Alien: Isolation studio might be working on a Jurassic Park survival horror game

The latest word from the grapevine suggests that a survival horror game based on Jurassic Park is in the works.

Gamers once mentioned Dino Crisis alongside Resident Evil and not just because both are Capcom titles made by Shinji Mikami. Dino Crisis had its own distinct flavor that made it more than just a survival horror game with dinosaurs in place of zombies. The series was more action-oriented and somehow still retained the same tension as that of its zombie-filled cousin. However, it didn't quite see the same longevity as Resident Evil.

Can you just imagine a game like Alien: Isolation but with Dinosaurs as big as this chasing you down?

Dino Crisis peaked in 2000's Dino Crisis 2, with Dino Crisis 3 killing any hopes of future installments. On the other hand, Resident Evil just saw its nth installment earlier this year with more planned down the line.

Unfortunately, there are no talks of a Dino Crisis reboot or remake happening anytime soon. However, the good news is that a survival horror game with dinosaurs might be coming in the future nonetheless.

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Is a Jurassic Park survival horror game confirmed?

As with any rumor, we recommend that you take everything you just read with a grain of salt.

The Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies were never known for their horror elements. The movies have their fair share of scary moments, but they weren't meant to induce nightmares. Instead, they're more of a family affair that all ages can enjoy. But, when you think about it, the basic premise does lend to a potential survival horror game or movie. The former is apparently what Creative Assembly has in mind. At least, if the recent rumors are to be believed.

According to an archived post on 4Chan, Lost World: Jurassic Park is coming to next-gen consoles. The post didn't say exactly when the game will release, but it did include useful some intel. For example, the description says that the game will be a "first-person horror" where players will take control of a "gun for hire (Joseph Yorick) on a mission to recover the secrets of InGen from Isla Nublar."

Judging by the timeline of the rumored title, it appears that it will be set before the events of 2015's Jurassic World.

In the meantime, gamers can keep themselves busy with Jurassic World Evolution and its upcoming sequel.

With that said, we are talking about 4Chan here. Anonymous 4Chan leaks happen all the time and they're almost always wrong. On the other hand, some leaks are true and come from legitimate sources. If this information is correct, then Lost World: Jurassic Park might even spur Capcom to finally work on a new Dino Crisis game.

Just try not to get your hopes too high up. We doubt that Universal Pictures will let another studio use its IP in an R-rated survival horror game. As we've already mentioned, the Jurassic Park and World movies are family-friendly properties. Even the upcoming Jurassic World Evolution 2 game and the original 2018 title try to limit the violence and more mature elements.

On the off-chance that the rumors are true, then we're all for it. Alien: Isolation is one of the best survival horror games of all time. If Creative Assembly can work its magic on a game with dinosaurs, then gamers are in for quite the treat.

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