the back of the building, and you will find a ladder leading you to the rooftop.

The Intel is resting by the wall in the middle of the roof.

Intel 9

The ninth Intel is also at site B but not in the main building. You will find an archway across from the main building. There is a ladder on the archway.

Climb the ladder, and go to the rooftop to your left. The Intel is on the rooftop, overlooking the main building at site B in the southeast direction.

Intel 10

Inside the back of a truck in the middle of the bridge connecting sites C and A.

Intel 11

The Intel is inside one of the two main buildings at site C. This is inside the building with a huge antenna on its roof.

Head inside the building, and you can collect the Intel from the table on the ground floor.

Intel 12

The twelfth Intel is also inside the same building on the same ground floor. After collecting the eleventh Intel, go right and walk past the stairs. Turn right, and you will see another table with a laptop.

There is a USB plugged into the laptop. This is your Intel.

Intel 13

This Intel is also in the same building but upstairs. First, go upstairs.

You will find the Intel on the table to your right.

Intel 14

This Intel is in the second main building at site C. This building looks a bit worn out.

Go inside the building, and you should find the Intel on the kitchen counter.

Intel 15

The next Intel is also in the same building. For this, first, go upstairs.

To your right, you will find two doors. Go through the one on the right.

The Intel is on the table connected to a laptop.

Intel 16

After collecting Intel 15, turn back around and now go through the left door.

Once you enter the room, you will find a side table to your immediate left. The Intel is on it.

Intel 17

After collecting Intel 16, turn around and you will see a table with a key opposite of the side table. Collect the key as it will be used to access Intel 17.

The drawer is inside a building just at the edge of the circular border that highlights site C. Go to the building, and enter through the door just past the weapon's station.

As soon as you enter, you will find a locked drawer to your left.

Use the key you just collected to unlock and collect the Intel.

Intel 18

The Intel is underwater. You will find a small opening with some water.

Dive underwater and swim up a small slope that comes after. You will find the Intel right after swimming up the slope.

Intel 19

Intel 19 is also underwater. The location is in the middle of the map. Some of you will remember this from a 6v6 multiplayer cutout of this area.

Dive in the water, and you should see the Intel directly below you.

Intel 20

The final Intel is a bit tricky to get to. There are two ways you can get to this Intel. You can either directly jump on the roof of the building with the Intel, or use the radio tower to parachute and glide on top of the building.

If you miss the building by any chance while jumping out of the plane. Here's how you can get to it using the radio tower.

The radio tower is located in the northern section of the map.

You can climb on top of the tower and glide to the white tower building with the Intel on its rooftop.

Jump on the fence railing on top of the tower and quickly pull out your parachute as you jump to get to glide to the Intel.


You also unlock exclusive rewards for collecting the Intel fragment across all spec ops mission maps.

  • All Mighty (Emblem)
    Intel Pieces Required: 20
  • Deadly Precision (Calling Card)
    Intel Pieces Required: 40
  • Brass Selection (Weapon Blueprint)
    Intel Pieces Required: 50
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